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After the successful transformation into Super Saiyan, Xiaya’s aura had undergone an earth-shattering change.

His original 7.54 million Battle Power directly soared to the current 380 million, an increase of almost 50 times.

Unlike Son Goku’s first time transformation state, Xiaya had reached the level were his ki was full till overflowing, perhaps because his body had adapted to the Pseudo Super Saiyan to a certain extent before his transformation; so after transforming into Super Saiyan, the extremely enormous amount of energy did not overflow out, rather it was completely controlled.

Though, it still put a lot of pressure on his body.

However, this pressure was a common problem for Saiyans who transforms, and was still within his acceptable range.

Feeling the robust energy within his body, Xiaya faintly smiled, before his eyes swept towards Slug, his clear green eyes were like the calm surface of a lake, without any trace of waves.

“Hiccup!” Meeting this extremely calm gaze, Slug swallowed his saliva, and his body couldn’t help but take a step back.

Unlike both girls’  surprise, Slug, however, was feeling pressure, making his heart palpitate.

What the hell happened to this human Why has the color of his hair and eyes become different, and also what is this aura that is making me tremble

At this moment, traces of fear had unexpectedly appeared in Slug’s heart.

It seemed that if he was even a little bit careless, he may instantly lose his life!

Which Slug felt was unimaginable.

He, as a dignified Super Namekian, and a generation overlord of North Area! How could he feel fear! Such a feeling was almost the same as when he had fought with Cooler!

“Ha ha ha, trickster!” Slug unwillingly laughed, and then he waved his fist, which was strong as steel, and attacked Xiaya.

In an instant, various types of energies erupted, the sparkling flashes increasingly dazzling.

A rumbling sonic boom pierced through the air, afterward, it abruptly stopped!

He saw Xiaya lightly extend his palm, and stopped his fist.

No matter how he exerted his strength, his fist couldn’t advance at all.

“How is this possible!!” Slug’s eyes were opened wide as if they would split, looking at Xiaya incredulously.

His all-out attack was actually received so casually received by someone.

He obviously wasn’t this powerful before!

Why was this so His eyes were bloodshot, revealing that he was close to madness.

“Slug, you are a Super Namekian that has never appeared among the Namekians, but the reason I can defeat you is because of my current state, which is the legendary Super Saiyan!”

Xiaya said in a cold voice.

“The legendary Super Saiyan”

Slug muttered to himself as he looked at the blond-haired, green-eyed youth who had a golden aura surrounding his entire body, and abruptly burst into loud laughter: “Ha ha ha, Super Saiyan, so you are a Saiyan.

To think that Frieza didn’t completely wipe you out!”

“Incompetent Frieza, and also incompetent Cooler! He will regret it one day!”

Xiaya was speechless.

When mentioning Frieza and Cooler, he also felt that the defeat and destruction of both brothers apparently, wasn’t that unexpected.

Take Frieza, he wholeheartedly wanted to exterminate Saiyans, but the result was that the extermination wasn’t thorough, and because of his arrogance and carelessness, Vegeta was able to grow up.

Then, look at Cooler, no matter if it was when he encountered him, or even earlier, when he encountered Slug, he let both of them survive.

How can such a villain not die

Slug’s expression was sinister as he said: “I don’t care if you are some Super Saiyan or not, I want all of you to die here!”

Speaking, Slug quickly moved back, pulling apart some distance from the Super Saiyan in front of him.

While Xiaya appeared to be completely unconcerned, his green eyes were calm, and he had no intention to take action.

A Super Saiyan still had the pride of a Super Saiyan, after all, and it seemed to be deeply engraved in their bloodline.

“Xiaya…” Xiling called out with uneasiness.

The current Xiaya felt somewhat unfamiliar to her.

“Don’t worry, Slug can’t raise anymore storms!”

Looking back, he indifferently said, as a faint smile surfaced at the corners of his mouth.

After transforming into Super Saiyan, his strength has surged to 380 million Battle Power; he didn’t place this trifling Slug in his eyes at all.

“OK!” Seeing the faint familiar smile on Xiaya’s face, Xiling was reassured, and then she, together with Myers, quietly retreated to the side.

If they stand here, they would only disturb Xiaya’s fight.

After Xiling and Myers retreated, Xiaya turned around and looked at Slug in the distance.

At this time, the muscles on Slug’s entire body were stretched taut, his two arms hanging down.

He gathered strength in his hands as if preparing some powerful move.

Suddenly, Slug’s distorted face revealed an insane smile.

“Go die!”

Slug roared angrily, and he suddenly disappeared from his original place, leaving only a blurry silhouette.

He once again appeared beside Xiaya in the blink of an eye, his speed fast.

Bang! The energy ball that he had condensed in his hand fell heavily on Xiaya, but soon Slug discovered that something was wrong.

The opponent’s body didn’t budge even by an inch after suffering his heavy blow, as if his attack had completely no effect at all.

“Your strength is still not enough!”

A nightmarishly chilly and ruthless voice entered his eardrums, and Slug was in disbelief at what he was seeing.

He saw that the Super Saiyan had only lightly stretched out his palm, and blocked his energy ball, then his fingers slightly bent, grabbing the energy ball in the palm of his hand, pinching it hard, and then the energy ball that Slug had condensed using his entire body’s energy got smaller and smaller until it is dissipated to nothingness.

Xiaya exercised his wrist and sighed: “This small amount of energy is only 36 million, it can’t hurt me at all!”

Hearing his careless remark, a flustered expression flashed across Slug’s face, and the corner of his mouth slightly twitched unknowingly.

Looking at the blond-haired, green-eyed Super Saiyan in front of him, Cooler’s bloody and indifferent face involuntarily flashed across his mind.

How similar these two people were!

Similarly proud and aloof, and similarly looking down upon all beings!

In their hands, the strength that he was extremely proud of had become so laughable, like a weak living creature facing an irresistible natural disaster.

Slug’s face was suffused with disbelief and a panicked expression, and his whole body exuded a chill of impending defeat.

At this moment, Xiaya extended his finger, and a little sparkling light suddenly rose up, before it instantly turned into a sharp edge, and a half-inch electric light came out.

Puchi, it rapidly flashed and forcibly penetrated Slug’s palm, and then it shot out from behind his shoulder.

“Ahhhh!!” Slug’s heart throbbed with pain as he lied down on the ground, his mouth giving out a heart-rending tragic cry.

At this time, Slug couldn’t help but inwardly resent Frieza, who was in the faraway North Area.

If Frieza could have been slightly more meticulous in destroying Planet Vegeta, how could there have been someone who escaped through the net and survive—and even more so be born as the so-called Super Saiyan

At the same time, Slug was also feeling regret that he had provoked this Super Saiyan for no apparent reason!

Slug, who once liked to toy and abuse his opponents now just wanted to immediately escape from the hands of the Super Saiyan in front of him.

He didn’t want to again face this kind of invincible existence anymore, but he was also aware of how unrealistic his wish was!

“You can die now, and remember to speak of my good deeds when you arrive in the Underworld!”

Xiaya lifted his leg, with an icy and imposing aura, pierced through the air, and ruthlessly kicked Slug’s stomach.

Then he aimed his palm at Slug, as a deep blue energy wave formed at the center of his palm.

The energy wave was glittering and translucent, just like a beautiful crystal, but from the distorted light around the energy wave, it could be perceived that it contained powerful energy.

More than enough to destroy several huge planets.

“Cough, cough… who could have thought that I, Slug… would actually die in the hands of a Super Saiyan… Hehe, Cooler, Frieza, you would have to suffer the consequences of your actions in the future.”

Slug’s center of gravity was unstable, as he half-leaned on the ground, his face twitching.

“Drop dead!”

The indifferent voice, was as if the god of death was giving judgment!

Saying this, Xiaya threw the energy ball in his hand at Slug.

After the energy ball shot out, it began to suddenly expand.

In a blink of an eye, it changed into a huge energy ball of more than ten meters in diameter.

Then, it swallowed Slug whose frustrated face was distorted.

A loud rumbling noise resounded throughout the heaven and earth as if a slowly rising sun had suddenly exploded!

If you look at it from the outer space, you could see resplendent radiance slowly rising at a corner of Planet Bahert.

The tremendous amount of energy collided with the surface of Planet Bahert, causing the planet to shake violently.

When the smoke had completely dispersed, a huge chasm of unknown depth that was thousands of kilometers wide had appeared.

The crust of Planet Bahert was forcibly flattened by a layer.

At this moment, lava gushed out, and the smoke pervading everywhere was filled with the pungent smell of sulfur.


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