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Bofei Trading Center’s main star was destroyed.

It turned into universe dust with a burst of violent self-explosion.

After a long time, the shockwaves from the explosion gradually subsided.

Right now, the starry sky of the boundless universe became chaotic due to the scattered dust.

Large and small meteorites littered the main star’s former orbit forming a circular asteroid belt.

Due to losing the primary celestial body which was maintaining the material balance, Bofei Trading Center’s gravity needs to be reestablished.

This has affected the other two trading planets orbiting situation, thus everywhere was the scene of chaos of meteorites flying about in all directions.

It will take a very long time for the planets orbiting situation to again become stable.

At this time, those aliens who had luckily escaped alive looked back at the broken Trading Center and couldn’t help but feel shocked.

They were immeasurably joyous at being able to survive the crisis.

“Heavens, that was close.

Almost lost my life there!” A chubby alien wiped the sweat on his forehead, his whole body was as if it would collapse from exhaustion.

On the side, his two hired bodyguards were both experts whose Battle Power has reached 30000 and could be considered as outstanding in the bodyguard industry.

But, at this time, they both couldn’t resist their heart from trembling as they together with their employer dumbly looked at the already disappeared Bofei Trading Center.

“That black-haired human is really powerful.

Even Sir Bofei, who had been overseeing Bofei Trading Center for several hundred years was not his match!”

“Isn’t that so Such big planet was so easily blown up.

Fortunately, we had escaped quickly!”

Aliens who had luckily escaped with their life we’re talking with each other through the public channel.

Suddenly, a mournful howling sound could be heard.

Hearing that mournful howling sound caused everyone to have goosebumps.

They inwardly admired the howling person’s straightforwardness.

But this is public channel ah! Isn’t that person afraid of losing face

“From the voice, it should be Kodon starfield’s big merchant Mr.

Bisoya, right Why is he crying so miserably” Someone asked, puzzled.


Bisoya is well-known for his outspoken personality.

I heard that he had come to Bofei Trading Center this time for the sole purpose of buying more than 300 beautiful female slaves.

He had intended to transport them back to Kodon starfield for ‘grooming’ before putting up for sale, selling to the aristocrats who need them!”

“Ah! Was it that group of female slaves which were traded today in the morning at the auction venue” Someone answered, “Aiyaya, those female slaves were all very delicate and beautiful.

If it weren’t for Mr.

Bisoya’s bid to be too high, I would have liked to buy a few and ‘raise’ them after returning.

Maybe they could have been resold for a good price!”

“Exactly, Mr.

Bisoya had even paid to the Trading Center.

At this time, Trading Center had collapsed, he may have suffered a huge loss….”

“Ai ai, paid the money but didn’t receive the beautiful female slaves.

If it were me, I’d cry too!”

“Who knows when would the Trading Center be reconstructed….”

The discussions kept going on centered on this topic in the public channel.

Immediately it came to their mind that along with the death of Bofei and his sons, Bofei Trading Center only exists in name.

Perhaps one day, another big shot may come and take over the agent’s position of the Trading Center.

But, rebuilding Trading Center would not be an easy thing.

Of course, all these are for Universe Commerce Alliance to worry about.

They just need to keep doing their business.

Ai, we only hope that the later agent can be a little kinder and exploit them less.

After a while, those aliens lost interest.

So, they bid each other goodbye and in twos and threes left with their attendants and bodyguards, returning to their respective ruling planets.

Just then, the void distorted like ocean spray emerging on waves, and a black-haired youth stepped out of the warped space.

He saw the infinite and disorderly, dim expanse of stars as well as that distant burning planet and the two solid planets revolving around it, while the dark orange super dragon ball was missing.

“It has again disappeared” Xiaya took out the dragon ball radar and looked at it.

The light dot above representing super dragon ball was moving at slow speed…..

“So, it was just blown away by the energy produced due to planet’s explosion.

I thought Vados had hidden it again! As long as it was not hidden away by Vados.” Xiaya thought with a smile.

Initially, when Bofei Trading Planet was being destroyed, Xiaya had teleported away with that group of female slaves and found a place on a small planet to settle them down before hurriedly returning back without stopping to rest.

He didn’t expect that super dragon ball to have unexpectedly disappeared as if it had grown legs.

It’s really not easy to look for the super dragon ball ah! Xiaya couldn’t help but sigh.

He had naturally found the 4-star dragon ball in the 7th universe without much effort, but in the 6th universe, he had to run into Vados who disrupted his plans.

6-star dragon ball was placed by Vados on the Bofei Trading Center so that he and Bofei would ferociously fight for it.

As for the 7-star dragon ball, he still doesn’t know its whereabouts.

Soon after, he shook his head and tossed away these worries.

He should first look for the 6-star super dragon ball.

His gaze fell on the position shown on the dragon ball radar, and the shrunken star chart of the universe’s starry sky appeared in his mind.

Immediately, he launched Instant Transmission to rush over.

At this moment, in a starry sky not far from the Bofei Trading Center, beautiful starlight sprinkles down making it look like beautiful patterns engraved on a black scroll if viewed from far away.

The antiquity revealing boundless immortal charm.

A beam of light was traversing through the starry sky dragging a long bright tail.

A super-huge dark orange planet was moving forward along a straight path with uniform speed, neither fast nor slow, leisurely.

That dark orange crystal planet was so massive that when it moved past other planets, its diameter of nearly 40000km made them appear as if a short person had come across a giant person, appearing extremely tiny.

Shua, the silhouette of a person suddenly appeared in front of the Super Dragon Ball.

It then stretched out its arm forward, putting it in front of the Super Dragon Ball’s trajectory.

Huala, the distance between both sides got nearer and nearer.

Super Dragon Ball’s smooth surface gradually became a vast flat land.

Super Dragon Ball was dozens of times the size of earth.

Obstructing in front of it, it looked as if a mantis was trying to stop a chariot.

But next, something miraculous happened.

Ka, with a low muffled sound, invisible ripples radiated outwards, and the super dragon ball really stopped.

“Finally got this super dragon ball.

Next, I have to move it.

” Xiaya nodded his head while touching the super dragon ball’s surface.

He closed his eyes and begin to launch Instant Transmission.

Due to super dragon ball’s size being enormous, he has to completely wrap space-time ability around it when launching Instant Transmission and this requires the entire super dragon ball to be still.

Furthermore, the whole teleportation process needs around ten minutes time.

As Xiaya kept instilling his Ki, net-like crystal lines begin to cover the entire surface of the dragon ball.

Gradually, the sparkling and translucent lines became more and more concentrated, and the preparatory work was done.

Super Dragon Ball slightly begins to tremble.

“Instant Transmission!”

Following his loud shout, Xiaya disappeared along with the super dragon ball.

Next second, he appeared in another very distant starfield where another super dragon ball was.

As the two super dragon balls were gathered together, they immediately burst out into bright golden flashes along with “weng weng” low buzzing sounds like two continuously flickering rainbow signals.

“Now then, there is only one last super dragon ball left, but I don’t know where has Vados hidden it!”

As he thought of how he hadn’t gotten any news of the last super dragon ball yet, Xiaya’s eyebrows were knitted.

Only when all the seven dragon balls are gathered together would they display their role, lacking any, the other six would just be ornaments.

That Vados isn’t deliberately not letting me obtain the 7th dragon ball, right

No, according to her words from before, she would just raise the difficulty level of looking for the dragon ball, so it is unlikely for her to do that!

Xiaya inwardly pondered.

Angels like Vados and Whis, they always keep a neutral attitude no matter what is happening in the universe, even if a universe is going to be destroyed.

If not ordered by God of Destruction or a higher level god, they would only look on without lifting a finger.

So, she has no reason to prevent him from getting the super dragon ball.

It seems Vados is afraid that God of Destruction Champa would find out she let him take away super dragon ball and blame her afterward.

So, she symbolically increased the difficulty level for him.

But… Xiaya bitterly laughed as Vados’ symbolic difficulty level has created too big of a nuisance for him!

“Forget it, let’s look for some other clues.

I have already gathered 6 super dragon balls and certainly cannot lack the final one.”

Thinking about it, Xiaya again used Instant Transmission to leave and returned to the small planet where he had settled down those female slaves he had saved from Bofei Trading Center————-He also can’t just abandon them there!

On the other side, mysterious Destruction God’s Planet.

The enormous Divine Tree soared stretched across the entire Destruction God’s Planet.

Beside a lake, blue waves undulate, and green and tender grass care-freely and lightly undulates like ripples on the surface of the water.

Vados was sitting on the ground as her beautiful and exquisite silvery grey hair fluttered in the light breeze, swaying with the wind.

Her green divine robe stuck to her curvaceous, graceful curves, showing another kind of beauty.

All along, a smile hung on Vados’ calm face as her bright eyes watched the scene on the crystal ball above the scepter.

“Ai, this kid from the 7th universe seems to be a Saiyan, and he knows so many skills, but it is a pity that they are just flashy with no substance, or else it wouldn’t have taken him such a long time to deal with a trivial Bofei.

He still needs to temper himself….”

Vados lightly smiled.

With just a glimpse, she had entirely seen through Xiaya’s strength.

Although Xiaya did not use his space-time ability too much.

With how much experienced Vados was, she could understand Xiaya’s situation entirely.


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