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A gentle breeze blew by, ferrying dead branches, withered leaves, and a cloud of dust.

Suddenly, the gentle breeze transformed into a passing storm.

The silent battlefield seemed like it had experienced an apocalypse; it was shrouded in terror.

Xiaya and Slug looked at each other from far away.

One with a gold-colored aura, and the other with a white-colored aura.

Both frightening auras confronted each other in midair.

The frightening whirlwind stirred up by both auras collided in midair and formed two different independent-spaces, depicting the image of two glaring suns shrouded by their respective, powerful gravitational fields.

From afar, both spheres seemed to form two partially curved spaces.

Even time and space seems to have become chaotic at this moment.

Below, Slug’s alien subordinates all donned expressions of terror; they had long been incapable of moving an inch due to the pressure from the aura of both opponents.

Ptui! Xiaya spat out a mouthful of blood, and his body was exhausted.

Nevertheless, he was becoming more and more excited, and he was feeling delighted, akin to drinking from a sweet spring.

He shouted, and his imposing aura surged once more.

Although his heart felt heavy, the corners of his lips curled upwards, and his eyes brimmed with an immense fighting intent.

At that moment, every cell within his body trembled crazily, and an enormous amount of golden energy erupted out of him like a sea wave.

Adjust breathing!

Keep heart steady!

Xiaya cautioned himself repeatedly as he strove to adjust his body to its optimum condition suitable for battle.

Suddenly, he charged at Slug, leaving a beam of light behind him.

With a heart-rending sonic boom, he arrived before Slug in an instant, before kicking with all his might.

Slug’s face darkened, and he leaned his upper body to the side, avoiding Xiaya’s powerful attack, but the violent force which followed the kick gave rise to a sharp whirlwind, which was similar to a razor blade.

The accompanying wind blade slashed Slug’s stomach and left several gashes so deep that bone was visible.

“Bastard!” Slug gasped, and his aura grew more powerful.

His black eyes flashed with viciousness, and the horrifyingly evil aura around him suddenly erupted.

Slug’s aura surged insanely, and a white aura ignited around him.

The sky suddenly changed color; the clouds completely disappeared, and the gloomy atmosphere grew even more oppressive.

“Now!” Xiaya found the right opportunity and punched fiercely.

This time, Slug didn’t attempt to dodge; he punched out to welcome Xiaya’s incoming fist.

Bang! Both fists collided in midair, creating powerful shock waves visible to the naked eye, which swept out in all directions.

Immediately after, the opponents retreated far away from each other, and continued to launch powerful attacks.




Fist shadows interwined, and sharp blade-like whirlwinds scattered in all directions.

In a single second, both parties had fought each other innumerable times.

Each time they collided, they’d swiftly separate immediately afterward.

The insane speed of both parties made their movement impossible to capture with the naked eyes.

Only rumbles and explosions made evident the fact that a fight was still going on.


“This human is so powerful!”

Slug’s body was covered with bulging muscles which resembled dragon claws.

As he gasped for breath, he kept his gaze locked onto Xiaya, who wasn’t standing so far away from him.

Currently, his body had a frighteningly deep gashes, and his vigor almost couldn’t keep up, but suddenly, Slug spotted a huge fruit among the leaves; it was a dark red fruit!


Slug’s pupils shrank, and a bright light flashed within his mind.

Delighted, his body turned into a beam of light as he flew towards it.

That’s right; on the leaves not too far from Slug… hung the dark red Tree of Might’s fruit.

“Not good!” Realizing Slug’s intentions, Xiaya inwardly cried out, and then he also quickly chased after the former, turning into a beam of light.

Unfortunately, he was still one step late, as the bright red Tree of Might’s fruit had fallen into Slug’s hands.

Slug stuffed the Tree of Might’s fruit into his mouth.

Pure vitality burst forth from the fruit in his mouth and permeated all his cells, nourishing Slug’s aging body.

Huala! A dense, hazy brilliance surged from Slug’s body.


This is how it feels to be young again.

This Tree of Might’s fruit has really restored my youth!”

With his fist clenched and his body bursting with viatality, Slug laughed maniacally.

Filling every cell in the body with vitality was the effect of the Tree of Might’s fruit! For the aging Slug, this single Tree of Might’s fruit was akin to a wonder drug that could regrow bones and raise the dead!

“This is bad!” In sharp contrast to Slug’s excitement, Xiaya was in extremely bad mood.

The aged Slug had not been easy to deal with, and now, after eating that Tree of Might’s fruit, Slug had become even more troublesome!

Suddenly, four people suddenly appeared beside Xiaya.

He turned to his side and realized that the new arrivals were Xiling, Myers, Bardock and Raiga.

He swiftly shouted instructions: “Bardock, Raiga, you two quickly go and finish off Slug’s subordinates.

Xiling and Myers, you both destroy all the fruits and uproot the Tree of Might!”


“Leave it to us!”

They glanced at each other, then at Xiaya and Slug, who was still howling with laughter, and trembled.

Afterward, they nodded at Xiaya and dispersed…

“Slug has eaten only one Tree of Might’s fruit, yet he has already grown a lot stronger.

This is Slug at his peak Victory may not be easy to attain, but it is only interesting like this!”

Xiaya had never been scared of challenges, including the current battle; the probability of his victory was not yet zero.

Boundless fighting intent surged within his body, and Xiaya charged at Slug and launched another attack.


On the other side, after receiving their orders from Xiaya, Bardock and Raiga quickly located Slug’s subordinates.

Numerous light-blue energy waves tore through the air and hit the huge spaceships, and with a loud bang, several hundreds of spaceships directly exploded.

This destroyed their possibility of leaving the planet.

After destroying all the spaceships, Bardock and Raiga switched targets to Slug’s subordinates.

They both had Battle Powers close to 200,000, so dealing with “low-level warriors” such as these aliens, who had less than 20,000 to 30,000 Battle Power, was akin to a tiger charging into a flock of sheep and carrying out a one-sided massacre.

These aliens were not Bardock and Raiga’s match, at all, and they died one by one died under the formers’ energy waves.

“Ah, save me! Damn it, how can I die here!” Blood-curdling screams reverberated without stop, as the aliens were quickly engulfed by the burning energy waves.

On the other side, Xiling and Myers went all-out as well.

The Tree of Might was enormous in size, and looking from space, it resembled a huge mushroom-like, umbrella-shaped thing covering the surface of the planet.

If they desired to uproot something this enormous—without leaving behind anything that could prove troublesome in the future—Xiling and Myers didn’t dare to hold back their strength and went all-out.

Rumble! Rumble!

A huge ball of energy fell from the sky and struck the Tree of Might, causing an enormous ball of fire to appear, turning the countless Tree of Might’s fruits to ashes amidst the explosion.

Fruits fell down! The giant tree was overturned!

A raging flame burned them into coke.

“Ah, ah! My Tree of Might’s fruits!”

Witnessing the Tree of Might toppling over, Slug was infuriated, and his heart seems to be dripping blood.

Suddenly, his body erupted out with fearsome, and icy killing intent: “Bastard, bastard! You damn humans!”

Slug cursed while gnashing his teeth from anger.

He waved his arm, and a beam of blood-red energy directly shot out towards Xiling and Myers.

“Not good!” Xiaya’s countenance changed.

A ray of light flashed, and he quickly appeared in front of Xiling and Myers, blocking the attack.

He raised his legs high and stepped on the huge ball of energy!


He stepped on the endless energy, and the violet energy was sent underground.

The ground cracked open with a loud bang, and a huge cloud of dust covered the sky and ground, forming a chaotic and hazy scene of primal chaos.

“Courting death!!”

Slug’s eyes flickered with a cold light, and he stepped forward.

Leaving several afterimages in the near vacuum environment, his well-built figure rapidly moved, and appeared out of nowhere in front of Xiaya.

Bang! A powerful fist smashed down!

Upon impact, Xiaya felt his body tremble, then he heard the sounds of bones breaking.

Spurting out a mouthful of blood, Xiaya was blown backwards, like a quickly moving artillery shell.

His body flew almost parallel to the ground.

The strong wind slashing a deep ravine on the ground.



Xiling and Myers screamed.

They teleported to Xiaya and helped him up.

Sometimes, the greatest opportunities were grasped during the most dangerous of situations.

Although Xiaya’s body was mortally injured, the millions of cells within his body began to tremble violently in reverse.

Golden energy spread within his body and was absorbed by the countless cells.

The golden energy once again burst out, and was once again absorbed back into the cells.

At this time, the condition of Xiaya’s body began to change.

His Pseudo Super Saiyan mode became unstable, and the Ki around his body flashed from time to time.

“What’s happening to Xiaya” Myers exclaimed.

“I don’t know!”

Xiling shook her head, her eyes filled with concern.

At this time, Slug walked over step by step, looked at the three people before him, and the corners of his mouth curled up into a cruel smile.

“Humph! It’s all because of you that this king has missed a great opportunity to regain his youth.

Today, I will use your blood to appease the anger in my heart!”

Slug’s icy voice rang out.

Although the Tree of Might’s fruit that he had eaten allowed him to recover his strength, it was only for a short duration.

As the energy will get consumed, he would soon revert back to his previous old and weak state; moreover, Cooler’s army would also soon arrive.

Therefore, although Slug had rushed over to Planet Bahert from very away, he hadn’t gained any advanges—not even a little one.

How can this not make him angry!

He condensed an enormous light blue energy ball in his hands.

It exuded a colorful and dazzling brilliance that made it resemble an extremely beautiful, bright star.

However, the amount of energy contained within this energy ball was enough to destroy a planet.

“Let me send you on your way!”

Slug spoke in an extremely ruthless voice, and his finger slightly bent, releasing the light blue energy out towards his targets.

With a low buzzing sound, the energy ball which had originally been the size of a basketball suddenly shrank, and its color changed from light blue to purple.

Then it began to enlarge again, from basketball size to the size of a swimming pool, then continued growing on until it was as large as a mountain…

“Die!” Slug, who was hovering in midair and coldly shouted; he bent his arm and pushed the colossus like mountain.

Chichichi! It was the sound of the energy ball tearing through the air.

As the energy ball neared, it was followed by scorching heat, and dazzling luminesce lit up everything in its immediate surrounding.

Everything lost their original color, leaving only a layer of pale, thin reflection of strong light.

“Ah, what to we do now!” Xiling and Myers, who both supported Xiaya, had expressions of despair on their little faces!

They had tried to leave via Instant Transmission but realized that the surrounding space had been distorted by the incoming powerful energy, so they couldn’t teleport.

“Are we going to die” Xiling and Myers subconsciously looked at Xiaya who had completely withdrawn the Pseudo Super Saiyan mode.

They resolutely remained standing in front of him.

As if following through a prior agreement, they raised their arms, simultaneously, and went all-out to produce their own energy wave, trying to stop the huge, heaven-destroying and earth-extinguishing energy ball.

However, their attempt was futile.

Their strength paled in comparison with Slug’s, so their idea didn’t possess the slightest bit of possibility of coming to fruition.

They watched their energy waves collide with Slug’s and instantly got swallowed and crushed.

The speed of Slug’s energy ball, however, didn’t slowed down the slightest bit

“We are doomed!” They lamented in their hearts, as the dull blue, and somewhat blazing white, glow illumined the despair on the girls’ faces.

But, at that moment, something unexpected happened.

“I’ve already told you little girls that this is not the time for you two to show off!” A lazy but vigorous voice echoed from behind them.

“Xiaya!” Xiling and Myers exclaimed.

“Right now, it’s my turn to show off!”

Xiaya extended his powerful palm high up into the sky and pulled Xiling and Myers behind him.

Then, a breeze blew by, and a ‘gigantic hand’ extended out in front and grabbed Slug’s energy ball.

With Slug’s energy ball in its grasp, the gigantic hand clenched into a fist, and the surging energy ball disappeared into nothingness…

“How is that possible” Slug exclaimed.

“Hehe, it means that you are still not strong enough!” A calm voice sounded beside his ear.

Xiaya reached out his palm and held Slug’s arm tightly.

“Xiaya, are you alright” Myers standing far away looked at Xiaya, who had suddenly appeared beside Slug in the sky, and covered her mouth with a surprised expression.

“Ah, why did your appearance change”

Xiling countenance changed as she looked at Xiaya in the sky with incredulity: “You…you are already a…Super Saiyan”

“Yes, I am already a Super Saiyan!!”

Xiaya lightly replied, and a bright light flashed within his dark-green pupil.

His reply sounded confident, with a touch of pride!

Yes, at that moment, Xiaya’s appearance had completely changed; he was shrouded in a brilliant golden aura.

Super Saiyan mode was quite different from Pseudo Super Saiyan.

Those in Super Saiyan mode had soaring golden hair and calm, green eyes.

And Battle Power further soars by 50-times!

Just like Xiaya’s present appearance!

Chapter 199 Super Saiyan


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