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“What is a InoShikaCho Is that a wild boar”

After the tractor drove off, Myers curiously blinked her eyes.

Remembering the delicious taste of the roasted suckling pig, she couldn’t help but swallow her saliva.

“Wild boar, I don’t think it tastes that good,” Xiaya replied with a strange expression.

Just now, when the villager mentioned the name ‘InoShikaCho’, Xiaya only thought it sounded familiar.

However, when Myers mentioned a wild boar, Xiaya recalled that there was indeed a monster called InoShikaCho in the Dragon Ball World.

It was a strange creature that had been raised by Master Roshi and Master Shen when they were young and when Son Goku was on his way to train after participating in the twenty-first World Martial Arts Tournament, he encountered InoShikaCho.

At that time, it was collaborating with Tien Shinhan and Chiaotzu in deceiving the villagers.

After Tien Shinhan and Chiaotzu had InoShikaCho wreck havoc in the village, they would arrive, under the guise of “passing Martial Arts”, and help the villagers “eliminate” the dangerous InoShikaCho and receive rewards.

To put it plainly, it was a fraudulent act that was not only brilliant but also very effective.

“Whatever, let’s first go and have a look.

Maybe it would taste good” Myers blinked; her black hair fluttering in the wind.

“Fine, we will go and take a look,” Xiaya replied with a smile.

That InoShikaCho had appeared; maybe he could also see Tien Shinhan as a child.

Currently, Tien Shinhan and Chiaotzu should be training under the tutelage of Master Shen.

Although Tien Shinhan, the future Z Warrior, had a ruthless personality early on, he eventually turned over a new leaf and risked his life several times to defend earth’s peace.

Xiaya admires him quite a bit.

Unfortunately, in later battles, his strength became inconsequential, and he gradually disappeared into the currents of time.

But, he was much better than Launch, who had been buried much deeper; at least, he would often appear.

Therefore, they hastened their steps, and, in the blink of an eye, several afterimages streaked across the mountain road.

Their footsteps appeared slow, but with each step the distance shrunk.

Their single step covered tens of meters, and in the blink of an eye, they had disappeared amidst the zigzagging mountain road.

Neighbouring mountain village.

As a result of InoShikaCho’s rampage, the houses had collapsed and farms were destroyed in the village.

The strong and healthy adults of the village picked up weapons to battle with InoShikaCho.

However, they were all flung away by its brute strength, receiving severe injuries.

“Ah, that’s InoShikaCho, it looks so ugly, it certainly doesn’t seem like it would be tasty!” A crisp female voice rang out.

Myers jumped, landed atop a big tree, seven to eight meters tall, and concluded with a somewhat regretful voice—while gazing at the strange creature continuously attacking with brute strength in a farm.

InoShikaCho had dark blue skin.

It had the body of a wild boar, antlers on its head and wings similar to butterfly on its back.

Its appearance was ugly but comical.

At this time, InoShikaCho was breathing heavily while seriously injuring the charging villagers with its brute force.

“It’s really Master Shen’s InoShikaCho! Would Tien Shinhan and Chiaotzu be here as well like in the original work” Xiaya, who stood beside Myers, smiled and sized up the surroundings.

“Xiaya, is this InoShikaCho very powerful”

Since she was still unable to sense Ki, Launch couldn’t accurately determine the strength of InoShikaCho.

Myers curled her lips into a contemptuous smile: “Powerful It’s just a trash.

Its Battle Power is less than 70.

I don’t even have to attack; using KI is enough to squash it into meat pulp.”

70 Battle Power was not worth mentioning in front of Myers.

She had no need to move or touch it, and could kill InoShikaCho with just her imposing aura that had been condensed using her Ki.

This was similar to when Son Goku fighting with Frieza on Planet Namek, had only needed to stare at the ground to blow open a big hole in it and bury the dead Vegeta.

This was the usage of Ki.

“70 Battle Power, those people are no match for it.” Startled, Launch shook her head.

Her Battle Power was only a little bit over forty, and she couldn’t even exhibit 30 Battle Power in the blue-haired mode.

Xiaya smiled and glanced at Myers: “Myers, don’t show off too much, and go deal with that InoShikaCho.”

“All right!” Myers responded happily.

Her body flashed and appeared in front of InoShikaCho.

When they saw a little girl appear in front of the dangerous monster, the strong and healthy men of the village all panicked and shouted: “It’s dangerous, quickly come back!”

Myers paid no heed to the villagers’ warnings and flashed them a huge smile.

Afterward, she turned around and observed InoShikaCho with great interest.

InoShikaCho seemed to instinctively sense a threat to its life.

It responded immediately and, moving its obese body, retreated backward while panting heavily, its two front hooves rubbing against the ground.

“What’s going on Why does it seem like that InoShikaCho is afraid!” The villagers saw InoShikaCho acting frightened.

“It’s not possible, how can InoShikaCho be afraid of this little girl.”

“It’s true, look!”

The villagers rubbed their eyes in disbelief.

The InoShikaCho really was retreating in fear because of the little girl.

What happened InoShikaCho, who couldn’t even be subdued by the joint attack of dozens of adults, was unexpectedly afraid of a little girl who seemed no older than ten years.

“Hehe, let me taste the flavor of your meat.” Myers rubbed off her drool and uttered this savage words.

“Wu wu wu!”

InoShikaCho’s nerves were taut, and it continued retreating.

It flapped its butterfly wings, and tiny flying dust particles emitting faint fluorescence light immediately scattered out from above the wings.

Seizing the opportunity, InoShikaCho ran away.

“Cough, cough, what is this”

Myers waved her hand and coughed violently, her face stinging.

Suddenly, a trace of killing intent flashed through her dark eyes.

This weak little thing dared to plot against her! Myers, who wanted to show off, felt very humiliated.

She gathered a small ball of electric rays in her hand and threw it at InoShikaCho.

A sparkling ray of light streaked across the sky, and the electrified Energy wave struck the target successfully.

With a rumbling sound and a heartrending roar, InoShikaCho collapsed in a huge crater amidst a huge explosion—motionless.

With 180,000 Battle Power, Myers could casually wave her hand, and the gesture would create a violent storm that could sweep across the entire continent.

Then what would happen with an Energy wave.

When they saw that the monstrous InoShikaCho was motionless with just a casual attack of the little girl, who knows if it was dead or not, the spectating villagers were all dumbstruck and felt dizzy.

Feeling disbelief at what they were seeing, the villagers pinched their thighs! It hurts, so this really isn’t a dream!

“So powerful, this little girl, is she a legendary Martial Artist I heard that a Martial Artist is much more powerful than a normal person.”

“Yeah, yeah, I have also heard that.”

The villagers were sluggish for a while but soon broke out into a heated discussion.

Regarding Myers, who had eliminated the InoShikaCho, they directly assigned her the identity of a martial artist.

From their understanding, only martial artists could wield such strength.

“Well, Launch, can you help me make this InoShikaCho into a dish I want to taste it.”

Myers asked Launch.

She was obviously one year younger than Launch, however she seems to ignore it.


Launch answered with a happy smile.

At this time, due to the noise of the previous explosion, two figures in the distance came over to look.

When they saw the dead InoShikaCho lying in a crater, its whole body exuding black smoke, their faces greatly changed, and they hurriedly ran over.

“Who are you people Who the hell killed Master’s InoShikaCho”

The two people weren’t tall.

They were dressed in green martial arts clothing, with hats on their heads.

Chapter 179 Who killed InoShikaCho


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