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Just as Xiaya was lost in thoughts, Xiling and Myers hurried over to his location.

While hovering in the sky, both girls could see Xiaya standing in a huge crater, and their faces donned a surprised expression: “Xiaya, why did your Ki became so powerful just now Did you transformed into a Super Saiyan”

Both girls, Xiling and Myers, had heard Xiaya mention “Super Saiyan” before that was an existence above ordinary Saiyan.

Super Saiyan is a very powerful method of transformation that causes strength to explosively increase by dozens of times under Normal State!

Previously, Xiaya felt that his strength has encountered a barrier that he couldn’t cross, so while Xiling and Myers spent most of their time training, Xiaya didn’t stay idle and was preparing to breakthrough to Super Saiyan.

Since they had known of Xiaya’s plan, when the strong aura erupted previously, Xiaya and Myers first thought that Xiaya had successfully broken through; this is why they had made that inquiry just now.

Xiaya leisurely glanced up at them and smiled, “I had a small breakthrough, but unfortunately I still couldn’t transform into the legendary Super Saiyan.”

While speaking, he sighed in his heart.

As expected, breaking through to Super Saiyan isn’t easy, otherwise, this body transformation wouldn’t be a legend! A Super Saiyan hadn’t appeared for a long time, so a lot of Saiyans were even doubtful of its existence.

“What This is considered a small breakthrough The aura that erupted out of you almost made me unable to breathe!” Myers said, greatly dissatisfied in her heart at Xiaya’s remark.

It was obviously so powerful, yet he is saying that it just a “small breakthrough”.

Really too infuriating!

Upon hearing her, Xiaya spread out his hand towards Myers.

Pseudo Super Saiyan really couldn’t be regarded as Super Saiyan; what he had said wasn’t wrong.

“Don’t spout nonsense! Xiaya, quickly let us take a look at your transformation.” Xiling said, interested.

“Right, right…” Myers also began to clamor.

Xiaya thought about it and nodded, “Okay, both of you stand a little farther away; the Ki in Pseudo Super Saiyan mode is not easy to control.

I am afraid that it will injure you.”

Although Xiling and Myers didn’t understand his reason, they adhered to Xiaya’s instruction and moved far away before concentrating all their attention on him.

When he saw both girls move back, Xiaya slightly nodded and then began to adjust the aura within his body.

After adjusting his state to the peak, he erupted.

Huo! Huo! A golden blaze appeared around Xiaya, as a powerful and overbearing aura—akin to a prehistoric creature—suddenly swept across the entire planet.

As he slowly launched Pseudo Super Saiyan transformation, Xiaya’s Battle Power continued to break upper limits.

15 million!

22.5 million!


30 million!

His black hair rose in the air uncontrollably, and a formidable aura shattered everything within a radius of a hundred meters.

The ground began to sink, and the surrounding pebbles floated in midair as if they have lost gravity.

“This… this is the Ki in Pseudo Super Saiyan mode….”

Myers put her hand in front of her forehead so as to withstand the violent shockwaves, while there was an unusual excitement on her face.

Xiling also went all out to withstand the shockwaves, but her gaze remained fixed on the man in the middle of the imposing aura while shrouded in golden flames, “Xiaya’s Ki has increased by three times.

This is the Pseudo Super Saiyan transformation” Her eyes lit up, and a bright glow flickered in its depths.

Under Pseudo Super Saiyan mode… he has an entire 30 million Battle Power!


Xiaya retracted his aura and panted with weariness.

Pseudo Super Saiyan transformation differes from the regular Super Saiyan transformation.

It was somewhat like Kaio-ken, which brings a great burden on the body and consumes even more Ki.

Naturally, Pseudo Super Saiyan was the same.

However, Xiaya’s Pseudo Super Saiyan was somewhat different from Son Goku’s Pseudo Super Saiyan.

First, the power increase didn’t reach the level that Son Goku’s did, and the increase in power was about two or three times of Kaio-Ken.

Second, and the biggest difference is that during Xiaya’s Pseudo Body Transformation, his pupil does not disappear, and he remains extremely clear-headed.

Xiaya’s previous state may not said to be Pseudo Super Saiyan; instead, it was more like the transition between ordinary Saiyan and Super Saiyan.

Before he could find a way to transform into Super Saiyan, Pseudo Super Saiyan transformation would be a temporary means for Xiaya to increase his Battle Power.

“So powerful! Xiaya’s Ki, just now, had reached 30 million Battle Power…..” Myers ran over and grabbed Xiaya’s hand, chattering non-stop.

At the same time, she checked him up and down, trying to find out if there was any difference between the current Xiaya and the previous Xiaya.

“This transformation seems to exert a huge burden on your body, right” Xiling also walked over and asked with concern.

She took out a handkerchief and handed it to Xiaya to wipe his sweat.

Xiaya nodded lightly and said: “Yes, this is not a normal transformation method.

Just now, under Pseudo Super Saiyan, those strong energies also caused harm to me.

Maybe I am still not proficient.”

“It would be better to use it less in future.” Xiling knitted her brows and said.

Xiaya chuckled lightly: “Don’t worry.

Although I hadn’t directly transformed into Super Saiyan, I feel I am not that far away from it.”

“Do you have any idea” Xiling inquired.

“I could feel it somewhat, however, I am not sure when I can pass through that barrier…” Xiaya scratched his head and said.

Those who were destined to pass through this barrier would do so easily, while those who were not would try their hardest to pass through for a long time, but ultimately to no avail.

A leaf before the eyes could shuts out Mount Tai.* The small leaf is very close to the eyes, blocking out the view of the beautiful scenery in the distance.

[TN:* have one’s view of the important overshadowed by the trivial]

In the original work, Son Goku’s Battle Power reached a certain limit, but because of Krillin’s death, he had broken through that barrier under extreme anger; While Vegeta, who because of his strong pride wasn’t willing to be left behind Son Goku, and had broken through.

They all used strong emotions to break through the boundary of Super Saiyan.

However, Xiaya believes that it should be only one of the critical moment to break through into Super Saiyan.

Strong emotions could help a Saiyan breakthrough, but it was not the only method.

Xiaya hopes to utilize his own power to naturally break through the boundary between ordinary Saiyan and Super Saiyan.

In his view, the reliance on extreme emotions was just one of the methods to forcibly breakthrough.

However, this method was more like overdrafting in advance or to say that it is borrowing the Super Saiyan’s power, but one’s physique still wouldn’t be able to achieve the optimum level.

Super Saiyan, who relies entirely on emotions to control the transformation can get powerful strength but it has to in fact undergo enormous trials; however, it still wouldn’t be able to exhibit the true strength of Super Saiyan!

Although they were both called “Super Saiyan”,—Son Goku’s frst time Super Saiyan transformation on Planet Namek, and the Super Saiyan transformation after he returned from Planet Yerdrat—were on two completely different levels.

After staying on Planet Yardrat for more than one year, his Super Saiyan transformation, before and after he returned from Planet Yardrat, were completely different, and his mastery in “Super Saiyan” transformation was also different.

The former was achieved through anger, and there were so many times that he had excessively used his full potential.

While the latter, after returning from Planet Yardrat, was in a completely different state.

During his latter transformation, he could most likely be called as a real Super Saiyan; after all, he was able to transform with great ease, and his body didn’t have to endure any pressure from the transformation.

Although it may take much longer to accumulate in the early days, Xiaya believes that if he abandon transforming using emotions, and instead use a transformation method that uses gradually filling his body to the limit, he would definitely be more powerful after transformation.

Sufficient accumulation meant that the starting point of his transformation would be higher, resulting in a Super Saiyan state more powerful than Son Goku and the others’.

Similar to Son Goku’s Super Saiyan state after he returned from Planet Yardrat.

He was able to freely control his Super Saiyan transformation and the Ki within his body.

Now, that is a real expert!

This wasn’t just a matter of early transformation or late transformation, but increasing or decreasing the steps for transformation.

In fact, Xiaya already has his method, so he was not in a hurry to break through to Super Saiyan via emotions.

After pondering this matter for a while, Xiaya smiled at Xiling and Myers.

“You have to work harder, or I will leave you both even more far behind.”

“I want to become stronger, but I don’t know how to do it.” Myers pouted.

Her innate talent was not weak, but her Battle Power seemed to have encountered a bottleneck.

Thus, her improvement slowed down immensely.

“It may be because you are too impatient; you should relax properly by going outside for a stroll.

Life needs proper balance between work and rest, so going out into the world to train can bring better enlightenment.”

Xiaya expressed his thoughts.

“You may have said this before.

Um, it seems we really are somewhat impatient.” Xiling nodded.

“You can’t be rushed in your training.

In fact, you are already unattainable existences in the eyes of others.” As he remembered those Saiyans on Planet Hongshan who crazily worships Xiling and Myers, a smile hung on Xiaya’s face.

Xiling’s cheeks were slightly flushed as she looked at him: “I can’t control the attitudes of those ordinary people!”

“Hahaha, let’s go.

We should go back since we have been training for so long.” Xiaya laughed out loud and stepped forward, before hugging Xiling and Myers.

The two girls didn’t resist, as Xiaya launched Instant Transmission to leave.


Planet Hongshan.

Xiaya’s home.

When Xiaya and the others returned, the sky was slowly darkening, and the glow from the bright red sunset permeated the sky, resulting in a soft and beautiful sunset.

As Xiaya’s home was amply luxurious, there were several bathrooms.

Therefore, after they came back, they directly entered the bathroom.

After washing away the sweat and dust from their bodies, they put on new clothes and walked out.

“I will first go and prepare a meal.

Myers, come over and help!” Atter speaking, Xiling dragged Myers who was feeling bored towards the kitchen.

After learning on earth for a while, Xiling’s cooking skills had finally made some progress.

Xiaya looked at the two girls getting busy in the kitchen, and soon the smell of the meal being cooked wafted over.

Xiaya sat on a comfy sofa and looked at the pendulum clock on the wall with a smile: “Days like these are quite good!”


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