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Astonishingly, they were Tien Shinhan and Chiaotzu!

Tien Shinhan was in a bad mood, right now.

InoShikaCho, which had been given in their care by Master—two days ago— suddenly ran out, so he and Chiaotzu had chased it all the way here; however, they hadn’t expected that it would be killed by someone.

“Who are you Who the hell killed Master’s InoShikaCho”

Tien Shinhan gazed coldly at the four people before him.

Master’s InoShikaCho had been killed by someone.

He and Chiaotzu would definitely be held responsible.

The thought of possibly facing their master’s punishment after going back worsened Tien Shinhan’s mood.

However, Tien Shinhan had been, after all, studying under the tutelage of Master Shen for many years, so he could instinctively sense that the order side was extraordinary.

At the same time, Xiaya also sized up the two travel-worn youngsters before him who had rushed over hurriedly.

Are they Tien Shinhan and Chiaotzu This was the first time he had seen a Z-Warrior from the original work; he couldn’t help but feel a little curious.

There was still eight years to go for the story line to begin, so Tien Shinhan and Chiaotzu weren’t adult yet.

They weren’t tall, and their present Battle Power couldn’t be compared to the Battle Power they had when they appeared in the story line.

“Tien Shinhan’s current Battle Power is only 43, but it’s already amazing for him to attain this level before reaching ten years of age,” Xiaya exclaimed in his heart.

Chiaotzu also wasn’t bad.

Although he didn’t have much Battle Power at age five to six years old, both Chiaotzu and Tien Shinhan were still regarded as the best amongst their peers.

That would explain why Master Shen took them in as his pupils.

“I killed it, so what”

Myers glared, her tone haughty.

She wants to eat a roast pig, yet someone actually dared to make such irresponsible remarks.

Was he tired of living

When her gaze focused on the Tien Shinhan and Chiaotzu, an intangible, imposing aura took the shape of a whirlwind and swept out towards them, like a monstrous wave.

Tien Shinhan’s expression changed greatly as though he had been smashed in the chest by a sledgehammer, and he staggered backwards, beads of cold sweat dripping down his forehead.

“Who the hell is this brat How can she be so powerful!” Tien Shinhan could barely remain standing as he gazed at Myers in astonishment.

“Tien Shin, this person is so dangerous!”

Chiaotzu pulled at Tien Shinhan’s sleeve; even someone young like him could feel the danger.


Tien Shinhan nodded with a grave expression.

He knew that he had met his equal this time.

It seemed the little girl, who appeared to be around the same age as him, was definitely an expert! Tien Shinhan deduced in his heart.

This feeling of not being able to do anything, he had only experienced in front of his master—Master Shen.

Could it be that this little girl’s strength was already comparable to his master’s But, how was it possible His Master Shen was a martial arts expert as famous as Master Roshi, the god of martial arts!

She was so small, yet already so powerful

‘No, maybe even Master is not necessarily her opponent!’

A thought suddenly popped up in Tien Shinhan’s mind that even he didn’t dare believe in.

This terrified him.

“Enough Myers, withdraw your aura!” Xiaya stepped forward and softly shouted for her to stop.

He knew that if he didn’t stop her, she would kill Tien Shinhan, the future Z-Warrior.

“Oh!” Myers shrugged and retreated to the side, without saying anything.

The pressure enveloping Tien Shinhan and Chiaotzu vanished.

“Did you raise this InoShikaCho” Xiaya arrived in front of them and asked Tien Shinhan in an indifferent voice.

In the original work, InoShikaCho was deliberately released by Tien Shinhan and Chiaotzu so as to extort money from villagers.

“What, someone was raising the InoShikaCho Our village was destroyed by this InoShikaCho!”

“What do they want by raising InoShikaCho”

Hearing that InoShikaCho was being raised by someone, the villagers were immediately filled with resentment, and cursed.

Because of the hateful InoShikaCho, several villages nearby had been destroyed.

“Yes…” Tien Shinhan groaned in his heard and nodded, admitting.

Normally, he wouldn’t put these villagers in his eyes at all, but now that there were mysterious experts present, he could only be honest and admit.

“But, this time, it ran away by itself.” Tien Shinhan quickly added.

“Its good that you admitted it, we have already killed this InoShikaCho.

As its master, how are you going to take responsibility Launch!” Xiaya suddenly shouted.


Launch reflexively responded.

Xiaya smiled at her and said to Tien Shinhan: “As long as you can defeat my companion, and compensate the villagers for their losses then I will let you off this time.”

After listening to him, Tien Shinhan gazed at Launch and seeing that the blue-haired girl was nothing special,he nodded in agreement.

“Ok, I can spar with your companion.”

Launch, who only now understood Xiaya’s intention, repeatedly waved her hands and said: “No, no, I don’t know any martial arts!”

She proceeded to look pitifully at Xiaya.

At Korin Tower, Launch had only learned how to plant Senzu Beans.

She doesn’t know how to fight.

“You aren’t the one going to spar with him; the other Launch is.

She should also come out to exercise.” Xiaya replied to Launch.

After hearing him, Launch froze before she realized Xiaya’s intentions.

Her other-self had learned martial arts from Korin, so fighting should not be an issue.

Immediately, she said happily: “Right, why didn’t I think of it!”

She picked up a handful of hair and used them to tickle her nostrils.

Her nose immediately itched.

“Achoo!” Launch’s blue hair suddenly turned gold, and her innocent expression became fierce and intimidating; even her temperament became different.

Her persona had completely changed.

“Yi, Launch transformed” Myers wrinkled her eyebrows and looked with a curious expression.

“Double personality!” Xiling’s beautiful eyes suddenly lit up.

“Um where is this” Blonde-haired Launch looked around to discover that she was in an unfamiliar mountain village and pondered: “Could it be that my ‘other self’ was finally willing to leave that awful place!”

“Ha ha ha.

Finally got away from that awful place!” Blonde-haired Launch burst into a loud laughter, obviously delighted.

At this time, Blonde-haired Launch noticed Xiaya on the side and thought, ‘That person looks somewhat familiar.

Where have I seen him before Suddenly, she remembered… Wasn’t he the culprit who had sent her to Korin Tower

“Oh no, why is this person also here It seems that I can’t escape this time as well…”

“Why are you also here”

Blonde-haired Launch awkwardly laughed while her body sagged in defeat.

“Blonde-haired Launch, it’s been a while!” Xiaya smiled faintly and greeted.

He noticed the energy in Launch’s body begin to move after her transformation.

If the former Blue-haired Launch could only exert twenty or thirty Battle Power, then after transforming into Blonde-haired Launch, she could exert 100% of her power.

Sure enough, only the Blonde-haired Launch could exert all the power within her body.

“Tell me then, why did you have me come out” Blonde-haired Launch knew that she couldn’t escape, so she spoke impudently since a dead pig wasn’t afraid of boiling water.

“He he, I had you come out because I want to see the results of your training in these past two years.

Well, do you see that person Defeat him.

Otherwise, you understand…right” Xiaya pointed at Tien Shinhan and laughed towards Launch.

Blonde-haired Launch shuddered.

She remembered that this person had once brought her flying into the sky, and beads of cold sweat flowed down.

“Hmph, leave this guy to me!” Blonde-haired Launch spoke in a tough tone.

After that, she approached Tien Shinhan and Chiaotzu, “Boy, don’t blame me for not showing mercy.

If I don’t defeat you, then today, I would have to suffer.”

“Hmph!” Tien Shinhan’s eyebrows wriggled and he snorted as his complexion turned somewhat gloomy.

“Tien Shin…” Chiaotzu cried out.

“Don’t worry, leave it to me!” Tien Shinhan said coldly.

At this time, Tien Shinhan still hadn’t received Master Roshi’s teaching so his personality was still very gloomy.

If he wasn’t apprehensive about the several mysterious experts on the side, those who dared to speak to him in such a manner, whether they were male or female, would have long been killed by him.

“He he, this blonde-haired Launch doesn’t seem to have trained much, but she is so interesting!” Myers laughed as though she had found an interesting toy.

“The Blonde-haired Launch’s strength is about the same as that human.” Xiling lightly nodded.

Xiaya smiled as he looked at them.

In the original work, Blonde-haired Launch had always liked Tien Shinhan.

Although ultimately nothing happened between the two of them, now seeing them about to fight, he found it quite interesting!


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