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“Where did Cooler go” Xiaya frowned as he searched everywhere, but he found no traces of Cooler.

The surroundings had been darkened by the smoke and dust, reducing how far ahead that one could see, and the residual energy that pervaded the air concealed Cooler’s aura, making it temporarily impossible for Xiaya to ascertain Cooler’s position.

“Cooler has suffered heavy injuries, so he will definitely hide in a place that is difficult to find so that he can transform into his Final Form! If he succeeds in transforming, then it wouldn’t be good!” Xiaya closed his eyes, and his body slowly rose upward.

Floating in midair, he carefully tried to sense Cooler’s aura, but in the end, he found nothing.

Xiaya knew that once he let Cooler successfully transform, then the ensuing fight would definitely be very difficult.

After all, legend had it that Cooler’s Battle Power in his Final Form was 470 million, which was far more than the 380 million Battle Power that Xiaya had in his Super Saiyan form.

Although Cooler had lost an arm, he would still be extremely difficult to deal with.

Xiaya knew that the Frost Demon race always enjoyed toying with their opponents, because they have an air of superiority around them, and there were almost no opponents who were their match; thus, they gradually developed this habit.

This of course was a bad habit.

It made them intentionally suppress their strength, which they had done for so long that they were now unable to exert their full strength immediately.

The Strength was there, but it needed some time to be prepared.

It is quite regretful.

It was also quite different from the way Son Goku did things; in the later stages of dragon ball, he had instructed Gohan to maintain the Super Saiyan state at all times in order to better control his strength.

Although it was clear that once Cooler transformed into his Final Form, he most likely wouldn’t be Cooler’s opponent.

Still, Xiaya wasn’t discouraged.

Honestly, being able to seriously hurt Cooler and force him to sever his own arm caused Xiaya to feel quite satisfied.

The hatred of that year had also been paid off.

On the other side, Cooler dragged his injured body to a place that had been utterly devastated and stopped amidst a pile of broken rocks, thousands of kilometers away.

The strange jagged rocks around him were reflected in his bloodshot eyes, which looked extremely sinister and frightening.

Cooler gasped heavily, and the blood vessels protruding out on his forehead trembled.

The immense pain caused him to grit his teeth, making his face distorted.

The severe pain emanating from the place where his arm had been cut off made his drooping facial muscles to look extremely sinister.

He kept cursing.

As a fully-grown up member of the Frost Demon race, he was much more powerful than Frieza and even more ruthless.

Xiaya’s actions had completely infuriated him; it had even left him a little crazy.

“Hateful human, you actually forced this king to such a predicament.

I must tear your body into thousands of pieces!”

Cooler spouted a deep beast-like roar, and his cruel eyes emitted a bloody light, like a hungry cheetah who couldn’t wait to rip its prey to shreds.

He, a well-known figure of the dignified Frost Demon race, had unexpectedly gotten his tail and arm chopped off.

This is something that even King Cold could not accomplish.

“Jejejeje, wait for me! Wait until this king has transformed into his Final State, then I will let you experience despair in your last days!” Cooler’s face was dark, and his icy eyes brimming with murder!

Then, he took a deep breath and begin to exert his full strength.

“Ah!!!” Cooler clenched his hand and hit his chest, as he roared in pain.

The muscles on his entire body began to quiver.

“Tremble before this king’s strongest form!” He howled with laughter.

A dark and icy energy gushed out, and his bones and muscles seemed to transform instantly.

Every cell was full of vitality, and a dark purple energy wrapped around Cooler, his heart thumping.

Every thump causes energy to continuously rise and muscles to expand.

“Ahhhhhh, everyone, tremble before this king!”

He roared crazily, his expression sinister and frightening.

Accompanying by an extremely frightening aura, the hard armor on his head began to reform; its shape underwent a complete change, transforming into four long, white, sharp horns at the back of his head.

“Hua!” A completely new purple tail regrew; the tail had a sharp, long, white thorn.

The aura surged crazily and formed a strong cyclone, which revolved around Cooler like a tornado.

The aura revolving around him was extremely fast, like a giant tornado as it quickly swept through the entire sky.

For a moment, the surrounding air was violently torn apart and pushed by an outward force, and soon a spiral trench formed on the ground.

Xiu! Suddenly, the surging aura dissipated, and the whole sky turned incomparably calm.

Cooler was standing at the centre of the void.

His horns were white and sharp; his skin had turned a delicate shade of purple; he had sprouted a new tail that was adorned with a sharp blade, and his shoulders and legs were encased in hard, white shell.

This was Cooler’s Final State, but unfortunately there was no left arm!

After transforming into his Final Form, Cooler’s aura had doubled, and his Battle Power had reached an astonishing number—470 million!

Thousands of kilometers away, Xiaya was now able to sense Cooler’s aura, and he felt a chill crawl down his spine.

“Such a frightening aura.

This is Cooler’s strength in his Final Form.

It is actually capable of making my soul tremble!” Xiaya muttered, but the corners of his mouth were slightly curled upwards.

After his transformation, Cooler seemed even more frightening, but Xiaya didn’t cower the slightest.

Instead, he roared in Cooler’s location, and his body turned into a beam of light, instantly disappearing from his previous spot in the sky.


“Hehe, human!”

Cooler and Xiaya met in the void and greeted each other like old friends.

Immediately, without any words, a frightening energy immediately surged out of both opponents, causing the entire planet to tremble intensely.

The sky seemed to have been divided into two halves; one half was shrouded by a golden aura, and the other half was enveloped by a white aura.

The chaotic auras continuously collided, forming distinct sections of aura…

Boom! Taking both auras as its center, a violent hurricane suddenly spread out in all directions, bringing along powerful shock waves with it, which completely and instantly shattered the rocks, grass, and trees within several thousands of meters of it, while the dust and sand within the range of hundreds of kilometers was blown away.

An open area of

hundreds of thousands of meters appeared.

Huala! Both opponents as if by a prior agreement acted at the same time, and the sounds of fighting resounded.

Every blow they exchanged raised whirlwinds which caused planetary-level disasters.

Frightening Ki blades whistled past, and layers of planet’s crust were flattened consecutively.

Bang! bang! bang!

In the sky, one gold radiance and one white beam of light kept flickering; Xiaya in Super Saiyan state and Cooler in Final State were both fighting.

In the blink of an eye, they had exchanged hundreds of blows.

They were extremely fast, punching and kicking at each other in mere blinks, and from time to time, a bunch of amazingly powerful Energy balls collided in mid-air.

 Every collision produced a frightening aftereffect.

It was as though heaven and earth were constantly split apart.

The sky was torn to pieces like a broken mirror, and for a while formed a vacuum region.


On a planet far away from Planet Bahert, Xiling and Myers appeared with Bardock and Raiga in tow.

As soon as they appeared, they were quickly surrounded by all the Saiyans.

“Madam Xiling!”

“Why didn’t Sir Xiaya come back with you”

“Xiling, how come only you have come back What about Xiaya” Rebecca arrived beside her daughter and handed her a Senzu Bean.

“Xiaya is fighting Cooler.

He had us leave first!” Xiling ate the Senzu Bean to recover her vitality, as a confident light flashed through her bright eyes.

Rebecca frowned and said, “This child, why is he again fighting with Cooler!”

Rebecca was quite anxious, so she couldn’t help but criticize Xiaya. ‘Does he still not  know how strong Cooler is What if something bad happened!’ She glanced at her daughter, who stood on the side.

Rebecca naturally didn’t want to see such a thing happen.

“Don’t worry.

There is no problem.

Xiaya is already a Super Saiyan now!” Myers arrived before Rebecca and with pride written on her face, said in a loud voice.

“What! Xiaya has transformed into a Super Saiyan!”

Rebecca was surprised.

The tale of Super Saiyans had always been a legend spread among the Saiyans.

Almost no one believed it.

Even the High-level Warriors in the race only considered the legend as a source of motivation, inspiring them to work harder.

As for how many people actually believes the legend, it was uncertain!

However, ever since they arrived on Planet Hongshan, they had watched their race develop, and flourish, making Rebecca and others have some some trust in the Super Saiyan legend.

Especially after seeing Xiaya’s achievements, they believed that if someone among the Saiyans was really capable of breaking through to Super Saiyan, it would be Xiaya!

Xiaya seemed to wield a “miraculous” kind of strength.

He constantly renewed their understanding of him through his actions.

Over time, everyone learned to fully trust in him.

When they witnessed Xiaya’s previous Pseudo Super Saiyan state, they became even more convinced that the legend was real.

But Xiaya is so fast… he had already become a Super Saiyan The revelation left them flabbergasted.

After all, a legend is just a legend, but it had suddenly became a reality out of the blue.

“Yes; we, Xiling and I, both witnessed Xiaya transform with our own eyes.

After transforming into a Super Saiyan, Xiaya’s aura increased by dozens of times, and he also became even more handsome.

His hair turned golden; his eyes turned green, and his body was completely wrapped in a golden aura!”

Myers said with excitement, as though it was she who transformed into a Super Saiyan.

“Myers is right!” Xiling nodded.

Bardock also nodded inwardly.

Although Xiaya had withdrawn from the Super Saiyan form when Bardock and Raiga had returned after wiping out all of Slug’s subordinates, Bardock had also clearly sensed the powerful aura that Sir Xiaya had emitted while transforming.


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