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Xiaya and the two girls withdrew to give Launch and Tien Shinhan some vacant space, and after watching them, the villagers followed suit and also backed off one by one.

A spar between martial artists was very novel for them who had lived deep in the mountains for a long time.

It was akin to watching a movie; the chance was rare, and no one wanted to miss the excitement.

In the vacant space destroyed by InoShikaCho, Blonde-haired Launch swaggered over and stood facing Tien Shinhan.

As her delicate body faced the strong wind blowing among the mountains, her golden wavy hair fluttered wildly.

She looked at Tien Shinhan nonchalantly without putting up any defense, full of openings.

Still, Tien Shinhan’s expression grew much more serious.

“Hehe, this Launch can really put on airs.” Myers rolled her eyes.

Blonde-haired Launch stood there without putting up any defenses, making her appear full of openings, but a careful eye would notice that her body was currently emitting profound principles which made it more difficult for an opponent to begin their attack.

Really worthy of being taught by Korin.

Xiaya’s eyes lit up after seeing this, but there was no change in his expression, only slightly nodding.

A real martial artist moves has long become instincts, and are not like a beginner.

Every time, before they began fighting, they would assume attacking or a defensive posture!

They usually do things at their own pace and are unpredictable.

They could give their enemies problems right before the fight has started.

Facing the Blonde-haired Launch who hadn’t put up any defense, Tien Shinhan doesn’t know how to attack.

However, Xiaya knew that if Blonde-haired Launch held the advantage in strength, she wouldn’t sit back and wait for her opponent to take the initiative, instead, she would have directly attacked.

After all, in certain circumstances, attack was the best form of defense, so a martial artist should be adept at seizing the initiative!

But, if the fight gets locked in a stalemate, one would deduce that the strength of both sides was evenly matched.

As both sides weren’t assured of restraining the other, they wouldn’t dare act rashly lest they are the first party to expose weakness.

Therefore, Blond-haired Launch may have seemed nonchalant, but only the unskilled would think she wasn’t taking the fight seriously.

“This girl… is actually so strong!” As the one facing her, Tien Shinhan didn’t considered it as much as Xiaya.

His eyebrows were raised, and for the first time in his life, he had doubts about the martial arts that his master had taught him.

“Since you are not attacking, don’t blame me for not going easy on you.”

Blonde-haired Launch shouted at Tien Shinhan.

Then, her right foot stepped forward, lifting up a cloud of dust.

Suddenly, Launch swooped down like an agile bird, her movements not the slightest bit sloppy.

Bang! Tien Shinhan’s countenance suddenly changed, and he turned over his hand and began to counterattack.

In an instant, the silence between them was suddenly broken.

Both sides rushed out, attacking each other.

The villagers could only hear the sound of footsteps and the echoes of blows being traded.

As they have never witnessed martial artists spar before, the gorgeous and quick movements made by the silhouettes of both fighters were too much for the eyes of the villagers to take in.

“Launch’s imposing aura is not bad; she must have trained seriously while following Korin.” Looking at both of them fighting, Xiaya laughed and said to Xiling.

In his eyes, Blonde-haired Launch’s movements could only be considered as not bad, and not particularly outstanding.

However, only Xiaya could say this, as his experiences were fairly high.

Whether it is his strength or martial arts level, he was at a high level, and he could see through every trick of martial artists and quickly discern the openings.

But, Blonde-haired Launch was enough to be regarded as a martial artist in the eyes of the earthlings.

“Tien Shinhan’s attacking speed, although a little slower, seems to have its own style, however his moves are a little bit sinister.” Xiling casually analyzed, completely seeing through Tien Shinhan’s moves.

“That’s the martial art of Crane School, and which together with Turtle School, is a well-known martial arts school on earth!” Xiaya explained.

After Master Mutaito passed away three hundred years ago, his two disciples, Master Roshi and Master Shen, parted ways because of different thoughts.

Then, they founded the Turtle School and Crane School with their respective training methods.

Both are well-known styles of Earth martial arts, but they oppose each other and wouldn’t acknowledge each other.

They have been fighting for more than 100 years.

As Xiaya spoke, the fight between Blonde-haired Launch and Tien Shinhan continued.

They both had almost similar energy levels.

Blonde-haired Launch was using the breathing method that Korin taught her, so her aura, when fighting, was much more leisurely.

The fierce movements consumed an astonishing amount of energy, and it didn’t take long before Tien Shinhan began to pant and gradually becoming disadvantaged.

On the other hand, Blonde-haired Launch could still fight although her aura was already in disorder.

“If I continue to fight, it will only get more and more disadvantageous for me.”

Although Tien Shinhan was still young, he analyzed the situation quite maturely.

He knew that if he continued to fight, his gains wouldn’t equal his losses, so it would be better to go all out and have a final fight.

“Dodon Ray!”

Tien Shinhan pointed his index finger and shouted.

Immediately, the energy within his body coalesced, and a bright red dot appeared and flickered on his finger.

Xiu! A cold light flashed, and the crimson ray streaked through the sky.

What is this When Blonde-haired Launch saw the Dodon Ray streaking over, she was startled, and her black pupils contracted.

She bit her lips, extended her fist and resolutely smashed at the incoming laser.

Boom! The fist smashed above the tiny ray.

Dodon Ray was forcibly punched to the ground, smashing a huge crater.

“How is this possible Someone actually received the Dodon Ray head-on” Tien Shinhan’s expression was somewhat sluggish when he saw his unique skill deflected by someone without any difficulty.

The Dodon Ray was a secret technique of the Crane School, and only its direct disciples had the qualifications to learn it.

Tien Shinhan’s innate talent was very good; he hadn’t taken much time to learn Dodon Ray.

“Ah, it hurts, what the hell was that”

Blonde-haired Launch caressed her bright red fist and cursed; her whole arm still feeling numb.

She looked at Tien Shinhan and said fiercely, “Boy, what move did you use Now, you have made me angry!”

Immediately, her body turned illusory.

It was an afterimage!

“Not good!” Tien Shinhan suddenly shouted.

However, he didn’t have any strength left to react.

That Dodon Ray just now had exhausted all his strength, and he could only look on helplessly as Blonde-haired Launch’s fist smashed down.

Bang! The enormous power smashed down, like a train collided with him at a great momentum, Tien Shinhan’s body was sent flying dozens of meters away.

“Tien Shin!” Chiaotzu anxiously cried out, rushed towards Tien Shinhan and helped him up.

“Launch, you can stop!”

Xiaya hollered at Blonde-haired Launch; this caused her to stop her next attack.

The outcome of the spar was clear.

Launch and Tien Shinhan were evenly matched when it came to strength, however, Launch surpassed him in terms of skill.

After all, Korin had personally trained Blond-haired Launch for two years.

Although Korin itself wasn’t strong, the quality of its teaching was, nevertheless, one of the best.

Tien Shinhan stared listlessly at Xiaya and others in the distance, and then stood up with Chiaotzu’s support.

I have lost! Tien Shinhan shook his head and laughed bitterly.

He still couldn’t accept the fact that someone had received his “Dodon Ray” with their bare hands! After all, Dodon Ray’ was a move similar to Kamehameha.

Both were legendary techniques.

How could someone receive it using their bare hands This reality had given Tien Shinhan a huge blow.

“Young man, do you know why you lost” Xiaya walked over to Tien Shinhan.


Tien Shinhan looked over at the approaching Xiaya.

“Crane School is one of the best martial arts schools on earth.

Foundation is very important, and it can be seen from your martial arts.

You lost only because you have yet to master fighting techniques.

Although Crane School is powerful, its moves are somewhat more sinister than those of Turtle School.”

“Of course, one’s own strength is also very important.

Your Dodon Ray is very powerful, but you lack strength to exert its full power! If you want to go further on the road of Martial Arts, you might want to go and challenge Korin Tower!” Xiaya chuckled as he generously gave Tien Shinhan some advice for the sake of his future.

He turned to Chiaotzu and said: “After compensating the losses of the villagers, bring away your companion!”

“Umm!” Chiaotzu nodded fearfully.

He then threw down a bag of coins and hurriedly left with Tien Shinhan.

Xiaya watched them until they disappear in the zigzagging mountain road before he turned around.

“You seem to think quite highly of them” Xiling said to Xiaya.

“I just think that those two can become good warriors in future if they walk on the right path.” Xiaya shook his head and casually said.

“You are really strange; they’re just some earthlings.

Are they really worth so much of your attention”

“Who knows Maybe they won’t be worse than Saiyans in the future!” Xiaya joked.

He thought in his heart, “If Tien Shinhan listens to me and goes to Korin Tower for training early on, perhaps he wouldn’t chase after Son Goku’s footsteps so hard in the future, and get buried amidst the torrents of time.”


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