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“Young man, since you have run over to Universe 6 for collecting the wishing beads manufactured by Dragon God Zalama, it means that you have already collected the several wishing beads in the Universe 7.

Then, I’ll do a good deed and help you in sending these wishing beads to Universe 7!”

“And it just happens that I also want to see the power of the wishing beads!” Vados said coldly.


Hearing that Vados was willing to help him send the super dragon balls to Universe 7, Xiaya was somewhat surprised, but then he couldn’t help but become delighted.

He was worried about how to move these super dragon balls back.

Since Vados was willing to help, it couldn’t possibly be better.

As for whether Vados will steal his super dragon balls or not, Xiaya wasn’t worried at all because he knows that angel race was completely neutral and will not become greedy because of the super dragon balls.

Just like when God of Destruction Beerus and Whis in the original work obtained the super dragon balls.

Their vision was high and didn’t put super dragon balls in their eyes at all.

This pure and simple thinking also makes people kneel down in worship!

Immediately, Xiaya remembered something and spoke to Vados: “Miss…”

“Call me Vados,” Vados spoke indifferently.

“Miss Vados, can you help me move the wishing beads here from Universe 7, I want to summon Super Shenron here!” To make Vados understand, Xiaya also called the super dragon ball as wishing beads.

The reason why he asked Vados to move the super dragon balls to Universe 6, firstly it is that when he would summon Super Shenron, its aura might alarm Universe 7’s Whis and slumbering God of Destruction Beerus; And secondly, Xiaya thought of Lafuli and others.

They still have a lot of people scattered to different parts of the universe.

If he stays in Universe 6, after making a wish with super dragon balls, maybe he can also help them.

“You want to use the wishing beads in Universe 6” Vados glanced at him with a surprised look.

Unexpectedly, this Saiyan youngster’s heart is quite big, he actually wants to use the wishing beads in the “enemy” lair.

“Yes!” said Xiaya.

“In that case, come and stand by my side.

I will take you back to Universe 7 to get those several wishing beads.” Vados waved the scepter in her hand, and a slight breeze brushed past the lower hem of her robe making clear rustling sounds.

“Um,” Xiaya answered, and then he stepped forward, coming to Vados’s side and put his hand on her shoulder.

A whiff of fresh and delicate fragrance assaulted his nostrils.

Xiaya raised his eyebrows and quickly turned his face to the other side.

Vados calmly glanced at Xiaya and slightly nodded.

Then, she tapped the scepter in her hand down twice in the void.

Immediately, colourful lights hurriedly soared into the sky.

The brilliant colors were dazzling like fireworks, instantly bringing Vados and Xiaya towards Universe 7.

Inside a passageway formed by colourful lights, various kinds of sparkling and translucent colors flashed, unable to see forward or backward.

It was exactly like the space-time wormholes in science fiction novels which connects two extremely far-away places.

Only Vados’ traveling method was even more outrageous, directly crossing between two universes.

Xiu! A few minutes later, the colorful lights suddenly disappeared, and the surroundings turned into deep and quiet, dark space.

In the distance, a blazing star was burning and raging, continuously emitting brilliant rays and heat to the surroundings.

Xiaya and Vados were suspended in the space.

Who knows what magic Vados used, even though he was in the vacuum of the universe, Xiaya could still breathe clean air.

“Where did you place those wishing beads after finding them” Vados asked.

“Hold on, l will look!”

Xiaya sensed and Universe 7’s star chart appeared in his mind and then he looked up for the four super dragon balls that he had hidden away.

To prevent someone from finding the four super dragon balls when he was not here, Xiaya hid the four super dragon balls away far away from all the galaxies in the middle of darkness.

“Miss Vados, I will then use Instant Transmission!” said Xiaya.

In moving aspect, Vados’s teleport method can disregard space and material and even transporting a giant planet is a piece of cake but it takes too much time, while Xiaya’s Instant Transmission was somewhat superior in this aspect.

“OK!” Vados lightly smiled and nodded, her beautiful eyes revealing curiosity.

Upon seeing her showing a wisp of a smile, Xiaya suddenly felt that Vados was not so difficult to get along with.

Then, he closed his eyes and launched Instant Transmission.

Whoosh! Xiaya and Vados appeared where he had hidden the super dragon balls.

There were no stars here, and milky way galaxy and other galaxies were extremely far away from here.

This was the most spacious place in the Universe 7.

In the dark and empty space, only four giant super-dragon balls were glowing with faint orange lights, shimmering and shining, rhythmically flickering.

“Um, so these are Universe 7’s wishing beads.

Then, I’ll take care of it next!”

Vados’s cold voice sounded.

Then, she waved the scepter in her hand, and the four super dragon balls hovering motionlessly in the distance suddenly moved, as if someone had used invisible hands to push them from behind, slowly moving.

Then with a swish, colorful rays of light swiftly spread out and instantly drowned the four super-dragon balls.

“Let’s go!” An indifferent voice sounded.

Vados easily crossed the barrier between the universes and once again returned to Universe 6 with Xiaya.

Then under Xiaya’s directions, the seven super dragon balls were finally gathered together.

At this time, the seven giant dragon balls were lined up together in the vast expanse of space, presenting a magnificent sight.

“Buzz buzz buzz!” Gathered together, the seven super-dragon balls immediately were as if they were being pulled.

The frequency of light rays flickering became more and more frequent.

Every time they flickered, they gave off light roaring sounds similar to Shenron’s.

“Begin!” Vados retreated to the side, and looked on from far away with the help of her scepter, her delicate face revealing a hint of curiosity.

Xiaya nodded and took a deep breath, then shouted loudly in “Divine Language”:

“Come forth, Divine Dragon!”

Vados in the distance, at this time, glanced at him in astonishment.

This Saiyan youngster has already given her numerous surprises since the beginning.

Unexpectedly, he even knows the divine Language of the Gods.

As Xiaya’s voice fell, the seven super dragons ball turned silent, and the golden flashes also didn’t appear anymore.

This was the final calm before Shenron appears.

It’s like how it would take a long time for a storm to brew!

After a long period of silence, several thundering sounds appeared in the universe.

As if they were the claps of thunder that have come from the ancient beginning of times.

Boundless sacred aura instantly pervaded the countless galaxies.

The super dragon balls which were as big as a planet shone with golden radiance.

Moreover, they grew more and more, bigger and brighter, and soon they burst into infinite brilliance like a star.

A bolt of golden lightning came out from between the super dragon balls, turned around and suffused the outer space.

Immediately, the whole universe seemed to change colors.

It was a vast, sacred and an extremely magnificent scene!

Golden magical clouds spread out throughout the galaxies, and all the stars were immersed in a golden sea.


The seven super-dragon balls suddenly emitted a huge amount of golden lights.

Golden light soared seperntinely towards the depths of the universe.

A loud dragon roar resounded throughout the universe.

Xiaya knew that Shenron is about to appear.

Rumble! Rumble!!!

Super Shenron’s golden body appeared.

It was a divine dragon with two wings.

It has a slender figure and sturdy physique like of a “Winged Dragon” in ancient myth.

After Super Shenron appeared, its body began to enlarge rapidly.

From star-size, it started to expand and soon, even its crimson eyes were as large as stars, and then it continued to grow.

Opening both wings, it turned into the size of a galaxy and later continued to expand…

“Its appearing scene is really imposing!”

Seeing this scene, Xiaya’s voice was somewhat quivering.

Super Shenron’s size was too monstrous.

Roarrrr!! A dragon roar intimidating the universe sounded.

Super Shenron suddenly opened its heaven swallowing enormous mouth, and swallowed the huge galaxy where Xiaya and Vados were in, and then continued to expand until each of its scales grew to the size of a galaxy.

The complete form of Super Shenron finally appeared.

At this time, the whole Universe 6 seemed to become Super Shenron’s swimming pool to swim around as much as it like.

Numerous helix-shaped galaxies whose size was comparable to the scales on Super Shenron’s body floated around it like dust.

Super Shenron’s size was too shocking!


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