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Xiaya accompanied Xiling and Myers in finishing the meal and naturally got up to settle the bill, as he had joined them in the middle.

Once he paid the bill, he led them out of the restaurant.

“Hey, hey, Xiaya; you had been gone for such a long time to search for the super dragon balls.

Did you already find all of them” Myers asked with shining eyes.

“Tell me… ” Xiaya answered her question with another question: “Earth is really far from Planet Hongshan, so why did you run all the way here to play”

“Hehe, I heard you say the food on earth was delicious, wouldn’t it have been a pity not to come here and eat” Myers patted her bulging stomach and laughed mischievously.

Xiaya gave a disdainful look at her reply.

The brat had somehow mixed what is important and what is not.

Although Saiyans loves delicious food, they had no need to go somewhere far away, i.e.

earth, for delicious food.

They were better off spending the time to train more, and amass a little more strength.

Xiaya switched his gaze to Xiling.

“Myers wanted to come, and since I also haven’t been to Earth for many years, I thought I’d come by.” Xiling smiled, her bright eyes looking around charmingly.

A light breeze blew and caused a lock of her beautiful silky hair to flutter.

For a moment, Xiaya stared blankly.

He suddenly realized that Xiling was now a 16-year-old girl.

“What is it” Xiling caught Xiaya staring at her in daze and asked.

“Nothing!” Xiaya shook his head and changed the subject: “This time I brought back something good from the outside and have especially come over to give it to you.”

Speaking, Xiaya took out the two containers containing the Fountain of Youth and handed them over to Xiling and Myers.

“Here are two portions of Fountain of Youth, drinking it will extend your lifespan.”

“It is so magical” Taking it, Myers scrutinized the glass container filled with Fountain of Youth in her hand.

Under the sunlight, the glass container exuded azure beams of light; It was very beautiful.

She unscrewed the lid, drank it all in one gulp and smacked her lips, “It tastes the same as ordinary spring water.

There doesn’t seem to be anything special about it!”

She concluded with a disgusted expression on her face.

Does she think it is delicious food

“Do you think this is food and want it to have delicious taste… Do you know that what you drank just now, is something Frieza wants to get even in his dreams.” Xiaya angrily knocked her on the head.

In the future, what did Frieza attack Planet Namek for Wasn’t it to achieve immortality using dragon balls If Frieza found out that Myers drank a mouthful of the Fountain of Youth and complained about its taste, he may just run over personally and skin her alive.

Myers stuck her tongue out and immediately dodged to the side.

“This brat…” Xiaya looked at little girl in front of him, who seemed to be around 8 to 9 years old, and couldn’t help smiling and shake his head.

The peach blossoms along the bluestone path were in full bloom.

In the distance, the clear buy sea connected to the sky, resulting in a beautiful sparkling scenery.

The sea breeze blew gently, carrying moisture within.

“Xiaya, how about we buy a house here” Xiling suddenly suggested.

Xiaya stopped and looked at her curiously.

“Sure, the view here is very good, and it is quite suitable for living.

When you were a child, you also suggested building a house here… ”

When she was a child, Xiling had also suggested building a house here.

However, they had to return to Planet Vegeta, so they couldn’t achieve it.

Unexpectedly, she still remembered, and Xiaya, of course, agreed to her suggestion.

Moreover, it was not far from Master Roshi’s residence—The Kame House.

So, it was likely that they’d come across something interesting in future.

“Good, good, we’d then be able to eat earth’s food more often in future.” Myers exclaimed.

As she thought of how she could eat earth’s food whenever she wants in future, she seemed to become hungry once again.

Is there anyone else like her in the world…

Xiaya laughed, and took out two cards from his pocket, handing them over, “These two are credit cards from Capsule Corporation.

If you need to buy or eat anything, you can go ahead and use it!”

His wealth wasn’t just average, after all.

The Hoi-Poi Capsule industry has already opened its doors in the East Area trading planets, and its daily earnings was an astronomical figure.

Of course, Bulma’s family has also benefited from it quite considerably.

Capsule Corporation’s reputation was rapidly becoming a household name in the universe.

But, no one knew that Capsule Corporation had its headquarters on this small planet, earth.


In the quiet afternoon, the sun was not scorching, and cool winds blew past the ears.

Amidst the clouds, Xiaya’s figure flashed like a lightning bolt.

He swiftly passed by the green mountains and rivers below him.

In the blink of an eye, Xiaya had arrived at the Sacred Land of Korin in the northern hemisphere.

After purchasing a mansion in the peninsula city near the coast, Xiaya came to the far-away Sacred Land of Korin by himself — without a care for Xiling and Myers who had became addicted to shopping.

When the Korin Tower, which was connected with heaven and earth, appeared on the horizon, Xiaya accelerated and soared high up into the sky.

Leaving behind a long blazing tail, he suddenly did a ninety-degree turn and turned into a black spot—disappearing from the horizon.

On the Korin Tower.

Standing in front of a water jar, Korin looked down at the scenes of the human world.

Suddenly, a gust of strong wind blew, and a silhouette appeared in front of it.

“Ahhh, Xiaya, when did you come” Korin looked at the new arrival and raised its paw to greet him.

It was already immune to Xiaya’s method of arriving and departing like a ghost.

“Just arrived on earth not too long ago, I then immediately came up to take a look.”

Xiaya smiled faintly and looked around but didn’t see Launch.

He felt surprised and asked: “where’s Launch, how come I don’t see her”

Korin stroked its whiskers and walked over with its cane.

It took a fish out of a water jar and ate it.

“Launch took the Flying Nimbus and went shopping in the mortal world; she should be returning soon.”

Launch, Flying Nimbus!

Two unrelated words popped into his mind.

Xiaya was slightly surprised, but then he couldn’t help but smile.

It was no surprise that a pure-hearted girl like Launch could sit on the Flying Nimbus.

In the original work, Launch was brought back by Son Goku and Krillin, precisely riding a Flying Nimbus.

“Oh, by the way, what about blonde-state Launch Did she tried to run away” Xiaya asked.

“How could she not have… She always want to run away after some time has passed!” Korin revealed a faint smile.

“But every time blonde Launch secretly escapes, it wouldn’t take long before the blue-haired Launch would come back on the Flying Nimbus.

She has already escaped more than a few times.”

“Ha ha ha!” Xiaya laughed once he heard this.

At this time, the blonde Launch must be blaming her other self; how could the blue-haired Launch be so obedient! With the Flying Nimbus, the blonde Launch would still came back, no matter how far she runs away.

Xiaya and Korin continued chatting.

After some time, they saw the blue-haired Launch come back on the Flying Nimbus, carrying a container of fresh ingredients.

“Ah, Xiaya, when did you come back!” Upon seeing Xiaya, Launch was happy and jumped down from the Flying Nimbus.

“I just arrived! Oh, oh, not bad.

You are much more lively than before!” Xiaya commented upon noticing her cheery disposition and reached out his hand to stroke her blue hair.

The 10-year-old Launch seemed delicate and lovely, and she was now almost as tall as Xiaya’s shoulder.

“Hmm Launch’s strength is not bad, Battle Power is almost 40!” Xiaya praised.

Normal adult earthling possess Battle Power in a single digit and only a small number of Martial Artists could break through to double digits, i.e.

King Chappa, who was regarded as the champion of the World Martial Arts Tournament, had a Battle Power between eighty to ninety.

However, Launch had already achieved so much at a young age; it was indeed amazing.

Chapter 175 Again seeing Launch


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