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Watching Xiling disappear in the horizon, Xiaya’s complexion sank.

He was confident that he could deal with Slug.

Perhaps fighting with Slug could help him make a breakthrough.

However, what made him feel uneasy was the icy aura which was much further away!

Cooler was also coming to Planet Bahert.

Because of their strength, Xiling and Myers couldn’t sense Cooler’s aura, which was much further away, but Xiaya can.

So he knows that he didn’t have much time left!

“First, stop Slug and create enough time for Xiling!” Shaking his head, Xiaya focused his consciousness.

From the approaching dark aura, he could feel that it was vast, but it was also decaying and old.

Slug had grown old, but the strength of his energy still exceeded Xiaya’s energy in Pseudo Super Saiyan form.

“I hope Slug doesn’t disappoint me…”

Xiaya faintly muttered to himself as his dark eyes shone, while his blood boiled, and an earth-shattering battle intent suddenly erupted from him.

At the moment, outside Planet Bahert’s atmosphere.

Looking from outer space, an umbrella-shaped colossus like a mushroom was growing on the surface of Planet Bahert.

“King Slug, that is the Tree of Might!” A cyan-colored alien pointed at the huge plant on the not far away planet, his voice filled with disbelief.

“Ha ha ha, right, right.

This is the Tree of Might.

It really is domineering and valiant! Only this kind of divine tree, which absorbs the essence of a whole planet, can bear the Life Fruit!” Slug stared at it as the muscles on his face slightly trembled from the excitement.

The spaceship approached Planet Bahert, quickly passed through its thin atmosphere and landed on the ground.

As the black shadow landed down on the ground, the soil and rocks below it were crushed.

Kacha, Kacha, like a soft tofu, the ground immediately collapsed, and then more and more spaceships landed.

Once the hatch opened, a large group of aliens emerged from the inside.

They thoroughly swept away the obstacles on both sides, before finally Slug, who was dressed in a yellow robe, stepped out of the spaceship.

“Ah, this is Planet Bahert.

How wonderful!”

Slug’s voice was not as loud and clear as a young man.

Instead, it was faintly hoarse and weak.

He took off the purple helmet on his head, revealing the two tentacles that were unique to a Namekian.

“Children, quickly start working and collect the Tree of Might’s fruits.

We have to leave before Cooler arrives!” Slug waved his huge hand and ordered his subordinates to start working.

He had suffered a lot at the hands of the Frost Demon race, so he was extremely afraid of Cooler and other Frost Demon race members; thus, he didn’t dare to confront them rashly.

However, before that, he had decided to first get rid of the two little guys from Cooler’s Armored Squadron.

But at this time—

A handsome and tall figure appeared before him without any warning, followed by a chilly voice:

“Slug, the evil Namekian.

It’s a pity but you’re not the first one to arrive on Planet Bahert!”


Slug’s countenance suddenly changed as an unfamiliar tall, black-haired young man had suddenly appeared before him.

The youth looked indifferent and had his aura restrained, just like an ordinary person without any Battle Power.

But, it made Slug feel even more uneasy in his heart.

Slug immediately returned to himself and shook his head helplessly, as he felt that was overthinking things.

There weren’t that many experts in the universe who has Battle Powers as high as his, and the ones who did were famous and well known.

How can he so easily come across one of them on this small planet

“Hehe, let me see how much your Battle Power is.” Slug raised the small detector on his wrist, and with “beep beep beep” sounds, the fluctuating numbers stopped at 12,000!

“Hehehe, it’s only 12,000 Battle Power!”

Slug stroked his chin and laughed evilly; to think that he had been overly anxious just now.

When Slug used his energy detector to probe his opponent, Xiaya also quietly launched the “Spirit Eye” secret skill.

Multi-colored lights flashed through his pupils, and he immediately saw Slug’s complete situation.

Slug: 373 years old, Battle Power 36 million!

36 million Battle Power!

This line of data appeared before him, causing Xiaya’s eyes to lit up.

This Battle Power was a lot higher than his in the Pseudo Super Saiyan form, but he was not sure how much Slug, who already had one foot in the grave, would ultimately be able to use.


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