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“Oh, by the way, can your Mother Tree really not be saved It can give birth to elves like you, its impossible that it doesn’t have any method to survive” After a while, Xiaya walked over and asked.

“This is Sir Xiaya.

Thanks to him, we sisters have been saved.” Lafuli made the introduction to her people.

“Sir Xiaya!” Everyone was full of gratitude.

Xiaya’s words reminded Lafuli of the so-called saying ‘onlookers see everything more clearly’.

Lafuli considered Xiaya’s words and her eyes suddenly brightened, “Yeah,  once in ancient times a meteorite from outer space had struck the Divine Tree Star.

All the living beings had perished at that time, and only Mother Goddess had survived.

That destructive power should have been much more powerful than it was now.”

“The Mother Goddess had survived at that time…” Lafuli was excited.

“Go, let’s go to where Mother Goddess is.”

So, everyone once more returned to the place where the divine tree was, and looked at the huge and weathered ancient tree which seems to have survived for unknown years.

Lafuli and others hearts were filled with reverence for the Mother Goddess, while Xiaya sighed at a living being’s tenacity.

Now that the mother tree’s branches and leaves had withered, only the trunk was left, and the charred black place even extends to half the body, but it still stood straight.

Seeing this, Lafuli and other elves couldn’t help but grieve in their hearts, their noses turning sour.

“Look, there is a small hole in the mother tree’s root.

It seems there is something” An astonished cry appeared.

Xiaya sought out the sound and looked over, and sure enough, he discovered a cave of a person’s size at the root of the huge divine tree.

The large cave was buried more than three meters deep under the ground.

As there happen to have a steep slope, it was difficult to find without looking carefully.

“I’ll go in and look!” Lafuli said.

Xiaya shrugged, standing by.

Lafuli was her the princess of her race, and she needs to step in at this time.

After a while, he saw Lafuli come out while cautiously using a leaf to hold something.

Her whole body was brimming with a joyful smile.

It was a fresh green seed that was flickering with sparkling and translucent green light under the sunlight.

“This… this is Mother Goddess’ seed.

With it, mother goddess can grow again!”

At this moment, when the dazzling sunlight shone down, the darkness in their hearts seems to have been illuminated, as the haze in the bottom of their hearts dispersed.

The light struck down, and body and mind bathed in hope.

Immediately, making their hearts feel nice and warm, and very comfortable.

“Great, great!”

“The mother goddess did not die, and our race hasn’t become extinct.”

Everyone’s faces were immersed in smiles of excitement.

The bright smile added a different kind of beauty to the beautiful and attractive girls.

“Ahem!” Xiaya lightly coughed, interrupting: “Well, now that you have found a way to resurrect the divine tree, I will take you to your new home.”

After that, Xiaya used Instant Transmission to bring everyone to the distant Planet Yedola.

Looking at them carefully planting the divine tree’s seed next to a spring, Xiaya knew that he should bid them farewell.

Their meeting was an accident, but it was also fate.

Xiaya saved them when Bofei planet was destroyed, but Lafuli obtained new life in the midst of despair.

There were all sorts of reasons that cannot be described.

“Sir Xiaya, thank you very much.

We will always remember you!”

Lafuli reluctantly bid farewell to Xiaya.

Just short several months of living together have already left Xiaya’s traces in her heart.

She couldn’t bear to part with Xiaya, but she also knows that Xiaya cannot stay.

Lafuli would remember this friendship in the bottom of her heart, hoping that she could return the favor one day.

“Hahaha, I hope that your race can continue to live here safely.” Xiaya looked at the pretty girl in front of him and wished her well in his heart.

Then, he immediately left using Instant Transmission.

Next, Xiaya still has to complete the mission given by King Kai.

After completing the task and acquiring the final super dragon ball, he will return to Universe 7.

It has been a while since he left Xiling and others.

Looking at Xiaya’s departing direction, Lafuli’s beautiful eyes were filled with tears.

Then, with a determined look on her beautiful face, she turned around and led her people to start building a new home.

She would always remember Xiaya in her heart…


After Xiaya left Planet Yedola, he soon appeared on a small, life planet.

After which he took out the list given to him by King Kai and looked it over, before picking out a target from it.

“Jiuhe, ruler of Planet Aldosi, Battle Power 240,000, I will choose it.” Xiaya smiled indifferently.

In the list that King Kai gave him, this Jiuhe was nothing much, but Xiaya plans to start with him first.

An alien with only 240,000 Battle Power, was a piece of cake for him whose current Battle Power has reached 1.04 million.

However, Xiaya who had suffered a loss knows that no matter how weak the other side is, being always careful is not wrong.

What’s more, this Jiuhe’s strength was not low.

Planet Aldosi was located in the western region of

the North Area.

Since it came under Jiuhe’s rule more than a hundred years ago, Planet Aldosi has always been the hegemon in the western region, and few planets can contend with it.

But today, a powerful Saiyan descended on Planet Aldosi.


Time is infinite and fleeting.

In the blink of an eye, more than ten days have passed.

Almost every other day, Xiaya will move from one planet to another.

Soon, all the people on the list had been wiped out.

The deaths of these strong experts give rise to significant waves in the nearby starfields, even creating a furor.

However, due to the vast territory of the North Area, nobody knew that there were so many evil people dying at the same time.

Following Xiaya’s assassination, the Dark Forces of the North Area were immediately suppressed by the Righteous Forces.

Those Dark Forces that were creating troubles had all gone into hiding.

North Area has obtained at least few decades of peace.

Of course, Universe Commerce Alliance’s business still has to be done.

It wouldn’t be abandoned because of the collapse of the Trading Center.

However, because those evil elements who were harming the North Area were all cut apart by Xiaya as if cutting garlic chives, Universe Commerce Alliance’s agent in the North Area, for a while, did not have any arrangement, thus stopping all activities.

So, it started trading with the regular Merchant Groups.

Only profits were not the usual exorbitant profits.

After completing the mission, Xiaya had his wish fulfilled and received the small pot of Fountain of Youth from King Kai.

After obtaining that deep blue pot filled with Fountain of Youth, Xiaya burst into hearty laughter and then carefully put it into the dimensional space.

Drinking a mouthful of Fountain of Youth can extend a person’s life by a few hundred years.

This small jar was enough for twenty to thirty people when drunk a mouthful each.

It was a pity that Universe 7’s portion of Fountain of Youth has already been refined into Elixir of Immortality and was distributed.

Who knows how many years it would take for it to be condensed next time, or else Xiaya would have tried and go to North Kai’s place to obtain some.

After obtaining the Fountain of Youth, Xiaya only has one objective for staying in the Universe 6, the seventh super-dragon ball.

However, thinking of the super-huge mysterious mystic altar that he caught a fleeting glimpse of, Xiaya knows that it would definitely not be easy to get the last dragon ball, and he was well-prepared in his heart for a long-term struggle.

Vados had mustered many people to create that mysterious thing.

The difficulty level is hard to predict ah!


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