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Outside Planet Bahert’s galaxy, Cooler’s army was about to arrive.

As they gradually approached Planet Bahert, a huge amount of energy was detected by the spaceship.

Suddenly, with the rumbling sound of an explosion, the energy detector above the spaceship was destroyed, and a pungent smell of burning spread throughout the spaceship.

“What happened” Cooler’s voice was cold as he asked with annoyance.

“Your Majesty, the energy ahead is too large…so the detector has burned down…” An alien reported while trembling as cold sweat oozed out on his face.

Aiolos standing on the side frowned and asked, “Isn’t the upper limit of the detector above the spaceship has energy intensity of 70 million How could it burn down”

“This…” The alien was speechless for a while.

“That means the energy on Planet Bahert has exceeded 70 million Battle Power! He he he, it has only been a few minutes, but the Battle Power suddenly increased from 30 million to more than 70 million.

I am becoming more and more interested in Tree of Might’s fruits!”

Cooler stood up and walked toward the pilot’s cabin in front, as electric light flashed across his profound eyes.

“How long will it take to arrive at Planet Bahert”

“In one minute we will enter the Galaxy where Planet Bahert is situated.”

“Good!” Cooler grinned wickedly.

His hands were clasped behind his back, and his tail consistently rapped the floor made of an alloy material, making evident the restlessness that plagued his heart.


King Cold, who was still unhurriedly following behind, had also detected the energy erupting out ahead at their faraway destination, but because the distance was too far, the energy had greatly weakened, displaying only around 10 million.

“Cooler boy, although you have been unfilial so many times, this time you have led this king to a good thing, hahaha, this Tree of Might’s fruits seem to be a truly magical thing!” King Cold narrowed his eyes, as he leaned against his throne, holding a wine glass in hand, his mood very delighted.

As long as he could get the fruits of the Tree of Might, his strength would increase further.

Then, not only the North Area, but even ruling the entire galaxy would no longer be wishful thinking; everyone would submit under his feet.

Thinking this, a pleased evil grin surfaced at the corners of his mouth.

Suddenly, a series of beeps resounded, followed by a big virtual screen which popped up at the front of the spaceship, showing a lot of spaceships approaching them.

“Medium-sized spaceships have appeared ahead, they are 745 in number.

The spaceships are beginning to slow down!”

“Repeat, medium-sized spaceships have appeared ahead, they are 745 in number.

The spaceships are beginning to slow down!”

“Investigate, who is blind enough to daringly block this king’s spaceship!” King Cold ordered with a cold face, his icy voice could cause people to tremble with fear.


His alien subordinate quickly acted, and soon it got a clear understanding of the situation ahead.

“King Cold, the logo of the Galactic Patrol organization is emblazoned on these spaceships, it should be an army of the patrolman organization!” The Alien reported the information.

King Cold laughed out loud, his voice was gloomy like that of a devil: “Galactic Patrol Organization is very gutsy.

These good-for-nothings, they should be glad that this king hasn’t looked for them to cause trouble.

To think that they have the courage to send people to block this king!”

“Who will go and finish off these good-for-nothings” King Cold smiled while facing his subordinates.

“Your Majesty, let us go!”

Every member of the strongest army was eager to fight, their faces cold, as if already impatient.

This strongest army was much stronger than Frieza’s First Corp, and Cooler’s Armored Force, and was one of the best super-corp in the entire galaxy.

“Hehe, then this king will let you people handle them, and remember to properly trample on them, this king doesn’t want to see them die easily!” King Cold nodded with satisfaction and instructed them.

“Be sure to complete the mission!”

“Leave it to us!”

A ferocious-looking alien patted his chest and responded in a loud voice, while the other aliens also revealed ominous glints on their faces.

They didn’t attach any importance to the puny Galactic Patrol at all.

The little underlings who had come were all trash! If His Majesty hadn’t strictly forbidden them from going to the central region of the galaxy, then how could the Galactic Patrol still exist…

“Ha ha ha…”

King Cold took a long sip of the wine from the glass.

As if watching a performance, he looked on as his subordinates rushed out of the spaceship and began to fight…

“Humph, Galactic Patrol Organization, wait for this king to get the Tree of Might’s fruits, then I will be sure to eradicate you!”


Planet Bahert.

With Slug’s death, the chaos that had spread throughout the entire planet finally stopped.

Xiaya glanced at the surface of the planet which had been destroyed by the battle, and frowned: “An ordinary planet can’t withstand high-intensity battles, as only a little bit of force would cause it to crumble!”

“And the Saiyans are a race that cannot survive in space.

If the enemy destroys the planet, then it won’t help even if they become stronger!”

A Super Saiyan may be able to survive in a vacuum environment for a short while by using Ki, but it will definitely not work for a long time.

If there are enemies nearby attacking, then even the powerful Super Saiyan would have no choice but to die with grievances.

In order to prevent something like that from happening, I would have to find a way for Saiyans to survive in the space environment.

Xiaya first thought of dragon balls, but he immediately ruled them out.

Except for Super Dragon Balls, ordinary dragon balls may found it difficult to alter physique.

Because physique is also a kind of bloodline, ordinary dragon balls are unable to alter the bloodline.

Otherwise, everyone would make a wish to get the Majin Buu, and even the Frost Demon race’s bloodline.

Wouldn’t the universe have long been turned upside down

Universe’s own set of rules prevents such things from happening.

Of course, his personally created crystal dragon balls may be able to alter the Saiyan’s physique slightly, but this would need to be tested.

At the moment though, it was still uncertain.

If there really was no way, then he could only again try to find the Super Dragon Balls.

However, he was, after all, someone from Universe 7.

He wouldn’t know how Vados would react if he goes to Universe 6 frequently.

So, he could only do it once and not twice, as Vados may not allow him to take the Super Dragon Balls from Universe 6 again.

“Forget it, I can think about these things later!” Xiaya slightly shook his head and canceled the Super Saiyan mode.

Super Saiyan transformation would consume quite a bit of physical strength until he is able to fully use Super Saiyan’s strength.

“Xiaya, you really killed Slug.

So, a Super Saiyan looks like this, ah!” Xiling happily circled around him, and grabbed one of Xiaya’s arms as she continuously looked at him.

Because of the previous battle, the clothes on Xiaya’s body had been torn to shreds, and his broad chest full of muscles gave her an immeasurable sense of security.

“Um, um!” Myers also circled around Xiaya happily, her little face bright red due to the excitement.

“Your aura just now was so powerful, and you looked very handsome after the transformation.

If only I could become a Super Saiyan too!” Myers said enviously.

Xiaya patted her head and said: “Myers, your latent talent is very good, as long as you work hard you definitely can.

You are currently only 11 years old.

When I was your age, I wasn’t as powerful as you are now!”

“Really” Myers beamed with joy, greatly encouraged.

“Sir Xiaya, Madam Xiling…”

Someone called out from far away before Bardock and Raiga flew over from distance.

The aliens that Slug had brought with him were already completely annihilated by them.

Xiaya nodded at them and said to Raiga: “Mr.

Raiga, the Tree of Might has already been cut down.

Will there be no Tree of Might again in the future”

“Well, after the parent tree is destroyed, the Tree of Might will never appear in the universe again, as long as the fruits of the Tree of Might and the seeds above the Tree of Might are destroyed.”

Raiga’s voice was full of excitement, by completely destroying the Tree of Might, he hadn’t let the members of his race down.

However, his happiness was short lived as a bloody and dark aura suddenly came from the distant sky.

This strong aura was even more domineering than Slug, as the broken rocks on the ground began to shake.


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