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“If Sir Xiaya’s appearance is as Madam Myers has told us—blonde-hair and green-eye with body covered in a blazing aura—then it must really be the Super Saiyan Form!”

Bardock thought for a while before nodding.

He vividly remembered the appearance of a Super Saiyan.

Both Kakarrot’s appearance on Planet Namek which he had seen a long time ago, and the appearance of the mysterious woman that appeared in his vision not long ago, were the same as Xiaya’s.

They were both undoubtedly Super Saiyans.

“After listening to Myers, it really does seem to me that Little Ya has become a Super Saiyan!” The petite Alice walked over and shouted with excitement.

“Indeed, Xiaya is the first Super Saiyan on Planet Hongshan, and there will definitely be more and more in the future!”

Lise’s husky voice was cheerful.

While speaking, she intentionally or unintentionally gazed at Xiling and Myers.

The people with best chance of breaking through to Super Saiyan after Xiaya, would most probably be the two of them.

Lise also gazed at Bardock, who seemed to be trying his utmost to keep himself calm, and thought, ‘It is also possible for this man to become a Super Saiyan.’

Afterward, all the Saiyans cheered in excitement at the news that their leader had became a legendary Super Saiyan! What else could be more exciting than this news!

This meant that their Saiyan race was really going to rise!

The people present here were the most outstanding group of people on Planet Hongshan.

They were now itching to go back to Planet Bahert and witness the heroic figure of Sir Xiaya, but they also know that with their trivial amount of strength, they would probably get killed just by the aftermath of the fight.


On the other side of the distant starry sky, King Cold’s army were still in the same place.

Aliens of the strongest army rushed out of the spaceship, and an intense battle ensued in the starry sky ahead.

A spaceship with Galactic Patrol’s logo was seen enveloped in flames and smoke.

King Cold stood in front of the porthole with a satisfied expression on his face.

The burning spaceship glowed with a bright, fiery color and slowly “sunk” with a loud explosion.

This brought him immeasurable delight.

He loved watching living creatures putting up last-ditch struggles for their lives.

When living creatures died, they donned expressions of despair and unwillingness, which made King Cold’s icy heart feel satisfied.

In fact, the operation commissioned with the aim of ambushing King Cold was spearheaded by the Galactic Patrol Organization, at least on the surface.

In reality, the true commander was East Kai from a much higher dimension.

When East Kai became aware that Slug, Cooler, and King Cold had come to the East Area from the North Area, as the administrator of the area, she became worried.

She knows how dangerous these guys are, so she immediately gave instructions to the Galactic Patrol Organization: gather all the effective forces of the East Area quickly and ambush Slug and the others.

But the result weren’t good.

Some powerful people didn’t pay any mind to the Galactic Patrol’s orders, leaving East Kai feeling embarrassed.

In the end, the troops that had been mobilized randomly couldn’t prevent the advance of Slug and the others!

“Those selfish guys! Every one of them is only concerned about their own interests.

If King Cold and the others are allowed to take root in the East Area, the outcome wouldn’t be good!” East Kai was currently on Kai’s Planet, observing the situation in the mortal world.

When she saw the coalition troop gathered by the Galactic Patrol Organization being wiped out by King Cold’s subordinates, East Kai trembled with anger.

She felt depressed, and even her thoughts of defeating the intruders died.

“Those Saiyans… they also live in the East Area, but they don’t think about the interests of the East Area at all.

Really hateful!”

“The Saiyans seem to have a long-standing enmity with Frost Demon race.

Maybe King Cold and the others actually came to East Area to cause trouble for the Saiyans! If it weren’t for them, maybe King Cold and the others wouldn’t send people to the East Area, and those people wouldn’t have found Tree of Might on Planet Bahert!”

East Kai maliciously speculated, and when she suddenly thought of Turles, who had been near Tree of Might, she seemed even more convinced that his speculations were true.

It seemed that Saiyans had worked tirelessly for the Frieza Force in the past and destroyed many planets.

But after coming to the East Area, they refused to contribute anything to the East Area.

Thinking of this, East Kai blamed everything on Saiyans, and her impression of the Saiyans became worse.

“This won’t do.

The local Forces of the East Area are already quite chaotic.

I can’t allow the Saiyans to grow any further.”


Planet Bahert, the fight between Xiaya and Cooler was still on-going.

“Pff!” Xiaya received a violent blow from Cooler and spat out a mouthful of blood.

His body flew backwards from the impact.

The powerful wind pressing down was like a sharp blade, and a deep ravine was gorged on the ground.

Bang! Just as Xiaya was just about to hit the ground, he quickly shot upward.

Although there was quite a gap between his Super Saiyan state and Cooler’s Final Form, Xiaya nevertheless grew braver the more he fought.

Even if he kept getting injured, the passion in his heart didn’t diminished in the slightest.

A golden blaze raged!

Soon, Xiaya attacked Cooler again.

Cooler let out a low roar.

His hatred for his opponent, who didn’t know pain, was endless because he lost his left arm to Xiaya.

His arm was unlike his tail which was cut off; it couldn’t regenerate after transforming into his Final Form.

Losing arm meant that his fighting power had reduced.

The reduction was so such that he couldn’t even finish his opponent, who only had 380 million Battle Power.

He has already lost his confidence of defeating King Cold

This is a disgrace to the Frost Demon race!

As these thoughts crowded his mind, Cooler loathed the blonde-haired man in front of him even more, and he wished to tear his body into thousands of pieces, completely crush his bones into powder and scatter it everywhere.

“Snort! Be obedient and accept death! Death Laser!”

Cooler extended his palm, and a crimson energy ball of 100m diameter appeared out of nowhere, quickly expanding to a diameter of one kilometer, before whistling through the air towards Xiaya.

The friction between energy ball and the atmosphere produced loud ‘chichichi’ sounds, while distorting light along the way.

Upon seeing the Death Laser approaching at a fast speed, Xiaya’s green eyes flashed with lightning; he also wasn’t willing to be outdone and counterattacked.

Lightning flickered on Xiaya’s hand, and a bright glow appeared revolved around it, which he hurled at the Death Laser.

“Super Energy Ball!!”

He spread out both of his hands and sent them forward, and a dazzling light flew out of his hands, like a phoenix about to spread its wings and fly, bringing along with it an impressive momentum.

The vast energy seemed to cover the sky.

After the Super Energy Ball was released, Xiaya realized that it would not be enough, so he used another technique.

His left hand manipulated more energy, and he shouted, “Space-time Breaking Punch!”

With a tremble, the ice-blue electric ray shot out, and followed by the huge “Fist” which was surrounded by a huge amount of energy rushed towards Cooler.

The Super Energy Ball ahead collided with the Death Laser, causing a heaven destroying, earth exterminating energy explosion.

The destructive power hadn’t dissipated yet, when the Space-time Breaking Punch followed from behind and immediately rushed out of an energy whirlpool and towards Cooler.

Rumble, rumble! !

Half of the surface of Planet Bahert was enveloped by a strong energy storm.

Even if someone was on the opposite side of the planet, they would be able feel these frightening auras very clearly.

The whole planet seemed on the verge of collapse.

“Ha ha ha, die, die!!”

Cooler floated in midair.

His face broke into a crazy smile, and his eyes turned bloodshot.

He kept waving his one hand, fearlessly bombarding the ground.

Facing such a crazy Cooler, Xiaya’s green eyes flashed with disdain; however, he had no choice but to keep dodging the attacks.

Apart from the occasional counterattack, Xiaya only chose to cautiously dodge.

“Ha ha ha, go to hell!” Upon seeing that he had completely suppressed his opponent, the resentment in Cooler’s heart was swept away, and he upped his bombardment.

Explosions occurred everywhere!

The planet gave mournful sounds…

At this time, Xiaya and Cooler, who were fearlessly fighting didn’t know that when they were fighting with their full strength.

The frightening energies gradually awoke a person who had been sleeping under the planet!

Thousands of kilometers under the Planet Bahert, in a rocky layer, a one kilometer diameter cyan egg-shaped object that resembled a smooth and round gem was embedded in a rock, with hundreds of tube-shaped tentacles protruding out of it.

Some of the tentacles were submerged in magma.

As if absorbing nourishments.

With a low rumbling sound, the violent vibrations from the surface extended to this place and finally woke up the person sleeping within the gigantic egg.


With a “kacha” sound, the one kilometer diameter cyan coloured gigantic egg shook.

Cracks appeared on the surface on the egg, and they grew bigger and bigger.

“Crack!!” The egg began to disintegrate inward from the place of the crack, and a 1.6m tall woman was revealed.

The woman had bluish skin, and deep blue eyes perfectly adorned her face.

She appeared a little young, and orange curly hair extended from head down to her waist.

Two pointed ears were visible at the side of her head, and golden earrings and pendant hung from her earlobes and neck respectively.

She looked like an elf.

The woman was wearing a white jacket on her upper body, white trousers below her torso, a pair of golden boots worn on her legs, a black guard on both arms, and a purple scarf tied around her waist.

The obscure sense of beauty that only belonged to a young girl exuded a very attractive temptation.

However, from the surging aura around the women’s body, it was certain that she wasn’t someone ordinary!

“Hm, where am I How long have I been sleeping for What is my name…Zan…uhh, I can’t remember.

Planet Feidaya…” The orange-haired woman murmured to herself for a while, but she couldn’t remember her name.

Chapter 205 Mysterious female underground


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