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The crimson energy wave hit the ground with a resounding roar, and a horrific blaze erupted very close to Turles.

A berserk whirlwind immediately followed, carrying within it a gust of swift and fierce wind blades, which caused the unripe fruits to sway wildly.

After the raging winds subsided, the smoke gradually dispersed — only leaving behind a sunken land and a charred corpse.

Madix laughed out loud and thought, “It was just killing a little monkey.” Really boring! Then, he swayed and flew back to Duke’s position.


“How was it Has that little mouse been killed”

Duke, who was lying down on a tree branch and resting, opened his eyes and casually asked Madix, who had just returned.

Madix tapped the detector beside his ear and landed next to Duke: “It was just a little guy with less than 20,000 Battle Power.

Finished him in just two-three seconds.

Hey, do you know who that guy was It was actually a Saiyan!”

“Saiyan Impossible.

How can a Saiyan have such high Battle Power” Duke froze, in disbelief at Madix words.

In the past, the strongest Saiyan on Planet Vegeta had only a little over 10,000 Battle Power.

In the eyes of genuinely strong experts, their race would only be considered as “not bad”, and they would definitely not be counted as experts.

“It really was a Saiyan.

it should be a fish that slipped through the net when Planet Vegeta was destroyed!”

“Hehe, Saiyans can’t possess that much battle Battle Power, unless…” Duke looked up at the little fruits hanging between the branches and leaves and said with a delighted look on his face: “Even a little Saiyan was able to upgrade to this level.

As expected, it seems the fruit of this Tree of Might is as magical as the legends portray.”


“Then, we will wait for King Cooler to arrive!”


We can only look at this many Tree of Might’s fruits, but we can’t try it right away; it’s really unbearable, ah!”

“Can’t help it.

These fruits are still not ripened, and even if they were ripened, do you dare eat them without King Cooler’s consent”

“Makes sense!”

Unless they no longer desire to work under Cooler, then they could pick Tree of Might’s fruits and hurriedly run away.

Otherwise, with the eyesight that Cooler possess, he would easily be able to tell if they had eaten a fruit, would he not

Temptation and life… They obviously chose the latter.

After which, they stopped talking.


Time flew by; soon one year has passed.

Armored Squadron’s Madix and Duke were still fulfilling their duty and remained beside the Tree of Might, guarding against those who sought to pry into the matters here, while on the other side of the distant starry sky, the spaceships of Slug, Cooler, and King Cold hurried towards Planet Bahert.

Meanwhile, on another planet, the atmosphere here was blistering hot as though it was on fire.

The unusual high temperature caused the airflow to become distorted, and the clouds of dust floating in the sky were extremely dry.

The scorching sun roasted the ground, causing it to split open and form rugged, snaking cracks.

The planet’s gravity was also unusually high, which caused the scattered dust flying all over to soon disperse and drop back down to the ground like nails.

In a cracked sunken depression, it was littered with air-dried, cracked rock fragments everywhere, and not far away, there were two beautiful girls attacking each other, while dripping with sweat.

Ta ta ta! Numerous afterimages, which were barely visible, appeared on the mountain cliffs and in midair.

Both girls gasped for breath, with sparkling beads of perspiration dripping down their cheeks.

The beads of sweat that were about to land on the ground were quickly turned into steam.

It was one big, and one little girl.

The big girl was almost an adult with a 1.7m tall body and amazingly long and slender limbs.

Her body looked strong and healthy, yet it did not lose its gentleness and beauty, and her exquisite and delicate face seemed to have been carefully sculpted.

The black hair behind her back was tied with a ribbon, and only a few strands of her beautiful hair were leisurely hanging down to her chest, giving her a valiant and heroic look.

The height of the smaller, petite girl was close to 1.5 m tall.

She looked delicate and pretty, but her face still retained some immaturity.

She had a kind of face that could be confused for either a “loli” and “young girl”, and this ambiguity oozed an overwhelming sense of seductiveness.

These two girls were Xiling and Myers.

Before leaving earth two years ago, they entrusted the villa in the peninsula city—to Launch to look after.

Usually, they would only go back there when they had some free time, otherwise, they spent most of their time training on this scorching planet, which had a high temperature and immense gravity.

Both of them have an unyielding personality.

After they knew that Xiaya’s Battle Power had immensely exceeded theirs, they hardened their resolves and especially sought this harsh planet for training.

In an instant two years passed, they kept training day and night.

Sometimes, they would spar while they had heavy objects on their backs.

Other times, they would train by themselves trying to challenge their own limits.

In these two years, they continued to go through this hellish bitter training, without eating a single senzu bean.

This made them feel really proud.

They applied Xiaya’s words which he had repeatedly educated them with: “No pain, no gain!”

Although they had no idea where Xiaya had learned this profound principle from, they seriously pondered upon it and found that this sentence really makes sense.

“Xiling, what’s your Battle Power” Myers asked as she wiped the beads of sweat on her cheeks.

Xiling removed the weight on her body and immediately felt the vast surging energy in her body, and she replied: “If I go all-out… about 750,000 Battle Power.

What about you”

“Wuu, My Battle Power is only 500,000.

The gap with Xiaya is getting bigger and bigger,” Myers unwillingly bit her lip.

There was no happiness on her face because her Battle Power had increased.

It was already beyond imagination for a Saiyan to increase their Battle Power by several hundreds of thousands in just two years.

However, Xiling and Myers were still not satisfied! Without comparison, there is no harm.

Although the speed at which they progressed was extremely fast, it couldn’t be compared to Xiaya’s progress speed.

“Xiaya has more than 7 million Battle Power…”

Speaking of this, they couldn’t help but sigh.

After Saiyans hit puberty, their strength will usher in a golden phase, which is an excellent opportunity for them to temper themselves.

They thought that their girls Battle Power was increasing at a considerably fast rate, but when compared with Xiaya’s Battle Power, the gap was only getting bigger and bigger.

“I really don’t know how Xiaya trains.

He obviously trains same as us! Why is his Battle Power increasing so fast Is it because we haven’t fought an actual battle” Xiling’s smoky, elegant eyebrows puckered up slightly.

She remembered the fight with the Armored Squadron; that was the first time she got seriously injured in a fight, and after she had recovered, her Battle Power had advanced by leaps and bounds.

Xiaya recounted his experiences in universe 6 to her.

The reason why his Battle Power has increased so quickly, and to such a large extent was because of the day and night fighting in the Tempering Altar.

“How about we also go and carry out a mission” Myers’ eyes lit up.

She proudly puffed out her chest and continued, “I haven’t suffered an injury, even once, since I was born!”

Xiling rolled her eyes: “Forget it; fighting is not the same as sustaining injuries.

What are you so proud of”

Myers mouth was wide open as she blinked her eyes, her beautiful little face revealing a smile.


A terrifying aura descended from the sky, without any warning, and the entire planet began to shake violently.

Xiling and Myers almost fell to the ground.

“What’s going on This formidable aura”

Xiling appeared shocked, and as she turned to look, she saw that Myers was looking pale.

They found it difficult to withstand the imposing aura that had powerful coercion.

“This is Xiaya’s Ki.

How did he suddenly become so strong” Myers shouted in disbelief.

The powerful and imposing aura made the two girls feel as though they were in the midst of turbulent waves in a vast ocean, and a little wave would easily wipe them out at any time.

This wasn’t something that 7 million Battle Power could bring about.

Did Xiaya once again made a major breakthrough

Xiling and Myers looked at each other and saw looks of shock on each other’s face.

Immediately, they dashed toward Xiaya’s direction.

Thousands of kilometers away, a barren plateau.

The imposing aura was threatening like knife blades as it ruthlessly swept out in all directions.

The fierce winds whistled, and everything in this place was crushed into dust.

Kacha! The land suddenly sunk by more than ten meters, and a huge crater, with a diameter of several hundred meters, was cracked open.

A golden flame burned brightly at the center of the enormous crater.


Xiaya’s upper body was naked, and his black hair fiercely fluttered upwards.

His body was covered in a golden flame, as numerous fragments of gravel broke away from the planet’s gravity and hovered in midair.

After a long time—

He converged his aura, and the frightening aura disappeared as everything once again turned calm.

“I still can’t break through to Super Saiyan mode; it seems I am lacking the right opportunity!” Xiaya contemplated while standing there.

In the original work, Son Goku only had 3 million Battle Power, but he broke through to Super Saiyan, whereas he has more than 7 million Battle Power, yet he hadn’t been able to break through.

“Although I haven’t broken through to Super Saiyan, I have luckily attained Pseudo Super Saiyan!” Xiaya laughed.

His Battle Power was almost 30 million in Pseudo Super Saiyan mode.

Although this increase couldn’t be compared with the one he’d gain in Super Saiyan mode, it was still very powerful.

Chapter 188 Pseudo Super Saiyan


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