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“Lafuli, let’s look if there are any survivors!” Looking at the broken divine tree trunk, Xiaya sighed not knowing how to console.

“Right!” Lafuli wiped away her tears and pulled herself together: “At that time, those evil aliens had appeared suddenly, so there were many of my people who had dispersed all over the planet.

I must find them!”

Seeing Lafuli pull herself together at the mention of her people, Xiaya glanced at her in surprise.

The elf’s princess has to shoulder the responsibility of her race as the leader.

Without thinking about it too much, Xiaya began to look for living beings on the planet based on Ki auras.

However, as Lafuli’s people were very weak, their aura could not be sensed from far-away.

But, Xiaya had unexpectedly another harvest!

He found that there were still a large number of seemingly powerful auras on the divine tree star.

Those auras ranged from several hundred to one thousand.

They could not be Lafuli’s people.

So, it was quite obvious……that those alien who sold the elven girls were still on the Divine Tree Star!

A long time has already passed since this planet was invaded by aliens.

During this period of time, Lafuli’s people were continuously caught and sold, so the elf survivors on the planet were not many.

But, who would have thought that even in such a situation, there would still be people who wouldn’t be satisfied, staying behind to round off everyone!

About 500 kilometers from them, there was a temporary camp built by the aliens.

It was the gathering ground for the elf-hunting aliens, and loading and unloading port for spaceships.

Tall tower-like buildings were standing erect on the ground, as the soft ground was thoroughly transformed to allow taking off and landing of huge cargo spaceships.

At this moment, a group of delicate and lovely girls was locked up in large cages.

Like transporting goods, the cages were loaded into spaceships with conveyor belts.

Those girls tear stains haven’t dried yet, while the look in their eyes was blank and empty.

“Hurry up, after this batch is done, we will be able to leave here with the spaceships.

At that time if Mr.

Banos is happy, he may reward everyone with a lot of money!” The subleader of aliens was sitting cross-legged, as he loudly urged others to work.

The entire merchant team was employed by Banos.

Because Divine Tree Star was discovered by him, he made a fortune by selling Lafuli’s people, and now he had become a not-small universe merchant.

“Hey, Captain Oak, this is what you have said.

If Mr.

Banos isn’t willing to give it when the time comes, then you have to make up for it to everyone.” An alien who looked like a pterosaur flapped the wings behind him, and said with a mocking expression.

“What did you say If Mr.

Banos is willing to reward then mister is generous and if he isn’t willing, then you shouldn’t even think of getting a single penny from me!” Hearing him, the subleader Oak immediately glared.

“Hahaha, Captain Oak and Mr.

Banos are both well-known misers.

Expecting them to give us an additional reward, you don’t even have to think about it.” An alien working on the side exclaimed.

Employer Banos was born as a small fry.

Although he was lucky enough to make a fortune, his nature was of a miser, and it was tough to get even a penny from him.

And they their Captain Oak was obviously also not a generous person.

These, they all know.

“Right, right, work, work!” The group of aliens shook heads, feeling disappointed.

The big iron cages loaded with girls were moved onto the space freighters.

After this business is finished, both the merchant group and employer Banos could make a considerable profit.

“Lafuli, it seems that we have come in time!” Bringing along Lafuli, Xiaya arrived in the sky above the camp, and whispered to the girl on his side as he looked at the busy scene below.

“Sir Xiaya, please take action and save my people!” Lafuli begged.

Looking at the young girls locked up in the cages below, Lafuli remembered the scene of being auctioned in front of a large crowd after she was caught and taken away, and hatred flashed in her beautiful eyes.

It was precisely this gang of brutish space mercenaries that not only invaded Divine Tree Star, breaking the tranquility here but also captured and sold away countless elf girls.

In the end, they had even killed the Mother Goddess!

“Okay, then you take care of yourself!”

Xiaya nodded and put down Lafuli in a safe place.

Then, he turned around, and step by step walked towards the aliens.

These aliens hired by Banos were not very strong.

There weren’t even a few people with more than one thousand Battle Power.

This kind of group could only throw their weight around on such a low-level planet like Divine Tree Star and towards defenseless, weak girls.

“Who!” Seeing someone walking towards them, Oak and other aliens loudly shouted with vigilance.

Shua, shua, shua, the group of people adopted a defensive stance.

With graceful bearing, Xiaya walked towards them with light and leisurely steps.

His steps were not big, but the distance seems to have lost meaning on his body.

Each step covered a few meters distance.

This bizarre real and unreal scene intertwined, making these aliens look on blankly, and instinctively feeling panic.

“Who are you, this is Mr.

Banos’ territory.

Be sensible and quickly leave!” Oak’s face sank as he shouted with uncertainty.

“Banos’s territory But I am sure that this is Divine Tree Star, and elves planet!” Xiaya glanced at them, saying with a shake of his head.

“Courting death!”

At this time, how can Captain Oak still not sense the hostility in the other person’s heart.

His complexion turned gloomy as an imposing aura was released from his body.

Upon seeing this, the several space mercenaries in the surroundings also simultaneously released their aura.

“Hehe!” Xiaya still leisurely walked forward as if strolling in his courtyard, he didn’t pay any attention to other person’s warning.

Tut tut, there are only three whose Battle Power is more than one thousand, while the rest are only six or seven hundred…..

This small amount of strength was barely enough to fill the gap between his teeth.

“Stop! These place has now been occupied by Mr.


If you are sensible, I would suggest you leave immediately.

We can ignore your mistake!”

Captain Oak countenance was grave, as he warned with dread on his face.

“Didn’t you understand what I said a moment ago I don’t care who that your so-called Banos is, I only know that this Divine Tree Star is elves planets, and these girls……are under my protection!”

After he finished speaking, Xiaya’s aura burst out.

The air quivered, and Oak and other peoples countenance had a huge change.

Lightly lifting his finger, several light dots suddenly flickered between his fingers, and then like arrows rapidly shot out.

Hualala, arrow bullets appeared in the air and turned into a big delicate and beautiful flower bud.

The breeze gently blew, and the flower bud immediately bloomed turning into numerous tiny energy beams like a dense drizzle.

Du du du!

The drizzle-like delicate and beautiful petals flickered with glittering and translucent rays of lights, and scattered high in the sky.

For a moment, it was as if hundreds of flowers were in bloom, extremely dazzling.

But, the tiny petals were however extremely frightening, like small rays which kills without spilling blood, they silently riddled through the row of aliens standing in front.

“Sss!” With an incredulous expression, Oak’s eyes became dim, the space between his eyebrows was pierced through by a small tiny ray.

His thoughts gradually became sluggish, before he lost consciousness.

“Ahhhh ahhh, run, Captain Oak has been killed!” The death of Oak and their comrades at the front caused the aliens who were on high alert, to become dismayed.

Until someone suddenly shouted, and everyone was startled awake.

They realized that the man in front of them could not be provoked.

Didn’t even the Captain Oak was killed by him in one-blow

“Run, run, run, if we don’t run away now, then it would be too late to escape…”

“Quickly, get out of the way!”

Aliens who weren’t attacked by the energy raindrops were scared out of their wits because of Oak and others death.

The desire to survive had made them crazy as everyone fled towards the spaceship or bunker.

Immediately, the scene became extremely chaotic.

“You guys have done too many evil deeds.

No matter what, you all must die today!” Xiaya’s voice was like the judgment from hell, deciding their life and death with just a word.

Lightly waving his arms, another energy ball appeared before it immediately changed into countless raindrops.

Numerous flowing arrows penetrated through the air as if they were directly ignoring the distance between spaces.

Innumerable light rays shone on the land.

Rustle, the raindrops came pouring down, but these raindrops were all composed of pure energy, and wherever they passed, everything was destroyed in the way.

In the blink of an eye, all the aliens died in Xiaya’s hands.

“All right, Lafuli, go and save your people!” Lightly waving his hand in the direction where Lafuli was hiding, Xiaya said with a smile.

“Mm-hmm!” Lafuli responded.

Then, she rushed over and opened the iron cages in which her people were locked.

“Boo hoo, Princess Lafuli, you are still alive…”

“A lot of people were caught and taken away.”

“Lafuli, Mother Goddess… Mother Goddess had been killed by those evil aliens…”

These beautiful young girls have been frightened for days.

So, when they saw Lafuli, the depression in their hearts gushed out, and they all wept out their grief.

Feeling sad, Lafuli hugged them and also burst into tears.

Seeing them, Xiaya walked far away.

Roughly looking over, he could see that there were more than 10,000 girls in this temporary base.

This was still only a tiny part of the original number.

There were still many elves who had been sold away.

Towards this, Xiaya was also unable to do anything.


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