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Seeing Xiaya reappear, Bofei finally came to understand what it meant to fight an undying opponent.

His deep blue eyes contracted as he noticed that his opponent had fully healed, and his body was in good condition.

Bofei’s face madly changed as he shouted loudly in disbelief.

“Bastard! How can he again recover”His voice trembled, and his heart could not help but give birth to a trace of fear.

He knew that at his current injured state, he was not the other’s opponent.

He already lost the will to kill Xiaya, and simply wish to escape from here as soon as possible to retain his life.



The two brothers were terrified and instinctively shouted.

But Bofei was also helpless.

“Today, all of you must die here!!” Xiaya’s voice was icy cold, void of any emotion.

It was like the King of Hell passing down judgement, causing their hearts to go cold.


Bofei’s expression distorted as he shouted in anger.

Disregarding the piercing pain in his body, he shot out a bright red transparent beam of energy from his palm.

The energy beam was slender and transparent like an invisible laser.

If not for the slight distortion caused by the friction between air and the beam, it would not have been discovered all all.

Noticing these subtle changes, Xiaya quickly responded with a sneer.


He pressed his fingers together to form a palm blade before forcefully swinging it out in a beautiful arc.

Carrying a vast and dreary imposing aura, it directly struck the energy beam shooting towards him.

With rumbling sounds, Bofei’s energy beam was directly bent as it collided accompanied by densely packed stream of arrows erupting out.

The whistling energy wave brushed by the ground, leaving deep and straight lines on the huge ground.

Throughout the whole process of repeatedly getting injured and recovering during the fight, Xiaya’s battle power continued to rise.

Like an unsharpened blade, it gradually glimmered with a chilly light of a magic weapon after going through sharpening via Bofei, this whetstone.

Now, the seriously injured Bofei was far from Xiaya’s match.

“Go to hell!” Bofei roared with ferocious eyes.

His hands twisted and suddenly gathered a tyrannical scarlet energy ball which emitted bursts of evil aura.

He burned through nearly all his life force to gather it, and once he threw it, the entire planet would likely not survive.

At this point, Bofei had already stopped caring about it.

His heart was full of destruction, wanting to destroy the planet together with Xiaya.

Hu… the air quivered.

The whole planet trembled and a frighteningly cold energy permeated everywhere.

“Netherworld Destruction Cannon!!”

Bofei’s deep-blue bloodshot eyes fiercely swept over, and an ice-cold harsh imposing aura instantly sealed the surrounding space like a cage.

The world became grey as if it has lost its colours, and the thousands of meters of distance froze while space-time seemed to have lost its meaning.

The moment he threw out his attack, the burning air stilled, and a thick smell of death permeated the atmosphere.

Kacha, there was a sound of glass shattering, and the pink agate eye at the center of Bofei’s forehead could not endure the continuously stirring fierce energy any longer and shattered into pieces.

In the sky, Xiaya looked down at this scene and simply shook his body, reducing the dense killing intent in his dark eyes.

He then clenched his teeth and began to gather all the Ki in his body into a giant sphere of energy.

“Space-time Breaking Punch!!”

Icy blue rays of lightning intertwined with the awe-inspiring amount of energy, and shot forward.

The splendid and dazzling light soared through the sky like a frost dragon which swept out mighty imposing aura and earth-shaking electric rays.


The ancient vigorous ice blue divine dragon directly collided with the frightening Netherworld Destruction Cannon, and instantly erupted out with a heaven and earth resounding loud noise.

Rumble! Rumble!

For a brief period of time, the sky seemed to have returned to the hazy chaos before the creation of heaven and earth, while the sun became dark.

The planet itself began to shake violently, and the vast ice-blue energy which was surrounded by tingling deep-blue electric arcs soon overwhelm the Netherworld Destruction Cannon’s aura.

Thump! Under the fist aura, space-time shattered, and it swallowed the entire Netherworld Destruction Cannon.


With a heart-rending cry, Bofei could only display a distorted unwilling look on his face as he was swallowed up by the devastating and frenzied energy.

Under the massive thunder and lightning frightening explosion, his body was squeezed, torn, and quickly disintegrated into powder.



Two other blood-curdling screams could be heard, as Boku and Bolton were also swallowed up by the berserk energy, and also turned into powder with any resistance.

“Oh crap.

I used too much force, the planet is going to be destroyed too!”

After swallowing the trio, the space-time shattering energy did not stop and continue to rush towards the planet’s core.

With a kacha sound, the core of the planet was pierced through, and the berserk energy shot out from the other side of the planet.

Bofei Trading Center’s main star was soon going to be doomed.

Huala, as the planet’s core shattered, dazzling rays of light began to appear all across the planet as major tectonic plates became unstable causing hurricanes, tsunamis, and massive storms to rush in.

Amidst rolling thunder and lightning, the tectonic plates were torn apart by the tremendous power and were quickly smashed into several pieces.

The planet began to enter it’s countdown to destruction.

The aliens still on the main star who could not escape in time were in panic.

They didn’t even know that their ruler had already died before them.

They could only watch helplessly as the burning lava drew closer and closer before swallowing them up.

“Ah! Ah! What’s going on It’s so hot.”

“Save me! Please, someone save me!” Crying and shrieking like mad, everyone frantically tried to escape.

Small spacecrafts tried to escape before the planet shatters.

For a moment, numerous bright beams of light intertwined in the starry sky, swiftly shooting out into the vast starry sky….

“I should also leave as soon as possible!”

Xiaya gazed at the that burning deep crater, and a numb feeling swept through his heart.

The destructive power of a planet’s explosion was not to be taken lightly, so he prepared to leave using Instant Transmission without any delay.

When suddenly, he sensed a group of weak auras gathered together.

There was only one possibilty for the weak auras to appear on the main star of the Bofei Trading Center!

Xiaya immediately teleported over and saw the caged female slaves who have faces filled with utter despair.

These were the slaves that were auctioned off, but did not get the chance to be delivered.

Since the planet was about to be destroyed, the buyers did not have the luxury to worry about them, and were busy trying to escape by themselves.

“Forget it, since I have already seen you, I’ll save you time on the way.” Quickly coming to a decision, Xiaya walked in front of them and spoke with the help of his translation device: “Everyone hold each other’s hand, I will take you away!”

The panic-stricken female slaves failed to understand the reason for it and used their hands to cover their fiery bodies which were sparsely clothed.

Just when Xiaya felt a headache coming, they finally reacted and hurriedly muttered for a while before joining hands with one another.

“Good, that’s right!” Xiaya smiled before launching Instant Transmission.

They teleported out of the main star and came to one of the other two planets of the Bofei Trading Center.

However, he still felt that it was not much safe, so he teleported them to a even further away place.


A loud muffled noise resounded throughout the starry sky, and the huge planet turned into universe dust amidst the huge thunderous explosion.

The destructive force from the massive explosion even shook the two other planets, while the Super Dragon Ball which was much comparatively much larger in size has weak gravitational field and thus shot away deep into the universe with a uniform speed, propelled by the planet’s explosion.


“Bofei Trading Planet has been destroyed…”

Seeing the main planet of the Bofei Trading Center disappear from the universe, King Kai heaved a long sigh, feeling somewhat regretful.

This feeling of witnessing the destruction of a life planet before his eyes was not very good, even if most of the people on it were evil.


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