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“Hehehe, damn human, you actually made this king waste so much energy.”

Staring at the deep crater of unknown depth beneath him, Slug gasped for air while his dark eyes, like that of a ravenous wolf, flickered with a cold light.

Even though Slug looked like a middle-aged man, he was, in fact, an old man past his prime.

If he was an ordinary Namekian, then at this age he wouldn’t even be able to move.

The reason he could still fight was thanks to his Super Namekian physique.

But fighting with Xiaya already made his body exhausted.

At this time, Slug felt that something was amiss, the inside of the crater was too quiet like an extinct volcano that had been silent for many years.

Normally, there wouldn’t be another possibility for Xiaya to erupt out, but Slug’s intuition of an expert caused his heart to wildly thump.

He looked around, having felt an energy approaching him.

“That human is definitely not dead yet!” Slug quietly pondered.

He retracted his contemptuous thoughts for Xiaya and cautiously surveyed his surrounding, on guard.

Suddenly, feeling an icy airstream coming from his back, Slug reacted and bent down, dodging a tiny knife blade which gleamed with a sparkling white light.

At this time, Xiaya’s figure had appeared behind him.

Slug was greatly surprised, he wanted to avoid it but found that there wasn’t enough time.

Swish, a strong punch pierced through the air, forming vacuum for a brief moment.

A fist smashed down.


At the critical moment, Slug stamped his foot, changing his angle at the last minute, while his body lightly jumped and dodged by less than a centimeter.

A fist energy went past his face, bringing along a scorching and revolting smell.

“Humph, it’s my turn!”

Xiaya sneered, he hadn’t completed his attack before launching another attack.

Hualala…..Each of his punch was as heavy as a mountain, and due to its extreme speed, an exquisite luster shone at the top of his fist from its friction with the air.

Bang bang bang, the sounds of the fierce fight and the dazzling rays of light continuously lit up the sky, causing the color of the sky to change unpredictably.

Because of the powerful energy, free electrons were being pulled together.


In the sky, lightning flashed and thunder rolled mixing together with an icy whirlwind.

Xiaya and Slug continuously battled as countless afterimages which couldn’t be seen properly sometimes would appear amidst the enormous tree branches, and sometimes in vast ink-like sky.

Then, the insane attacks led to a series of deafening explosions.

The bright lights, flames, as well as the continuous explosions, were as if nuclear warheads had detonated together in a split second.

In an instant, the ground split open, lava gushed out and set the surrounding trees on fire due to the scorching temperature.

Below, Slug’s subordinates who had come together with him were cowering and hiding behind a temporary shelter, scared out of their wits.

Even though the Tree of Might’s fruits was almost within their reach, they didn’t have any thoughts of picking them.

They looked up at the sky feeling apprehensive.

Although their eyes had been unable to keep up with the fast battle long ago, they still watched without blinking, waiting expectantly for the battle to end as soon as possible.

“Frightening, as if it is the end of the world!” Someone spoke with a frightened expression on his face.

This was probably the most intense fight he had ever witnessed since he followed King Slug.

In the past, he somehow could have been of some use in the battlefield, but this time he wasn’t able to help.

“Quick, ah! Quickly dispose of that human, King Slug, Cooler’s army is going to arrive soon!” Some aliens held their fists in front of their chest and began to pray, because if he continued to delay like this, then even if his majesty kills the human, they wouldn’t be able to escape Cooler’s pursuit.

“King Slug would definitely kill that human!”

“Hurry up, we should go and protect the spaceships, because if it gets damaged due to the fight, we wouldn’t be able to leave the planet…”

Seeing that the spaceships in the distance had slightly tilted due to the fissures in the ground, some aliens came over and hastily shouted in a loud voice!

“Right, we should protect the spaceships.”


The fight continued on for several minutes.

As the number of Saiyans remaining on Planet Bahert became fewer and fewer, the area of Xiaya and Slug’s fight continuously increased.

Soon, the powerful energy storm began to sweep across the entire planet, causing it to fall into chaos.

Not far away from Planet Bahert, on a life planet, Xiling had finally moved over all the Saiyan warriors.

Now, there was only one Saiyan left on Planet Bahert, Xiaya.

“Everyone, stay here for now.

The fight on Xiaya’s side should be over soon!” Xiling murmured, worry and weariness apparent on her exquisite face

As she had continuously used “Cloning Secret Skill” and “Instantaneous Transmission”, to and fro between the two planets, she was extremely tired.

“Will Xiaya be able to defeat that frightening Namekian!” Myers was squatted on the ground, nibbling on a Tree of Might’s fruit so as to replenish her strength.

“Let’s go, we should return.

Maybe we can help.” Taking out a Senzu Bean to recover her physical strength, Xiling was planning to go to Planet Bahert with Myers.

“Madam Xiling, please let us come with you to help Sir Xiaya!” A Saiyan warrior requested.

As a fighting race, Saiyans would always only perish in battle when facing more powerful enemies, they would never run away from a fight due to fear, especially as experts amongst Saiyans, escaping a fight makes them feel disgraceful.

“Right, right, Miss Xiling, let us come with you!” Other Saiyans also followed and requested to fight.

Xiling raised her eyebrows, she who usually doesn’t get angry, was incensed this time, and berated: “Shut up! we spent so much energy to send you here, but now you want to go back”

“You have also seen Slug’s strength, right He is so powerful, what do you think you can do by going back there You will only hold Xiaya back! It would be better to stay here and wait for Xiaya to come back.”

Hearing what she said, they couldn’t help but become depressed.

Yes, wasn’t it because he had to stall for time, that Sir Xiaya stayed on Planet Bahert to fight with that Namekian Slug

They were elites of Planet Hongshan, and weren’t reckless! Thinking till here they couldn’t help but become silent.

Actually, how could Xiling not be worried about Xiaya But as she had been educated by Xiaya, she knew that there are times when one has to fight and there are times when one must not fight.

Facing someone as powerful as Slug, it was unwise to rashly show off.

Returning to Planet Bahert will only hold Xiaya back and increase pointless casualties.

So it was best for them, who weren’t powerful enough, to stay behind.

“Miss Xiling, let me come with you!” A voice sounded, and Raiga puffed out his chest and walked over to Xiling.

“My long-cherished wish is to completely destroy the Tree of Might, and now it is soon going to be fulfilled.

How can I stay here and watch it again fall into an evil person’s hands So I beg you to bring me there.”

Raiga said with a determined look.

After listening to him, Xiling looked at him with an awkward expression.

At this time, Bardock, on the side, who had been silent for a long time spoke: “Madam Xiling and Madam Myers, let me also come with Mr.


With our strength, we would be helpful to Sir Xiaya in finishing off those puny underlings….”

“Yeah!” Raiga agreed while looking towards Xiling.

“How about we let them come” At this time, Myers who had finished eating two Tree of Might’s fruits walked over.

Thinking for a while, Xiling nodded: “In that case, Bardock and Raiga, you can come with us, while the rest will wait here.”

After speaking, Xiling glanced at everyone with a dignified expression.

Then, she said to Rebecca and the others: “Mom, Aunt Lise, I will leave everything here to you.”

“OK!” Rebecca nodded with a solemn expression.

Here, except for Bardock and Raiga whose battle power was close to 200,000, Rebecca, Lise, and the others would have only a been burden even if they came back with them.

So, taking everything into consideration, it was better to leave them behind.


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