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Xiaya’s figure briefly appeared on the Sacred World of the Kai—which was on the other side of Universe 7’s membrane—and without stopping, disappeared again using Instant Transmission.

Xiaya had obtained a great harvest on this trip to Universe 6.

Not only he could temper himself while searching for the super dragon balls, but he also obtained the ability to create dragon balls and was able to create the powerful crystal dragon balls with the divine tree’s branch.

Xiaya’s Battle Power had rapidly increased from 700,000 to 3 million in just one year.

 Remarkably, he also solidified his foundation through both fighting and training.

Moreover, he had surprisingly also obtained a small jar of the Fountain of Youth from the Universe 6’s King Kai.

Although it was only enough for 20 to 30 people, a mouthful would extend a life for hundreds of years.

Xiling and others would surely be delighted.

The thought made Xiaya smile.

Then, in an instant, Xiaya appeared on Planet Hongshan.

He had been away for a year, but no major changes occurred on Planet Hongshan.

However, the number of powerful auras on Planet Hongshan had increased, especially those from the special battle squadron—their strength has been steadily rising.

The special battle squadron was established four years ago, and some of its older members—Shaque, and the others—had already become adult and are the core strength of Planet Hongshan.

“Hehe, Planet Hongshan’s Saiyans are getting stronger and stronger.

Now, they can be the pillar of the race.” A wave of accomplishment filled Xiaya’s heart upon discerning the powerful auras on planet.

The number of Super Warriors currently on Planet Hongshan was minuscule.

This was because 100,000 was an enormous barrier, and only few Saiyans could break through it.

For most Saiyans, the Elite Warrior’s 10,000 Battle Power threshold was an insurmountable chasm.

Although Saiyans claim that they are a Fighting Race, their overall strength was considered meager compared to others in the universe.

Many races in the universe considers Battle Power of 1,000 quite amazing.

In comparison, Saiyans who have around 10,000 Battle Power, easily stands out, and even the Saiyans of Planet Vegeta’s period were more powerful than most of the civilizations in the universe.

Therefore, they are a Fighting Race.

However, this didn’t mean that Saiyans could breakthrough infinitely; after all, the power of their bloodline is an important factor restraining their growth.

Even if Xiaya imparts the Ki training method to the Saiyans, it wouldn’t make much difference at low level.

However, the advantages of bloodline would become prominent again, once they attained a high level—above 10,000 Battle Power.

Normal Saiyans could attain Elite Warrior through training, but it was difficult for Elite Warriors to break through 100,000 Battle Power to become Super Warrior.

An people in his past life has said; “Geniuses are 99% effort and 1% talent”, and that 1% often plays a decisive role!

There were currently only a few Saiyans, including Xiaya, at the Super Warrior level.

Xiaya concealed his aura and took a walk in a city on Planet Hongshan.

The prosperous and bustling scenes made it seem like a civilization had been re-established.

Xiaya nodded with satisfaction and proceeded towards Adri’s home.

I have not been home for a year; Xiling and the others may not have obediently stayed at his place.

Upon arriving at Adri’s doorstep, Xiaya hadn’t knocked at the door yet and he sensed auras of three people inside.

Two auras belonged to Adri and Rebecca, and the last miniscule one belonged to Xiling’s younger brother, Laret!

Xiaya was surprised that Xiling and the others weren’t here.

“Knock, Knock”, he knocked on the door.

Soon, the door opened and a boy, who seemed strong but honest, ran out.

The boy was only two years old, and upon seeing Xiaya, he asked with vigilance: “Who are you Why have you come to our home”

“Haha, I am Xiaya, your older brother!” Xiaya reached to pet boy’s head, out of habit, but the boy ran back inside the house, without sparing Xiaya another glance.

“Father, mother, someone just arrived and claims to be my older brother…” The boy’s child-like voice echoed out.

Seeming unperturbed, Xiaya laughed, withdrew his hand which was left hanging in air and immediately entered the house.

Although Saiyan children began to remember things very early and are quite mature, Xiaya has, after all, left for more than a year, and it is normal for Laret to have forgotten him.

“Ah, Little Ya, you are back.

Are you done with everything” Rebecca came out and upon seeing Xiaya, greeted him with surprise.

“Um, it’s finished.”

Xiaya replied with a smile and then greeted Adri—who was reading a newspaper.

He looked around, noting the absence of Xiling and Myers, asked: “Xiling and Myers, why haven’t I seen them”

Rebecca, who was arranging a table, replied: “Since those girls learned Instant Transmission, they haven’t been to sit still.

Right now, who knows what planet they’ve ran to again.”

“Umm!” Xiaya nodded.

With their current battle power, he had no worries regarding their safety—as long as they didn’t provoke any hidden “expert”.

Not to mention, chances of them running into such an expert in Universe 7 was minuscule.

“Little Ya, your aura seems different!” Rebecca exclaimed as she noticed Xiaya’s aura while picking up her son Laret.

“Yeah, Little Ya became stronger again,” Adri spoke with a seriousness and confidence.

Not having seen him for an year, Adri’s Battle Power had broke through to 100,000.

He had become a Super Warrior, only inferior to Xiaya, Xiling, Myers, and Bardock.

He was more certain than Rebecca, due to his discerning eyes and Ki perception.

“Hehe, it’s like this…” Xiaya proceeded to recount his experiences in Universe 6 to them.

When they learned that Xiaya’s Battle Power had already reached three million, Adri and Rebecca were dumbfounded, and it took them a while to respond.

“Three million Battle Power… Three million Battle Power! This strength is unprecedented in our Saiyan race!” Adri was thrilled and his eyes sparkled with a fervent light.

Right from the time they followed Xiaya to Planet Hongshan, Adri had been sure the Saiyan race would develop rapidly, and Xiaya’s breakthroughs further increased his certainty.

However, he hadn’t expected that day to arrive this fast.

Just four years after coming to Planet Hongshan, a Super Warrior, with more than three million Battle Power, had appeared among the Saiyans!

Xiaya would easily able to become a Super Saiyan, and as long as he continued to grow, the Saiyan race wouldn’t need to fear Frieza and others again! They could rush to East Area and create a place for themselves, like before.

Moreover, as long as the Saiyan’s strength accumulates to a certain degree—-that would be the day the Frost Demon race goes extinct.

Adri thought in his heart.

“Right, look!” Xiaya’s finger slashed through the air, and seven spherical, gem-like emerald stones appeared which were sparkling with green light.

These were the crystal dragon balls in their adjustment period.

“These are the dragon balls I made.

As I have just made a wish, they are still in the “stone state”.

I want to hide them in a special place, so they can absorb the energy on the planet,” Xiaya said.

“These are dragon balls”

Adri and Rebecca took the dragon balls and studied them curiously for a while, and weighed them in their hands.

Xiaya proceeded to warn them: “You must pay attention; don’t let them be taken away by others.

Also, you absolutely can’t let slip the information out that Saiyans possess dragon balls.”

Dragon balls… these things, which could fulfill wishes, were very attractive.

Once the news of its appearance leaked, it would bring about a disaster to the Saiyans.

Saiyans can have such a divine object.

This made Adri thrilled.


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