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Chapter 20 Xiling after 1 year

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Term changes:- Cultivation->Ki training Cultivators-> fighters or warriors Cultivation technique-> Ki training technique Cultivation Method-> Training method Qi-> Ki Xiling has still not come out of Hyperbolic Time Chamber, so Xiaya’s lonesome was floating cross-legged in midair while trying to feel the concept of “as clear as the sky and as sudden as lightning.” Legend has it that Lookout was located above the earth’s atmosphere in a unique sub-space.

It was blessed by divine power so you could not approach Lookout if you do not have real skills.

…… In the vast empty void, a lone bright red semisphere building from Incan Civilization was floating.

Since it was at a sky-high altitude, there were not many clouds in the surrounding, and the air was also extremely thin up here.

At Lookout’s center, there were rows of grand and magnificent halls while several plants were growing on both sides, appearing somewhat monotonous compared to the luxurious halls and a wide square was in the middle.

At this moment, Xiaya’s body was floating in midair with his eyes closed and peaceful expression on his face, without any ripples.

There was no trace of wind in the surrounding, but the plants in the distance seemed to be pulled by an external force bending in his direction.

Hu — Xiaya took a long breath, and spit out a mouthful of turbid qi.

He opened his eyes and lightly landed on the ground while exclaiming: “I wanted to imitate Mr.

Popo’s original concept and thus improve my martial arts realm.

But his realm’s concept is profound, the more he tries to understand it the more he feels it to not be simple!” Speaking of which, all the Attendants in Dragon Ball World far surpasses their serving gods.

Except for East Supreme Kai’s Attendant Kibito, whether it is Mr.

Popo or “Angel” Whis, they are all stronger than the God which they serve.

Moreover, to some extent, they both held a teacher’s position.

When Kami set foot on Lookout, he had received pointers from Mr.

Popo, and God of Destruction Beerus was even personally taught by Whis.

What exactly are this Attendants Since they are so powerful why were they only acting as an Attendant Thinking all this, Xiaya couldn’t help but feel a headache.

But then he immediately responded while faintly laughing: “Why am I thinking about them, no matter what they do it has nothing to do with me ah! Forget it, I should cultivate for a while!” But at that time, the calm atmosphere suddenly stagnated.

Following which, with a “hula” sound it was ripped apart as if it is silk.

Xiaya was startled and had still not reacted yet when suddenly a surging momentum wishing to rip him apart made him tremble.

The surging waves were like a heaven collapsing giant mountain descending in the secular world, instantly drowning the center of the Lookout in a blast like a Heaven-shaking earthquake.

In the face of this momentum, Xiaya prideful strength felt weak and humble, while his warlike blood was trembling.

“This power…..” Xiaya froze for a moment because he was very familiar with this aura.

“After coming out Xiling’s aura had become so much strong that it feels……like the time when he had faced Xiling transformed  into a Great Ape, the disparity has grown so much big!” Xiaya looked somewhat stunned but was even more excited, blood inside his veins involuntarily boiling “Good, this Hyperbolic Time Chamber’s training is so effective, no, it should be because of Mr.

Popo pointers!” “Xiaya!” Xiling’s voice came from inside the winding corridor, and then a little girl came out from the side of Lookout.

A head full of long hair lightly fluttering, curved phoenix eyebrows, a pair of bright eyes perfectly adorned her face like stars and moon, and her flower-like face sparkled like jade.

Although her body is not fully grown yet, it has already started showing a young girl’s lithe figure.

This is Xiling Looking at the little girl of height 1.5 m in front of him, Xiaya looked silly for a moment; the girl who had be en following by his side has already started to grow up unconsciously.

But thinking about her age, it had already been 7 or more years when they arrived on earth, plus the one year in Hyperbolic Time Chamber.

In fact, Xiling is now already over 8 years old and added with that a Saiyan women also develops earlier, so it is not surprising.

“Xiling your strength has unexpectedly increased by so much! “ Since she has not converged her aura, Xiaya experienced an intense oppressive feeling standing by her side.

This energy, if calculated according to Battle Power should be close to 10000 points.

Even if it is placed on Planet Vegeta, it should be considered as the peak military strength.

After hearing him, Xiling immediately raised her head with haughtiness, her attractive face proud: “Of course! Now I am already more powerful than Xiaya!” “Heh heh, you can be happy for now, after I come out from the Hyperbolic Time Chamber, I will certainly be more powerful than you.” Xiling without any care answered back.

He could not wait to shock Xiling, as he now has a huge amount of Senzu Beans in his hand, he could be totally reckless while training.

In the original work, Son Goku had gone to Planet Namek and had increased his Battle Power to 180,000 in extremely short one month.

Xiaya knew that he couldn’t compare with Son Goku, that kind of open killing.

But, he is sure that he can at least increase his Battle Power by several times.

“Humph, We will see!” As she did not receive any praise for her progress, Xiling snorted coldly and haughtily slanted her face to the side.

“Really, you are increasingly becoming less cute.

The cute little Xiling from before is already gone.” Xiaya whispered in her ear as he raised a strand of her hair.

Xiaya’s move provoked her into a fit of anger, so she rudely said in a loud voice: “Who is cute, wait until you surpass me than can say it.” “This Xiling brat is putting more and more importance on Saiyan’s nature.

But compared to other Saiyans it’s already very good.

Hehe, it seems to be the effect of this few years influence or something!” Xiaya snickered while rolling his eyes, he did not make fun of her any longer.

He laughed: “Xiling, I have got something good from Korin.

I will give you some now so that you can save them for use.” After speaking, Xiaya took out a small bag tied with string which has several tens of Senzu Beans.

“What is this” Xiling opened the bag to look and saw some dried beans.

“They are called Senzu Beans.

No matter how much you are heavily injured as long as you have not died, one bean can restore you to your peak condition.

Moreover, you will not have to eat anything for 10 days.” “Really” After hearing this, Xiling’s two eyes started shining and with one hand seized the small bag of Senzu Beans.

After happily putting it away in her pocket she suspiciously asked: “You have given me all of them, do you still have any left then” After receiving the Senzu Beans, she was somewhat hesitant.

This Senzu Bean thing is really a good stuff as it can save someone’s life at a crucial time.

She had snatched all of them from Xiaya, so would he have any left Should I return some back to him Seeing Xiling’s hesitation and her completely distressed appearance, Xiaya laughed: “Don’t worry, I have kept some for myself.

And you must properly take care of them, as they are very precious.

“ How can it not be precious, I only have 70 to 80 thousand! “En!” Xiling forcefully nodded her head with a touched appearance.

Xiaya smiled, feeling good.

He hasn’t told Xiling how much Senzhu beans he has because if Xiling knew that he was still hiding many Senzu Beans, then this little girl will undoubtedly turn hostile and her shouting will return replacing her moved appearance.

“OK! You should wait for my return from Hyperbolic Time Chamber and then say those words again.

At that time, we will see how you can be so arrogant in front of me!” “Bah!” Xiling wrinkled her eyebrows while cutely sticking out her tongue, and then watched Xiaya’s receding back with a slightly expectant look on her little face.


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