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Quickly adapting to the gravity of King Kai’s Planet, Xiaya soon noticed that this planet was close to five kilometers in diameter.

It was covered in lush green tender grass, and there were rows of dense shrubs on both sides of a blue path.

Compared with Universe 7 North Kai’s Planet, it was much bigger.

“This is the size a King Kai should have for his Divine Planet.”

Universe 7 North Kai’s divine planet was too small.

It was the result of being destroyed by God of Destruction Beerus.

It is said that North Kai once also had a vast divine planet.

“Young man, welcome to my planet.” Universe 6 North Kai’s deep voice could be heard.

Xiaya went in the direction from which the voice had come, and saw a thin green-skinned figure standing before him.

He was wearing green divine clothes.

He has two antennas on top of his head.

These are the antennas that King Kai uses to look over the situations of areas under his jurisdiction.

“Kaio-sama, I don’t know what deal you want to make with me” Xiaya asked.

“Hahaha, I know that your conflict with Bofei and his sons happened due to a dark orange crystal planet.

And I happen to know the whereabouts of another crystal planet.

I will use the information of that crystal planet to make a deal with you.” King Kai laughed, slowly walking towards a direction.

“What does Kaio-sama need me to do” After learning that North Kai know the whereabouts of the last super-dragon ball, Xiaya was exhilarated as he followed.

“Hehe, you should know that Bofei Trading Center is a stronghold established by the Universe Commerce Alliance in the North Area.

Although that evil Bofei and his sons were killed by you, as long as Universe Commerce Alliance wants to, it can again quickly establish the stronghold!”

“Do you want me to eradicate Universe Commerce Alliance’s Forces in the North Area” Xiaya frowned.

Universe Commerce Alliance Forces were deeply rooted, and it was not possible to eradicate them just relying on his strength.

“Of course not! Although I also want to completely eradicate the Universe Commerce Alliance, I know that it is not possible.” King Kai heaved a sigh and looked at Xiaya, saying: “I just want you to kill the several agent candidates of the Trading Center.

Bofei had snatched the Trading Center’s agent position from these people several hundred years ago, after which those people lay low in the North Area.”

“Now that Bofei and his sons are dead, I am afraid that those people will again become restless.

If they are all killed, North Area can at least be calm for several decades.

Even if afterward another agent is selected, the agent’s strength will not be too strong.”

“How many people and how strong are they” Xiaya asked.

King Kai laughed and said: “Altogether seventeen people, and they are naturally less powerful than Bofei.

When Bofei had defeated them years ago, he did not even use Ki Ignition.

Their battle power should be between 150,000 and 600,000.”

Xiaya inwardly pondered after listening to him.

If according to North Kai’s words, these people’s Battle Power was not very high, even if they had made a significant breakthrough, it would have only reached 700,000 to 800,000 which was nothing in front of him whose Battle Power had reached more than 1 million.

Besides, he had even defeated Bofei.

If they were stronger than Bofei, how can Bofei possibly forcibly occupy the Trading Center

“Although that dark orange crystal planet looks beautiful and has some value as a collection, I don’t think just its information is enough in exchange for me to take action and kill them!” Xiaya stood there pretending to consider for a moment before he shook his head.

Of course, Xiaya also understands the principle of waiting for a better price.

Using the information of super dragon ball in exchange for him to take action, is obviously enough.

However that is because he knows the use of the super dragon ball, but which King Kai does not know ah! Using the planet’s information in exchange for decades of peace in the North Area.

Clearly, it was King Kai that has made a huge profit.

King Kai nodded his head.

He also knows that if he wants Xiaya to take action in exchange for merely the information of a planet, the price was a little too small.

So, he took out a small bright blue pot while feeling distressed.

“I will use this small pot of spring water from Yellow Springs Fountain of Youth, in addition to the information of that crystal planet to make a deal with you.”

“Fountain of Youth, what’s that” Xiaya asked.

Looking at King Kai’s distressed look, it should be a treasure.

“Fountain of Youth is a type of spirit water produced in the depths of Other World’s Yellow Springs.

Gods can use it to refine Elixir of Immortality.

Even if it is directly drunk, although it would not be magical like Elixir of Immortality, it can still also prolong one’s life.

By just drinking a mouthful, one can obtain several hundreds of years of lifespan.”

King Kai explained.

Because this Fountain of Youth is located at the depths of the common border between Other World’s Hell and Heaven.

It can only condense a drop in several tens of years.

Although it does not have any effects on Gods, it can be used to refine the Elixir of Immortality which can be rewarded to human beings in the human world who have done meritorious deeds.

It is very precious.

If it wasn’t for asking Xiaya to take action, King Kai wouldn’t take it out even if he was beaten to death.

Elixir of Immortality!

Upon hearing this name, Xiaya’s eyes suddenly lit up, as though he heard a familiar name, his thoughts spinning.

Suddenly he recalled that Master Roshi seems to have consumed a so-called Elixir of Immortality and thus lived for so many years.

Of course, true immortality does not exist.

Birth and death are laws of nature and cannot be easily violated.

Although it cannot allow one to live forever, it can extend their lifespan.

Master Roshi and Master Shen had lived for several hundreds of years because they had consumed Elixir of Immortality when they were young.

Although the effect of Fountain of Youth is not necessarily better than Elixir of Immortality, it is also a rare treasure.

I must get this pot of Fountain of Youth!

Xiaya’s eyes shone brightly, he was determined to have this fountain water.

“How about it If you promise to do it, not only will I tell you the whereabouts of that crystal planet, but will also give you this Fountain of Youth’s pot.” King Kai asked as he raised that small bright blue pot filled with Fountain of Youth.

“OK, but you have to first tell me the location of the crystal planet!” Xiaya nodded his head, agreeing.

Seeing Xiaya agree, King Kai let out a sigh of relief before pointing to a lawn not far away, saying: “There is the location of the crystal planet.

Due to some special reason, no signal can be transmitted from that place.

You can only find the exact location through my assistance!”

“Come, put your hand on my back, I’ll show you where the planet is.” King Kai turned around and said to Xiaya.

Hearing his words, Xiaya placed his hand on King Kai’s back.

He then saw the two antennas on King Kai’s head slightly trembling, releasing electric rays.

Xiaya felt his spirit travel through the universe, his mind along with Kai’s electric waves drifted through the starry sky of the universe.

Soon, in a dark and spacious star space, he noticed an enormous altar, whose boundary could not be seen.

It had five layers and was surrounded by a layer of illusory and chaotic hazy substance, not allowing any signal to transmit.

At the topmost position of the altar, the 37,000 km diameter enormous super dragon ball was enshrined.

“Both that mysterious altar and crystal planet suddenly appeared six months ago.

If you are able to, you can go and have a look.” King Kai slowly said.

Xiaya gazed at the last super dragon ball.

Six months ago! It was just at that time when he had lost the signal of the super dragon ball.

The timing matches.

It seems that altar is also something Vados had done.


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