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The Energy Blast directly hit the body of the magic beast, and the compressed to the max energy exploded like a large-yield nuclear bomb exploding violently.

Immediately, an earth-shattering crimson blaze rose.

“Aoooo…” With a painful and wretched howl, the magic beast tried to struggle, but in the end, it still died in Xiaya’s hands.

The dust floating upwards was pulled by the gravity and fell down.

When his line of sight became clear, Xiaya closely observed the magic beast.

The magic beast had turned into blackened pieces of meat in the massive explosion, and could not be distinguished with its original appearance.

“I have encountered an opponent like this just at the beginning.

This is only the starting first level of the altar.

The road ahead is still very long!” Xiaya expression congealed, and he thought while sighing.

He couldn’t figure out what Vados’ intention is in putting the super dragon ball above the altar, but one thing is certain that it would definitely not be easy to obtain it.

However, soon the worries in Xiaya’s eyes were replaced by raging battle intent.

If this vast and boundless “Tempering Altar” was really full of so many experts, it is tantamount to be an excellent place for him to train.

Saiyan never lacks the will to fight, such that fighting is a Saiyan’s natural hobby.

Affected by this, Xiaya was also very eager to fight.

Moreover, this is even more fun.

It was somewhat similar to the method of Dagui Upgrade’s brave warriors in his previous life.

[TL: 勇者打怪升級  I think author is talking about brave warriors in this game.]

Xiaya believes that he will become braver the more he fights!

Sure enough, he hadn’t walked for long before he met another opponent.

Its head was similar to a black bull magic beast, and its ferocious-looking appearance was similar to a demon in myths.

Moreover, its strength compared to the magic beast from just now was also slightly stronger.

To deal with it, Xiaya had to spend even more effort.

After killing the black bull magic beast, the third opponent quickly appeared.

It was a giant beast like a dinosaur.

Its huge claws stepped onto the ground, and immediately the sky shook, and earth trembled.

Its energy was no less than Bofei at his peak state, causing Xiaya to land in a bitter struggle.

Of course, it would definitely not be so difficult for Xiaya to once again deal with Bofei with his current strength.

However, the problem is that there is also 300x gravity.

Under the various restrictions, Xiaya can only exhibit 60% of his strength.

Now again thinking back to his fight with Bofei, Xiaya realized that under Vados’s elaborate arrangement, he stormed into Bofei Trading Center which was really only an appetizer!

This altar’s challenge is the real banquet!

“The more I head towards the entrance of the second level of the altar, the stronger an opponent I would encounter!” Xiaya was already exhausted when he defeated the third opponent.

At this point, Xiaya knew that he could no longer blindly move forward.

He has to restore his strength, and at the same time, he must also summarize his own deficiencies.

He has to conduct serious research on, how to attack How to defend And how to obtain the greatest offensive power at least strength.

This research took precisely seven days.

Xiaya seems to have suddenly returned to the days, eight or nine years ago when he had received Korin and Mr.

Popo’s training on Earth.

These days of sweating out have been worthwhile and meaningful.

Seven days later, Xiaya once again set off.

This time, he has made remarkable progress in both strength and skills, something that ordinarily he could not comprehend by training alone.

It is said that fighting is the best training, and it is really not wrong that Saiyan’s nature combined with earthlings training experiences makes the potential unleashed in a fight incomparable.

No wonder that in the original work, Son Goku’s progress has been slow in the five years after he had participated in the 23rd World Martial Arts Tournament.

While, after Saiyan Saga and Planet Namek Saga, his strength seems to skyrocket, and in just a few days he arrived at Planet Namek, his strength entirely changed.

This, of course, was because there was a need to change the original work’s storyline.

At the same time, it was also the result of the double effects of pressure and fighting.

Xiaya’s progress is certainly not as exaggerated as Son Goku’s, but it can also be described with progressing quickly and advancing by leaps and bounds.

A month later, Xiaya finally arrived at the entrance of the altar’s second-level.

At this time, his Battle Power had already increased from more than 1 million to 1.27 million Battle Power.

Even he himself doesn’t dare to believe at his progress speed.

But thinking of the magic beasts dying in his hands, he suddenly understood.

As soon as he stepped into the second level, a more powerful gravity fell on his body, and he was caught off guard as if he was hit in the head by a stick.

“380x gravity!” Xiaya chuckled.

The difficulty level of the second level was really not what he had expected.

It was a lot higher than the first level.

I just don’t know what the opponents are like and whether or not they can bring him bigger breakthroughs.

Xiaya was looking forward to it.

Such days of fighting and blood boiling continued.

Soon, it has been five months since Xiaya had entered the Tempering Altar.

He has already arrived at the fourth level and will soon reach the fifth level.

Weng weng weng! The air made keening sounds.

Right now, Xiaya was facing a purple thunder dragon.

The thunder dragon’s entire body was covered in layers of beautiful purple scales, flickering like a dazzling crystal.

Its bucket-thick body had innumerable sinister and frightening deep blue electric arcs winding around it.

Those electric arcs were extremely frightening, and even from far away made people’s scalp tingle.

“Huo!” Using Ki to form a huge shield around him.

“Come on, let me see how powerful is your thunder and lightning!” Boldly shouting towards the huge dragon surrounded by thunder.

Xiaya’s words contained strong self-confidence.

“Aoo…” The purple dragon was enraged, and its huge body immediately glittered with bright blue lights, and an intimidating, frightening aura rushed over.

Space was fiercely distorted, and purple-black twisted electric rays kept extending out.

This scene, was as if it will devour the world.

“Space-time Breaking Punch!”

Facing such an enemy, Xiaya didn’t dare to be careless.

He immediately used his strongest move and moved forward.

The icy-blue electric rays immediately entwined with thunder dragon’s purple-black thunder.

As if it was an upright soaring ice dragon, it began to fight against the purple dragon.

Bang! Bang!


Boundless electric rays and thunder dragon collided, erupting into a deafening sound.

Following a loud shout, Xiaya increased the energy output, and the deep blue rays were suddenly invigorated.

In an instant, the purple electric rays were pushed down.

Roarrrr…….After a despairing scream, the thunder and lightning dragon was drowned amidst chaotic energy attacks, squeezing and tearing, various kinds of destructive forces simultaneously erupted.

In a split second, space and time seem to have frozen.

Hualalala! With a loud tearing noise, space was distorted open.

It was as if the fireworks were about to burn out and had erupted with the last touch of brilliance.

The loud sound formed shock waves that could be seen with the naked eyes as they kept ricocheting around in all directions.

Space boiled, and after a long time, the chaotic aura gradually subsided.

There were no longer sounds of thunder appearing in the space.

Xiaya broke through the last magic beast of the altar’s fourth level and was about to enter the final level.

“At last, the final step.

And, my Battle Power has also broken through to 3 million!” Xiaya sat on the ground while gasping for breath.

However, a smile of satisfaction hung on his face.

He was just sixteen years old this day.

Of course, it was definitely not comparable to Son Goku whose Battle Power had directly risen from 90,000 to 3 million after sustaining injuries.

However, Xiaya wins at one step at a time, and training little by little.

He is confident that he would not lose to anyone towards energy and strength control.


Distant God of Destruction’s territory.

Vados’s graceful body was traveling through the void, and checking out the orbiting state of the various planets in God of Destruction’s territory, and to again establish their trajectories and prevent their collision with God of Destruction’s Planet.

After finishing with these things, she found that the crystal ball above the scepter in her hand was flickering.

“Oh, that Universe 7 human has finished the challenge ‘Tempering Altar’.

He only took around five months.

Saiyan’s constitution is really incredible.” Vados smiled as the breeze swayed her beautiful silver-gray hair.

“In that case, even if I let him take away those several wishing beads, and Champa-sama finds out, he will certainly have nothing to say!”

Smiling prettily, Vados lightly squeezed the scepter in her hand and gently tapped it several times down in the void, and concentric ripples immediately undulate out in the space.

Soon afterward, a colorful and gorgeous brilliance rose into the sky, and Vados personally went to the mortal world.


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