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In a certain quiet and pitch-dark part of the universe, there was not even a little bit of starlight here.

When Xiaya arrived here and looked at that mysterious and unfathomable ancient altar from far away, his body and mind were shocked.

There were no stars in the surroundings.

It was like an unknown tangible aura vigorously intertwined together or like slowly flowing mercury was gathered together to form a star-size enclosure.

Looking at it from the side, the whole space was composed of a strange topology, as if completely distorted in physical structure, the aura inside unable to be transmitted out.

But it was strange that his line of sight was not affected, and he was still able to clearly see the scene inside.

In the hazy and illusory vast space, he saw an enormous light purple colored altar which has five-levels, floating atop each other.

The altar was so enormous that just the size of the base level was enough for thousands of earth to be simultaneously placed together.

While, the altars above were successively smaller in size, but they were still huge.

At the topmost point of altar, a dark orange crystal ball was enshrined——– It was Super Dragon Ball!

“I hadn’t felt anything when I was far away, but the nearer I get, the more I feel its imposingness!”  A shocked expression flashed across his face, and Xiaya couldn’t help but sigh in his heart.

After careful observation, he realized that various kinds of crooked characters and strange patterns were carved at the edge of each altar,  seems to be the language of the ancient gods.

Among them, Xiaya could read and understood three large gilded characters.

Together, the three characters impressively were “Tempering Altar”.

It’s not that Xiaya could understand this writing, but these three large characters seem to have some kind of special magic power, directly engraving them in his mind.

“It might have taken a lot of time just to build this altar.

Vados really is idle and has nothing to do.”

Following which, Xiaya stopped muttering carelessly because he could see that everything here was odd.

He even suspects that the moment he entered this area, everything happening here would completely fall into Vados’ eyes.

He who talks much errs much! It is better to talk less.

Next, Xiaya slowly moved closer and entered the area covered by the altar.

That mysterious tangible aura rolled over from the side and brushed past him, giving a cool feeling when it touched him, but he did not feel any discomfort.

Moreover, he realized that air here was very pure!

Xiaya nodded and quickly stepped onto the altar.

Due to the incredibly large size of the altar, when Xiaya landed on it, it was as if an ant had climbed to the center of a football field.

And even this analogy was not enough to describe it.

Those strange characters and patterns that he had seen before have also been magnified by millions or several hundred million times that their original appearance couldn’t even be seen.

Dong! The sound of a copper gong rung in his heart.

As soon as both of his feet stepped on the altar, a strange force field suddenly fell on his body.

Xiaya exclaimed as he felt his body become unusually heavy.

“This force fields effect is around 300x gravity!” He slightly grinned as he concluded.

Is this the test arranged by Vados

300x gravity was nothing to Xiaya and was only a little strenuous.

“This is still only the first level of the altar, and there are still four levels after this.

What would be they have” Xiaya inwardly pondered, then began to look for the passageway leading to the second level.

But before he could take few steps, he felt an icy murderous aura coming from the side.

Xiaya paused, his entire body on alert.

Ssss, an ephemeral light that was thin like hair flashed past.

Xiaya hurriedly jumped back a few steps, dodging the attack.

With a puchi sound, his clothes were torn open.

When he lowered his head to look down, not knowing when a tear had been opened on the training cloth on his body.

“So fast!” The tear on the cloth was a clean-cut as if it was caused by a knife blade.

Xiaya’s black pupils abruptly contracted, his heart feeling a chill, and the vigilance in his heart rose to the max because he hadn’t seen how the other side had attacked.

“Looks like it’s more than just a simple gravity test.

What exactly did Vados put in here” Xiaya looked grim and maliciously guessed.

He feels like he had entered a colosseum of ancient Rome and was providing the spectators with entertainment.

At this moment, another gleaming attack came, but this time Xiaya was prepared.

His body was like a flash of lightning as it suddenly erupted with all of its imposing aura.

Bang, a straight punch brazenly waved out, the splendor on his fist burst through the air with a slightly visible glimmer.

With a light puchi sound, the air was broken by the mighty fist, forming a vacuum of nothingness.

The excess power has no way to dissipate and gradually turned into innumerable ripples, spreading out in all directions.

After standing still for around few seconds, Xiaya continued to observe the surroundings.

Suddenly, he sensed space in front of him distort, and before long, a ferocious beast with strange appearance emerged from the space.

Sharp fangs, sturdy scales, two wings growing behind its back, and bloody mouth continuously dripping with saliva.

The two forelimbs of the strange beast were similar to blades, and they were drawn inwards, their surface gleaming with cold light.

Its size was big like of a small mountain! As soon as it appeared, it bent down and erupted into a fierce and loud roar, as if to express its anger at the trespasser.

“Magic Beast!”

Xiaya couldn’t recognize what the creature was, but the restless aura emitting from its body made him somewhat uneasy.


The magic beast had a mouth full of fangs as it angrily roared, and the wings behind it flapped as it pounced over.

At this time, Xiaya suddenly moved, and instantly, many afterimages appeared.

Although the more than 300x gravity had slowed down Xiaya’s movements, his strong physique was not at all affected.

Peng peng peng, the smacking of palms produced rough leathery sound, and the fight kicked off.

With a swing of an arm, several energy waves emitting blue light flew towards the magic beast along with space breaking sound.

But, who knows what kind of species that magic beast was, its speed hadn’t decrease even at 300x gravity, and it nimbly dodged the Energy Wave attacks.

Xiu xiu xiu! The energy waves struck to the ground, and exploded, splashing thick sandstones which messily scattered in all directions.

The fight quickly intensified.

With a flash, Xiaya arrived above the magic beast, and towards the magic beast which hadn’t reacted yet, sent out few energy waves.

Du du du, the sound of hitting!

The energy waves accurately hit the back of the magic beast, producing dull sounds.

The energy waves swelled and exploded, turning into slowly rising fiery gaseous clouds.

Under the attack of the energy beams, the skin and flesh at the back of the magic beast became severely mangled, emitting smell of scorched meat.

“Aoooo!” The magic beast roared in pain, but before Xiaya could get complacent, he sensed a gust of whistling sound pounce over.

Looking closely, the long tail of that magic beast kept zooming in, and “bang” he was slapped to the ground with a mighty slap.

The strength of the slap was extremely strong.

In an instant, Xiaya felt himself flying dozens of kilometers away.

When he saw that his body was about to smash onto the ground.

At the critical moment, he hurriedly launched an energy wave towards the ground, borrowing the rebounding force to stop his downward charge.

His whole person was like hanging from a wire, and his body was like moving clouds and flowing water as his feet gently landed on the ground.

Turning around, he saw the magic beast angrily glaring at him.

Apparently, it regards Xiaya as an eyesore.

The expression in its eyes became even more vicious, and it raised its head while giving a deafening roar.

Once more, strange ripples appeared in the sky…….Then, dragging its mountain-like body, the magic beast nimbly rushed towards Xiaya.

“Good, come!” A stern look flashed in Xiaya’s eyes.

Damn beast, you really think you are the overlord here

“Bang!” He sprang up with strong steps, the force under his feet propelling him while creating a huge crater.

His attack towards the magic beast was at a speed that was difficult to discern with the naked eyes.

One person, one beast; both sides coming and going; Soon, they met in the air close to the ground.

Xiaya changed his direction in the sky, both hands grabbing the beast’s head, and swept past above its head by borrowing inertia.

In an instant, a tremendous amount of impact force was transmitted through his arms, and the space-time secret skill immediately deflected 30% of the force, while the rest of the force via both of his legs, passed into the ground.

Boom! The ground violently blew open, forcibly sinking several meters down.

After he landed on the ground, the massive body of the magic beast also turned 180 degrees because of his tremendous force.

With its head as the fulcrum, its thick body heavily slammed to the ground while facing upward, producing an even more violent sound.

On the whole ground, a crater more than ten meters deep and nearly one kilometer in diameter appeared!

At this time, the magic beast was even more furious, and abruptly flinging its head back while roaring.

Xiaya was thrown into the air, and then a giant tail once again attacked towards him.


“Good strength!” Xiaya yelled, his arm somewhat feeling numb, and then he quickly break away from the battlefield to a safe location.

This altar is full of mystery.

Xiaya speculates that this altar should be used by Vados to train experts or is purely for game use.

For example, this suddenly appearing magic beast seems to be a small monster guarding the game’s checkpoint.

Only by defeating it, one can continue advancing.

“Then, I can only defeat it!” Xiaya grinned, laughing heartily.

This beast’s strength was much weaker than Bofei’s without body transformation.

If not for the interference of the gravitational field, Xiaya would have already finished it off.

However, 300x gravity was nothing much to Xiaya.

As a Saiyan, after adapting for a period of time, he feels that he could already exhibit the majority of his strength.

Hence, both of his eyes shone, and ignoring the enormous body of that magic beast, Xiaya soared high into the sky, turned around and attacked the beast.

“Boom…” A loud sound of impact appeared, and his body flew backward due to the powerful repelling force.

Xiaya somersaulted a dozen times in the sky before he spread out his hands to stabilize his body.

After getting rid of the discomfort arising due to the impact, Xiaya became even more fierce the more he fought, and he once again began to attack the magic beast.

The magic beast which had gone crazy opened its bloody mouth, the few sharp fangs exposed in the air were like a viper, gleaming with a cold light.

Aooo! Seeing that Xiaya still dared to attack, it angrily roared.

It spread out both of its less than ten meters wide wings.

A sharp whirlwind blew over.

Xiaya’s body gracefully turned into a beam of light, dodging left and right, and evading the magic beast’s attacks.

His body was getting closer and closer to the magic beast.

“Energy Blast!”

Suddenly, a light blue energy wave was produced in Xiaya’s hands before he threw it at the close magic beast.


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