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“How is it Now, I have given you the information about the crystal planet.

As for the Fountain of Youth, I will give it to you after you have annihilated those Trading Center’s agent candidates.” North Kai looked at Xiaya and said in a serious tone.

“OK! Then, give me the list of names of those people.” Xiaya nodded his head, agreeing.

When making a deal, the deal object cannot be given to the other party at once.

King Kai wants to withhold a portion as security, and only hand over the other half when the task is completed which was reasonable.

Xiaya naturally understand this principle.

“Mhm!” King Kai’s green-skinned face revealed a smile before he brought Xiaya to his house, and took out a writing brush to write down those people’s information.

The house which King Kai lives in was a four-story light green building.

Semisphere style was really quite famous in the dragon ball world.

Built in the shade of a lush forest, the small building was much more beautiful than Universe 7 North Kai’s shabby cabin.

“Here, this is the list of names of all the 17 people.

They are all very evil guys.

Please make sure you kill them!” King Kai passed on the list of names to Xiaya’s hands while advising him.

Xiaya took the list and swept it a glance.

Seeing the seventeen people’s name and the planets where they were living flowingly written on the list, Xiaya nodded before putting away the list into dimensional space.

He believes in King Kai’s honesty, there was no need to fool him in this matter.

So, he raised his head and said with a smile: “Leave them to me, I will take care of them one by one.

King Kai, you just have to have the Fountain of Youth ready.”

“Of course, I will wait here for your good news…..” King Kai said with a smile.

“Then, if there is no other command, I’ll get going.” After speaking jokingly, Xiaya turned around and took a step forward, and in the blink of an eye, his body turned into an afterimage, disappearing from King Kai’s Planet.

“Best of luck!” Watching Xiaya’s disappearing back, King Kai spoke to himself in his heart.

Then restraining his smiling expression, he walked to a lawn.

The antennas on his head trembled, connecting with several planets in the mortal world.

“If that young man can dispose of these scourge for me, North Area can be peaceful for at least several hundreds of years.

Then, it wouldn’t matter even if I have to give him the Fountain of Youth!”

Thinking of how after those scourge are eliminated North Area would become peaceful, King Kai’s mood immediately became cheerful and felt content as he observed the mortal world.


After receiving the list, instead of directly going to carry out the task, Xiaya first returned to earth.

Now that he has gotten the whereabouts of the last dragon ball, it can be said that he had reached the last step of his long journey, and his mood has also relaxed by a lot.

But, thinking of Vados’ behavior from before, she wouldn’t possibly let him get the last dragon ball easily.

“That mysterious five-story altar certainly hides some secret or a test.” Xiaya inwardly thought, “But before that, I should first go and finish the task given by North Kai.

Fountain of Youth, this kind of rarely seen treasure, I must obtain no matter what.”

After deciding the matter of order of priority, Xiaya’s body lightly leaped, returning to the forest where Lafuli and others were living.

Entering the lush green forest, he saw sunlight streaming down from the gaps between the leaves on the trees, projecting bright spots of sunlight on the ground.

Beside a gurgling stream, several attractive young girls were carrying bamboo baskets, and with face raised upward were plucking wild fruits in the forest.

They liked naturally grown fruits the most.

In these several months, they had also looked after Xiaya.

Seeing Xiaya enter, they hurriedly put down the work in their hands and enthusiastically said: “Sir Xiaya, you are back…..”

“Um!” Xiaya responded, greeting them.

He then casually chatted with them for a while before he returned to his room.

Taking out the list of names obtained from King Kai, he carefully looked it over.

“Jiuhe, ruler of Planet Aldosi, Battle Power 240,000; Balongi, ruler of Planet Sophida, Battle Power 340,000; Aipi….” Xiaya carefully looked over information of each and every person in the list.

In the list of names that North Kai gave him, there was no-one who could be trifled with.

Anyone of them when placed in Universe 7 could insta-kill Captain Ginyu.

However, because of Bofei’s existence, they all had to go into hiding.

“Sure enough, a hill cannot accommodate two tigers.

Anyway, there are so many people, it’s really troublesome!” Xiaya eyebrows were slightly knitted, but then he shook his head and revealed a confident smile, “There’s no rush in dealing with these people.

First, I have to find a place for Lafuli and others to settle down.”

It has been four months since Lafuli and others started living together with Xiaya.

In these days, thanks to their looking after him, he got even more time to organize and summarize martial arts related matter.

He knows that after completing King Kai’s task, he would directly go and get the last super dragon ball before returning to Universe 7.

 So, he wants to make arrangements before that for Lafuli and others.

They definitely cannot stay on earth.

Not speaking whether Lafuli and these weak girls can deal with outside dangers.

Their appearance alone will cause them great trouble.

Having a beautiful appearance is too dangerous if one is not strong enough to protect oneself.

What’s more, based on his understanding, Universe 6’s earth will turn into a dead planet in future due to a war.

So, Xiaya even more has no reason to leave them here.

Making up his mind, Xiaya walked out of the room and headed towards Lafuli and others residence, but saw Lafuli and several other girls chatting in the garden.

“Lafuli, come here!” Xiaya waved his hand at Lafuli.

“Princess, Sir Xiaya is calling you.

Perhaps, something good is happening!” Hearing this, the several girls on the side giggled and teased Lafuli, causing her pretty little face to blush red.

“Go away, what are you thinking in that brain of yours!” Lafuli glared at them, then stood up and tidied up her wrinkled skirt before walking towards Xiaya.

“Sir Xiaya,” Lafuli spoke in a respectful tone.

Xiaya nodded his head and said: “Lafuli, didn’t you said that your homeworld has been occupied by aliens I want to understand the situation of your homeworld.”

“Sir Xiaya, are you going to save my homeworld” Lafuli’s body trembled from excitement, her face filled with expectations.

“Yes, I plan to leave earth.

Therefore, I am going to find a relatively safe planet for you people while also drop by your homeworld and save some people.” Xiaya said.

“Sir Xiaya, you are going to leave” Shocked, Lafuli had a bad feeling as she asked.

“Mhm!” Xiaya nodded in affirmative.

Lafuli’s body shivered, mist rising in her eyes.

But, she knows that Xiaya and her were not of the same world, and sooner or later will have to part.

So, she put on a brave face and said: “Sir Xiaya, I want to thank you on behalf of my homeworld’s people.

If it were not for you, we really don’t know what should we have done!”

Xiaya shook his head and said: “Its just a small matter.

Likewise, thanks for your care for these several months.

All right, I’ll first choose a suitable planet for you people.”

Saying this, he closed his eyes and carefully searched for a suitable planet in universe 6 for Lafuli and her people to live.

Considering Lafuli and others weak bodies as well their love for nature.

When choosing a planet, Xiaya specially chose a planet which was far away from universe civilizations and has a beautiful natural environment.

Although Lafuli doesn’t know what Xiaya was doing with eyes closed, she didn’t speak anything and cleverly stood on the side.

“Found it!” Xiaya suddenly opened his eyes, and then he held Lafuli’s hands, bringing her away with Instant Transmission.


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