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Cooler stared at Xiaya coldly.

He wasn’t the slightest bit affected by what Xiaya had said, and his cold expression did not change at all.

He smacked his lips, revealing a smile: “It seems that you know a lot; you even know about our Frost Demon race.”

The number of people in Frost Demon race was extremely few, and even the name of Frost Demon race wasn’t mentioned whenever it occupied a region, so there were very few people in the universe who knew of its existence.

However, this person here had accurately identified him as from the Frost Demon race.

Cooler suddenly felt interested.

“Can it be that you are also a member of one of those rare races”

Xiaya laughed at that.

The number of Saiyans on Planet Hongshan was very little.

If the Saiyans were referred to as a rare race, the description would be very fitting; however, their numbers was not as little as the Frost Demon race’s.

“Tsk, tsk.

It doesn’t matter what race you are from.

Since you dared to attack this king today, you will inevitably die!” Cooler’s eyes turned icy, and a raging energy flashed within his eyes, seeming as though it would burst out at any time.

“That’s an arrogant proclamation to make when you are still in your Normal State.

It seems that you have already gotten used to being arrogant!” Xiaya lightly shook his head, finding it difficult to hide the disappointment in his eyes, and this made Cooler slightly dumbfounded.

“Interesting, interesting!”

Cooler suddenly roared with laughter.

Then, he stopped laughing and prepared to teach the blonde-haired boy a good lesson, when all of a sudden, he saw the person in front of him take a step forward and disappear.

For Xiaya, distance was not much of a problem.

When he re-appeared, he had already arrived in front of Cooler.

He swung his fist and punched towards Cooler’s stomach.

A violent and rampant energy revolved around his hand, and time seemed to stop, as countless sharp blades ruthlessly struck Cooler.


A ruthless hit!

Cooler’s previously calm face suddenly turned unsightly, and he spat out a mouthful of blood.

He felt his internal organs churn non-stop, and his body—like a meteor moving at high-speed— was blown away, flying out into the horizon.

The yellowish color on both sides moving backward rapidly.

Seeing this outcome, Xiaya didn’t show mercy.

After his successful attack, the corners of his mouth slightly curled upwards.

Then, he stomped the ground—violently exerting enough force to raise large amounts of soil and rocks of the ground—and shot forward.

Xiaya’s body rapidly moved in a straight line and quickly appeared in front of Cooler, then he raised his arm and vigorously smashed his elbow downwards.

The elbow attack was naturally a fierce move, and Cooler in Normal State was not Xiaya’s opponent at all.

150 million Battle Power facing off against 380 million Battle Power; that was nothing but abuse.

This was especially true of Cooler’s current situation; he was faced with another attack although he hadn’t recovered from the first one yet!

Hence, unsurprisingly, Xiaya’s elbow crashed into the center of Cooler’s neck, and it immediately bent at an exaggerated angle.

Cooler’s body .

bent by 90 degrees before falling towards the ground.

After his attack once again succeeded, Xiaya didn’t relent and followed up with yet another attack.

The more he fought, the braver he became, giving Cooler no opportunity to transform!

Bang! Bang! Bang!

Several attacks were made consecutively.

In a few seconds, Xiaya had madly attacked numerous times.

Each attack caused the planet to vibrate slightly.

The attacks left Cooler feeling dizzy; his armor was riddled with cracks, and his face had been beaten black and blue.

“Ah ah! Courting death!!”

Cooler, who had recovered from the violent attacks with great difficulty, screamed in anger and indignation.

He stepped forward, swinging his huge tail, and the corners of his mouth curled.

He pointed his fingers at the void and began shooting.

In an instant, crimson light beams turned into a tightly closed net and firmly sealed off the entire void.

The beams ripped apart the tranquil space with muffled sounds.

Dull blue electric arcs zigzagged through the void, giving Cooler time to take a break.

However, Xiaya has long since decided to finish off Cooler while he was still in his Normal State.

Thus, how could Xiaya give him the time to take a breather Xiaya’s golden afterimages flashed about, as energy covered his arm, taking the shape of a sharp blade, which he proceeded to swing at towards with irresistible force.

Cooler’s face quickly changed, and he hurriedly swung his hand to meet the attack.

The sharp energy blade suffused with frightening thunder light met with Cooler’s arm.

In the blink of an eye, frenzied electric currents were transmitted through Cooler’s arm up his body.

Cooler’s face tightened in pain, and his arm tingling while feeling weary.

“Damn it, damn it! This king must tear you apart into thousands of pieces!”

Cooler roared with fury.

Although he had been careless for a moment, it was inconceivable that the great King Cooler was actually wounded by a nobody from the East Area.

It was hard for him to accept!

It was at this moment he realized that he had underestimated the blonde-haired human in front of him!

Who would have thought that there was a human in this world who could push him into such a situation! Cooler was so angry that his purple silhouette stood straight, and his blood-red eyes flashed with an extraordinarily fierce glint.

Cooler’s eyes darted around, searching for a hidden place to transform.

He knew that in the Normal State he was not this strange blonde-haired person’s opponent.

If he wanted to defeat his opponent, he needed to transform into his Final State.

But at the same time, he was also quickly pondering about some matters: Who the hell is this strange blonde-haired person Why is he so powerful!

This was the most powerful person that Cooler had ever seen, except for his father, King Cold.

Even his younger brother, Frieza, was inferior.

A strange blonde-haired person… Cooler became startled as a thought suddenly flashed across his mind.

“This guy… he wouldn’t happen to be a Super Saiyan—a name that has been passed down his race—would he But how is this possible Super Saiyan is just a nonsense legend.

Those trifling Saiyans couldn’t possibly possess such formidable strength!”

Cooler flatly denied his own speculation.

He had always regarded this legend as a trifling matter.

Not to mention Frieza had already killed off all the Saiyans How could there still be Saiyans in this distant East Area

“I have to transform into the Final Form as soon as possible!” Cooler’s eyes slightly narrowed as he decided to stake everything on this final chance.

Cooler’s final transformation is the real transformation; it wasn’t just the release of energy!

Cooler’s Normal State was the final form of Frieza, which was also the final form of everyone in the Frost Demon race.

Frieza was too young to control the strength within his body, so all his forms were compressed, giving rise to three transformation states; on the other hand, Cooler was powerful enough to control the full strength of all the forms, making him even better than his father, King Cold, who also had all his forms compressed.

Cooler’s final transformation changed him to a form that he had developed himself.

Once he transformed into his Final Form, his power would soar to an astonishing 470 million, and that would be the time for him to trample on his opponent.

“So, you are hiding here… Let’s see where you can still run off to” A cold voice rang out, as Xiaya’s green eyes stared at Cooler.

Suddenly, a sparkling and translucent light appeared on Xiaya’s hands.

“Not good!”

Cooler turned around cautiously, but saw a beam of space-severing energy, the sharp cold light making him shudder.

Cooler clenched his teeth and turned his body with superb reaction.

He roared in his heart: “Bastard, how can this king be defeated by you!”

Xiaya’s mouth suddenly curled into a strange smile, and he disappeared, before under Cooler’s dumbfounded expression, he arrived by Cooler’s side.

An iron claw tightly clamped down on Cooler’s arm, and no matter how much Cooler struggled, he couldn’t break free.

“Oh no!” Cooler was greatly alarmed; subconsciously, he raised his head, and was frightened into sweating.

Wind whistled, and Cooler saw an energy blade as thin as a cicada’s wing rotating like a gyroscope above his head swinging down.

The sharp blade was indestructible and would soon chop down his body.

At that crucial moment, Cooler clenched his teeth, and a white light flashed.

He had actually chopped off his arm, breaking away from Xiaya’s restriction…

However, Cooler was still one step too slow.

He heard a “puchi” sound, and his purple tail was cut off.

Cooler howled in pain, his eyes bloodshot.

He seemed to be in a lot of pain.

“Ahhhh, dammit!!” Cooler yelled, flying into a rage.

Torrents of blood gushed out from his stump of an arm, and the point where his tail was severed.

The resentment in his heart instantly turned into a substance.

If there was an iron plate in front of him, then the several meters thick plate would have been penetrated.

Xiaya’s expression changed from indifference to surprise.

‘This Cooler is really ruthless, even towards himself.

He was actually capable of cutting off his arm so decisively in order to save his life.’

“Not bad, Cooler.

But it is still not enough.

Remember Planet Picchu in the North Area Back then, I was almost buried together with the planet!” Xiaya recounted that event of five years ago.

Back then, when he faced off against Cooler, he was just as powerless then as Cooler was now.

Maybe even worse.

“What! You are the human from that time You unexpectedly didn’t die!”

Cooler seems to have heard something extremely shocking, his whole person was sluggish.

This blonde-haired man who is far better than him, turns out to be the youngster who he had been trampled by him five years ago! !

He thought that he had killed this human.

Even that Planet Picchu had been casually destroyed by him.

But, surprisingly, the human didn’t die!

Cooler suddenly felt hateful towards his past self.

Chopped the grass but didn’t pull out its root.

In the end, it has lead to a disaster!

Xiaya smiled faintly in his heart, and his body flashed before appearing behind Cooler.

A silvery-white, cold light appeared between two of his fingers, and he casually chopped down the extremely domineering energy.

However, Cooler suddenly made a decision; he calmed down, and his expression turned sinister.

He suddenly shot out a laser-like energy beam, and his body flashed rapidly.

The chaotic energy beam, and the force he generated from stepping on air dispersed in all directions, resulting in a massive explosion.

In an instant, the sky turned dark and obscured everything, and the disordered and berserk energy caused the space to become chaotic.

This time, even if Xiaya possessed highly developed senses, it couldn’t capture Cooler’s aura, because it seemed as though Cooler’s broken aura was everywhere.


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