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“These seven dragon balls are quite unique and look different from traditional dragon balls!”

Since Xiaya, the creator of these dragon balls, didn’t have the traditional thinking of the Dragon Clan and adding the influence of his space-time ability, the dragon balls appeared extraordinarily refined and looked different.

Xiaya looked at the dragon balls in his hand and faintly smiled.

He wasn’t the least bit bothered.

As long as their function was similar, then, appearance was only secondary!

He placed the seven dragon balls on the ground, and they, after reacting to each other, immediately flickered and lit up.

“Lafuli, you should summon Shenron.

The incantation is ‘Come forth, Shenron’!” Xiaya returned to the crowd and instructed Lafuli who had a curious expression on her face.

The incantation Xiaya had set up was in the language of his previous life.

Since the creator of dragon balls needed to maintain the existence of dragon balls, they couldn’t summon Shenron directly.

It was here the question comes about the number of times dragon balls should be used.

On one hand, the existence of dragon balls balances out the negative energy in the universe and creates miracles; on the other hand, they disturbs the natural order to a certain extent.

Therefore, dragon balls had some limits on how much they should be used.

Once dragon balls fulfill a wish, there would be a period of adjustment.

At that time, they would turn into ordinary stones because their energy had been exhausted.

They would only revert back to being dragon balls after absorbing enough energy.

This adjustment period was related to the size of the planet where the dragon balls were scattered, and also the ability of the creator.

The bigger the planet is, the more energy it can absorb, and the shorter the adjustment period will be.

At the same time, if the ability of the dragon ball’s creator is good enough, then the recovery time of dragon balls will be shorter.

Regarding this point, the super dragon balls created personally by Dragon God, Zalama, were—without a doubt—the best.

They were scattered across two universes and absorbs the essences of both..

Following these is Planet Namek’s dragon balls created by Planet Namek’s Great Elder.

The dragon balls of Planet Namek were very powerful because of the enormous size of the planet, and the special ability of its Great Elder.

Next are the dragon balls of Earth which were created by Dende and Kami.

But now, after the super dragon balls, the next best dragon balls should be the crystal dragon balls created by Xiaya.

Because the ability of the crystal dragon ball’s creator, Xiaya, was sufficiently powerful.

After the crystal dragon balls fulfills the wish, they would be scattered across the range of a helix-shaped galaxy; therefore, the energy that could be absorbed would be sufficiently large.

Returning to the topic, as dragon balls are objects that disturbs the natural order.

No matter how divine, they are unable to break away from the laws of the universe.

If they are used too often, and used for something too great, they would trigger a counterattack from the natural laws.

Therefore, it is necessary to use the ability of their creator as a bridge to maintain the existence of the dragon ball itself.

Therefore, dragon balls, generally, cannot be used by their creator to make wish for themselves; furthermore, their use should be limited.

Once their use exceeds the limit their creators can bear, a huge counterattack from the universe will be triggered, and this will result in a disaster.

Lafuli nodded and complied.

Due to her trust in Xiaya, she didn’t think too much and walked enthusiastically to the front of the seven crystal dragon balls, at the center of the square.

She took a deep breath while looking at the dragon balls, which shone with bright lights, and shouted out the incantation that Xiaya instructed her to.

“Come forth, Shenron!”

Lafuli shouted out loud in Chinese language; it was language from Xiaya’s past life.

No one in the dragon ball world would knew what the sentence means, neither could they use a translation device to analyze the language structure—via words and expressions commonly used daily.

Since she had never spoken Chinese before, Lafuli’s tone was a bit weird, akin to foreigners who just learned to speak Chinese, and this caused Xiaya to smile with nostalgia

In dragon ball world, only he understood this “native language”.


As soon as Lafuli’s voice echoed, the color of the sky immediately changed.

Large groups of clouds floated over from the distant horizon—not dark clouds, but golden clouds.

Soon, the golden clouds covered the morning sun and shrouded the entire Planet Yedola’s skies with magical clouds—as if a god about to descend to the mortal world.

Right after that, thunder began to erupt.

The deafening bangs of thunder were akin to a war drum echoing loudly—gradually transmitting from far away!

At the same time, the dragon balls, which shone with golden lights, got bigger and bigger; brighter and brighter—in concert with the blue lightning in the sky.

“The summoning scene of these crystal dragon balls is completely different from that of the earth’s dragon balls.” Xiaya smiled as he commented in his heart.

“Roarrrr!!” A dragon’s roar resounded throughout heaven and earth.

Suddenly, the seven crystal dragon balls emitted a large number of golden light rays which then soared towards the sky, before charging, directly, through the golden magic clouds and into the atmosphere.

Roar! Another loud dragon roar rumbled outside the planet, and a golden shadow was projected down through the atmosphere.

Xiaya frowned and quietly followed the golden light’s trail with his eyes.

He calculated the build of this Shenron in his mind.

Looking from here, the Shenron he created seemed a little too big.

Hu hu, the shadow gradually become larger.

It was as though a huge meteorite was on course to strike the planet, and the golden magical clouds that suffused the horizon were suddenly swept away.

In the sky, a huge silhouette gradually became clear.

Shenron had appeared!

Xiaya whispered in his heart and raised his head.

However, the enormous shadow he discovered, blotting out the sun as though it was going to collide with the planet, was only the massive head of the five-clawed golden dragon, and Shenron’s body was still outside the atmosphere.

Its head is extremely huge, like an enormous mountain range, and spanned the distance between heaven and earth.

If one looked at the golden scales from a high altitude, the scales would seem as enormous as a mountain.

Gradually, the magic clouds were burned away by the fiery aura around Shenron’s body, and Shenron’s golden body in the distance became vaguely visible.

The gigantic Shenron had a sacred, mighty and noble aura—similar to a Super Saiyan’s seething aura.

Its physique alone was enough to completely surround a planet.

“That… that’s the Shenron carved by Sir Xiaya!” Looking at the huge Shenron, which blotted out the sun as though it was a giant beast from primeval times, Lafuli swallowed her saliva—extremely shocked.


“What divine beast is this Its so big, and its entire body burns with golden flames; I have never seen such a noble creature before…”

“I heard that this Shenron is something that Sir Xiaya summoned, to help us rescue those sisters who were stranded in the universe.”


The elf girls discussed enthusiastically.

They were all scared by the enormous Shenron; however, since Shenron’s Model was made using the branch of the Mother Goddess divine tree, these girls have a familiar feeling with the celestial Shenron.

Is Sir Xiaya a god How else could he summon such a holy divine beast!

Shenron, burning with a golden aura, lowered its head and looked down at the people below.

Its enormous mouth exhaled a stream of air, and its booming voice boomed throughout heaven and the earth: “People who have collected all seven dragon balls, speak thy wish—no matter what it is.

However, it can only be one!”

Lafuli jolted out of her reverie.

With Xiaya’s encouragement, she raised her head and made a wish to Shenron—in words that Xiaya had instructed her with: “Great Shenron, bring back my sisters who are stranded outside Planet Yedola, suffering hardships!”

After making her wish, Lafuli proceeded to watch carefully, with an expectant look in her eyes.

Golden-Flame Shenron’s blood-red eyes sparkled.

It remained silent for a while before saying: “This wish is easy!” Then, immediately, Shenron’s eyes glowed red.

As the dragon’s eyes shone with a horrifying red light, Lafuli’s wish was fulfilled under the effect of the Dragon God’s power.

At this time, numerous beautiful figures appeared on Planet Yedola.

These girls wore crumbling clothing that barely covered their bodies.

They had obviously suffered all kinds of grievances outside.

“Thy wish has been fulfilled!”

After the Golden-Flame Shenron finished speaking, it noticed Xiaya and respectfully said: “Mighty creator, I will excuse myself!”

“Umm!” Xiaya gave a brief nod.


The golden magical clouds on the horizon disappeared, and the giant Flame Shenron changed back into beams of light.

These beams of light turned back into the seven crystal dragon balls.

They were just about to fly toward the universe—their range, precisely, the helix-shaped galaxy.

“This is Universe 6, I can’t let you fly away!” Upon seeing this, Xiaya jumped lightly and caught the dragon balls before they could fly away, and kept them in the dimensional space.

After l return to Universe 7, I will release them on Planet Hongshan.

The adjustment period of these crystal dragon balls is also one year, and they have to absorb energy from outside to recover.

He then glanced at Lafuli and others—who were hugging and crying below—smiled, turned and used Instant Transmission to leave.

From this moment, on Planet Yedola, besides the mother goddess, the legends of Shenron would also be worshipped.


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