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“This is the fifth level of the Tempering Altar…” When Xiaya passed through the bridge between the fourth and fifth level, and set foot on the last level of the Tempering Altar, he sighed in his heart.

Unlike the previous levels, the fifth level of the Tempering Altar was not only smaller than the size of the former levels, but it was also empty, with nothing in it.

As far as his eyes could see, the vast and never-ending area doesn’t have even a single thing.

Smooth as if it was leveled with a blade.

Looking up, he could see a huge dark orange crystal planet floating high up in the air, about 10,000 kilometers above the ground.

Its huge size brings a kind of spiritual oppression on people!

“The last super dragon ball is already in sight.

As long as I can get it, I can summon the Super Shenron!” Xiaya’s black eyes shone with excitement.

A shadow swayed, and left behind an afterimage in its place.

Like a flash of lightning, his body flew towards the super dragon ball.

There was still some distance between super dragon ball and the highest point of the altar, but at Xiaya’s speed, it was only a matter of seconds.

Thump, there was a buzzing sound.

His body rebounded as if colliding with something.

The rebound was very gentle.

It didn’t appear to be a hard obtstruction, and thus did not cause any harm to Xiaya.

“Oh, it seems that something is wrapped around the super-dragon ball.” Flying around the super dragon ball, he discovered a layer of transparent membrane around the super dragon ball.

If he can’t get rid of this membrane, he can’t obtain the super dragon ball.

“Finally, I have reached the end.

How can I let all my previous efforts go to waste Let’s see if I can blast it open!” Xiaya pondered before nodding his head.

Immediately, he used the Energy Wave, intending to blast it open.


A bright energy wave streaked across the sky, bombarding towards the surface of the super dragon ball, but it was suddenly destroyed a few meters away from the super dragon ball as if it had struck an impenetrable iron plate.

The energy wave transformed into chaotic energy, and dispersed in all directions before disappearing into nothingness in the blink of an eye.

But the membrane held firm.

Upon seeing this, Xiaya slightly pursued his eyebrows, and then increased the energy output before once again bombarding towards the super dragon ball.

Rumble, the energy wave hit the membrane, and the vast and majestic energy was once again destroyed before disappearing while the super dragon ball didn’t even move an inch.

“This is somewhat difficult.

The surface of the super-dragon ball is wrapped in a layer of a special substance.

If I can’t break it, I can’t get the super dragon ball!” Xiaya’s complexion sank.

He has already used 70 percent of his strength just now, but the result was still no good.

This is obviously the final checkpoint of the test that Vados set up.

Before, if it was a test of tempering his strength, then this is a test of his abilities.

He cannot crack it solely by relying on brute force.

Xiaya sat down cross-legged and inwardly pondered on how to crack the film.

If brute force cannot be used, what other methods can he use to get the super dragon ball

Vados enshrined the super dragon ball here.

It’s impossible that it is just to tease him.

There must be some way to take it away.

Xiaya pondered, if Vados placed the super dragon ball here, then there must be a way to take it away.

But how

If it was Vados herself, what method would she use Xiaya reversed his thinking.

At times, it is essential to change your train of thought.

He pondered from Vados’ perspective, how did she transfer the super dragon ball here, then it can be taken away by using the same way.

Suddenly, a bright light flashed in his brain, like a thunderbolt in the clear sky, and instantly Xiaya’s thoughts became clear.

It was like drinking a bottle of chilled cold drink in the dog days, his entire body covered in coolness.

[TL: Dog days: the hottest period of the year.]

Space-time ability!

Xiaya suddenly realized.

Vados had clearly used space-time ability to shift the super-dragon ball.

And this membrane blocking him from taking away the super dragon ball is quite possibly formed from space-time ability.

In an instant, Xiaya’s eyes shone with a bright light.

Lightly placing his hands on the membrane that was only a few meters away from the super-dragon ball, he could clearly feel a layer of smooth, glass-like substance, cool and somewhat elastic.

“Sure enough, it is formed of space-time ability!” From the soft membrane’s surface, he felt the traces of space-time ability.

Xiaya let out a long sigh of relief, and then a confident smile emerged on his handsome face.

As long as he knows the fundamental principle, then the rest is easier to handle!

After taking a deep breath, Xiaya maneuvered the space-time ability within his body.

For a moment, a huge amount of energy was stirred up like surging waves.

Zi zi zi, silvery-gray space-time energy gushed out from his fingers and soon began to fuse with the space-time ability wrapped around the surface of the super-dragon ball.

Suddenly, calm and dignified, yet earth-shaking energy spread out along the surface of the super dragon ball.

Hu hu hu, the surface of the super-dragon ball begin to turn blurry, and line of sight became distorted due to space-time turbulence.

The membrane formed by space-time ability seem to melt like ice and snow.

Immediately, circles of invisible space-time ripples surged out……..Then——

With a kacha sound like of a glass breaking, or suddenly throwing a bomb in a calm lake and setting off huge monstrous waves, making the surface of the lake churn and overlap.

Space and time were in disorder!

The transparent space-time membrane suddenly exploded open and the sealed space-time was torn open amidst the chaos.

The numerous glittering and crystal-clear space-time fragments were like beautiful petals falling down when a spring breeze blew through oriental cherry trees……

Without the support of space-time ability, the extraordinary super-strong gravity in the 5th level of the Tempering Altar acted on the super dragon ball.

Boom! The huge dragon ball was as if it was subjected to huge gravitational pull coming from the center of a black hole.

It quickly fell down and smashed on the altar’s surface, but there were no traces of the collision.

Instead, because of the counterforce, it again sprang up.

And, this moving back and forth produced a beautiful sound of the crystal ball hitting the ground.

When the super-dragon ball stabilized, Xiaya’s face finally revealed a smile from the bottom of his heart while stroking the smooth colored-glass material of the surface of the dragon ball.

“Finally, I have gotten all the super-dragon balls.

The three dragon balls of the Universe 6 were really not easy to find ah!”

Sighing with emotion, Xiaya prepared to move the super dragon ball.

At this time–

Pa pa pa, the sound of applause sounded.

Raising his head, he saw a young girl dressed in a green divine robe while her silvery-gray hair fluttered, suspended in the sky of the altar.

Around the girl’s neck, a blue ring of light was floating, and her beautiful silvery grey hair were tied into a high-rise ponytail.

At this moment, she was suspended in midair as if she was on flat ground, and was clapping towards Xiaya.


Xiaya was stunned, and his heart skipped half a bit, looking very astonished.

“Oh, kid from the Universe 7, you seem to be very shocked seeing me.

Hehehe, rest assured, I will keep my word.

Since you’ve found the wishing beads with your own strength, I’ll give them to you!” Vados, holding the scepter, slowly floated to the front of Xiaya.

Hearing Vados’s words, Xiaya’s tense heart was relieved.

What he fears most is that Vados took action against him because of his identity as Universe 7’s human.

Entering Universe 6 without permission and being discovered by the highest god of Universe 6.

What an embarrassment!

However, looking at the current situation, it seems Vados does not really care about his identity.

“Thank you, madam!” Xiaya quickly thanked.

Vados smiled and said: “Well, it’s rare to see a human who has space-time ability, and is also a Saiyan.

I couldn’t help but become somewhat interested.

But, young man, you’re really impressive, in just a few months time, you have become so much stronger.”

Xiaya suddenly showed a dumbfounded expression.

I did not expect that in front of Vados, he was like a doll that had been stripped naked.

Bare, without any secret at all.

Meeting face to face first time, and all of his ins and outs were completely exposed.

“However, I want to remind you that space-time ability is an exceptional ability.

If used improperly, it will create space-time disorder, leading to a huge disaster.

You must bear it in mind!” Vados’s pretty face looked solemn.

Time and space are the most mysterious forces in the universe.

Facing time and space, every living being should hold the most sincere respect.

And changing timeline is a forbidden act.

Because if the timeline is altered recklessly, in a less severe case, it could produce another parallel universe, and in a more severe case, it may cause the entire universe to disappear.

Therefore, people have to pay extra attention.

“Your potential is quite good.

If you were to train earnestly, perhaps you can reach a higher level.

Keep in mind, realms and strength are the fundamentals, and you shouldn’t rely too much on abilities.

Although they are convenient, it is easy for people to become dependent on them.”

Vados continued, “Otherwise, in the future awaiting for you… Ah, forget it, you understand what I just said”

“Yes!” Xiaya hurriedly nodded.

He had also vaguely perceived this point.

Whenever there is a breakthrough in his strength, his ability will correspondingly also increase, but conversely, every time his ability becomes stronger, the energy within his body does not increase.

He has already come to a realization of this major and minor point.

Now getting Vados’ confirmation, Xiaya could balance inside his mind, and knows what to choose.


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