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In the vast and boundless outer space, countless stars were moving in an unchanging trajectory.

Eastern region of the North Area.

There was an emerald green colored planet far-away from the majority of the starfields.

Since it was located far from civilizations, this place was not under the watch of the Universe Commerce Alliance.

The emerald green colored planet was called Planet Yedola, and was a low-level planet.

It has 60% ocean, and in the remaining 40%, besides few percentages being glaciers, the majority of the area was covered in green vegetation.

Even plateaus and deserts are very rarely seen.

It was a seldom seen planet with a relatively high safety factor such that even with Lafuli’s race strength, they can live here in safety.

“Gu gu gu….”A strange cry was heard.

Inside a forest, a huge bird spread out its wings and soared into the sky.

While, not far-away from it, a leopard was holding its breath and was about to make a surprise attack on the antelope drinking water by the river bank.

Nature’s scene was very vividly presented here.

“Huala!” A beam of light flashed, and Xiaya along with Lafuli appeared in a primeval forest of Planet Yedola.

Just as they arrived, an abundant nature’s aura assaulted their nostrils.

Breathing in the intoxicating fragrance pervading the air, Xiaya mind became unusually clear.

Roughly probing Planet Yedola’s auras, he found that the strongest living creature here has less than 100 Battle Power.

Xiaya smiled towards Lafuli and said: “How is it How do you feel about the environment here The strongest living creature on this planet has less than 100 Battle Power.

It should be quite suitable for you people.”

“En, nature’s aura here is very abundant.” Lafuli glanced around in all directions with a delighted expression.

It could be seen that she was satisfied with the environment here.

Xiaya nodded his head: “That’s good.

Then, I will bring you to have a look at the environment of the whole planet.” Speaking this, he again held her hand and amidst her shrieks brought her several thousand meters high in the sky.

Looking down from several thousands of meters high in the sky, the entire planet’s horizon shows a very gentle and beautiful arc.

As far as the eyes can see, everywhere were lush and green forests.

Moreover, on the whole plain, mountains were very rarely seen.

The forests were neatly arranged as if they were arranged in a meticulous manner, brimming with a sense of beauty.

“Sir Xiaya, the environment here is as beautiful as my homeworld.

I think everyone will definitely like it here.” After a brief moment of fright, Lafuli’s pretty face was blushing red due to the excitement.

“I’m glad you like it.

Then, I will first bring over those little girls, after which will go to your homeworld.”

“En!” Lafuli nodded.

If not listened carefully, it wouldn’t be heard.

Xiaya glanced at her in surprise before laughing and immediately returning to Earth using Instant Transmission.

As Lafuli joyously ran over to tell the good news to her sisters, Xiaya went inside the villas and pressed down a special button in the villa.

Amidst dense white smoke, the villas again reverted back to Hoi-Poi Capsules.

By the time he had finished taking away all the living facilities, all the several hundred elf girls had gathered together.

“Sir Xiaya, Princess Lafuli is saying that you have found a beautiful planet for us, is that really true”

“Yeah, yeah, also our homeworld, lots of sisters are suffering hardships….”

All the young and beautiful girls crowded over, speaking non-stop.

Xiaya smiled and nodded towards them before indicating for them to form a circle.

The girls took the hint and immediately according to Xiaya’s instructions formed a circle.

Swish, bright light rays lit up the entire forest.

Staying on earth for a short period of time like a group of travelers,  everyone departed from earth in the blink of an eye.

New home, Planet Yedola.

The several hundred elves happily placed those Hoi-Poi Capsules villas in their new home which have been gifted by Xiaya.

Perhaps, as they were innately close to nature, even though this place was uninhabited, the girls were very comfortable living here.

If it were someone else in their position, they would have perhaps long broken down due to loneliness and suffocation.


Divine Tree Star, a very beautiful planet.

Similar to Planet Yedola, Divine Tree Star was also a low-level planet.

It was inhabited by a race of elven girls who were innately close to nature.

These girls were all birthed by a Mother Goddess Divine Tree.

Since the girls in the race were attractive and charming, if they are sold and resold after grooming, a huge amount of profit can be earned in an instant.

Therefore, Divine Tree Star finally come under the radar of other aliens from deep in the universe and the elf race here met with a disaster.

One day, disk-shaped spaceships suddenly descended on Divine Tree Star.

Then like wasps, aliens scrambled out of the ships and seeing these elf girls, they were like a wild beast seeing a prey as they frantically captured them.

Since Lafuli’s race was inherently weak, facing these cruel aliens, they weren’t able to resist at all.

Countless of her people were caught and groomed by the evil aliens before being sent to various planets to be sold.

“Lafuli, this is your planet.

Why is it so desolate” In the blue-green sky, a male and female were hovering in midair.

Xiaya asked while frowning.

After settling down the several hundred girls on Planet Yedola, Xiaya brought Lafuli and arrived at her homeworld—-Divine Tree Star.

Instead of the green like he had imagined, it was decaying and yellow, scenery extremely desolate.

Looking down, the land was filled with large and small craters.

Innumerable forests and trees had been uprooted, while leaves had withered and turned yellow.

Furthermore, large expanse of the land had been burned into coke.

Watching the desolate and decaying sight of her homeworld, Lafuli’s heart welled up with sadness, the rims of her eyes turning red as bean sized teardrops fell down.

Suddenly, Lafuli thought of something and loudly shouted, agitated: “Oh no, homeworld has become like this.

Mother Goddess must have met with a disaster!”

They, the nature elf, were all born from the Divine Tree on the Divine Tree Star.

Lafuli and others call that Divine Tree——–Mother Goddess.

If Mother Goddess had been damaged, then there will be no more nature elves being born in future.

Although they can give birth to the next generation via union with humans, they would not be nature elves at that time.

“Sir Xiaya, please bring me to where Mother Goddess is.” Lafuli pleaded to Xiaya.

Xiaya nodded his head, “Show me the directions!”


Soon afterward, Xiaya brought Lafuli into the sky, and under the way shown by Lafuli, set out towards the direction of Divine Tree.

Rapid flickering lights flashed through the sky, and beautiful hairs on the temple swayed with the mild breeze.

Clear and soft clouds rapidly flitted past them on both sides.

But, Lafuli wasn’t in the mood to admire the scenery.

Her heart was entirely concerned about Divine Tree’s safety.

“It is just ahead!” A protruding shape was faintly revealed ahead.

Xiaya nodded his head and immediately speed up.

Soon, they arrived at Divine Tree’s side, but the scene that greeted them caused Lafuli to feel despair.

The more than two hundred meters tall Divine Tree’s trunk was covered with wounds caused by explosions.

Some several meters thick branches were snapped off by a huge force, and the place where it was cut off still has burned marks.

In particular, the huge crater at the root had severed the nutrient supply to the divine tree causing the leaves to turn yellow and withered, and only the bare branches were left gently swaying in the wind.

It appeared unusually desolate.

“Mother Goddess…..Mother Goddess has been destroyed…those wicked aliens were too excessive!” Lafuli’s voice was filled with despair.

Mother Goddess’ death means nature elves race had been completely severed.


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