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Bofei went completely ballistic.

Like a trapped beast that knew it is going to die, he launched attack after attack towards his surroundings.

Huge amounts of energy waves passed through the sand and the dust in the air.

In the midst of the huge storm, huge craters appeared on the ground due to explosions.

“He’s lost his rationality, so the rest of this fight should be easy!” Spitting out a mouthful of blood, Xiaya’s eyes shone like a torch.

He deeply exhaled a mouthful of turbid Ki, then his figure nimbly flashed across the sky, avoiding all the attacks.

His body swooshes and suddenly arrived before Bofei.

Right now, Bofei’s eyes were bloodshot, his entire being had sunk into a half-insane state.

Xiaya directed his palm toward Bofei which shone with a dull blue light rays.

A calm yet powerful surging energy suddenly formed.

“Not good!”

Bofei’s heart shook, he sobered up and hurriedly dodged.

But it was too late.

Bang! A huge mushroom cloud rose up high into the sky, the pale blue light illuminating the horizon.

The powerful energy continued to spread out in all directions with a world-shaking boom.

The clouds in the sky instantly vaporized, disappearing.

If someone was the in outer space, they could clearly see a huge flare rising on the planet.


Boku and Bolton turned pale with fright, as they raised their arms and took half a step forward to resist the devastating storm.

When the energy wave weakened to a level where they could withstand it, they both flew to the center of the explosion, trembling in fear.

There, they saw a huge crater of about several hundred kilometers in diameter and of unknown bottomless depth.

As if a meteor had struck, the rocks all around had been melted by the powerful energy into molten lava which keeps flowing out.

Black smoke and the smell of sulphur and iron assaulted their nostrils.

With eyes wide open in fear, the brothers stared at the frighteningly huge and deep crater which was like a deep chasm.

Fear flashed through their eyes, and they felt especially uneasy in their trembling heart.

They want to avenge their father, but as they looked at Xiaya in distance who was deeply gasping for breath, they didn’t dare budge.

Xiaya’s strength has completely frightened them.

“Father… could it be that father has already…” Boku’s lips trembled in disbelief as he spoke.

That immense heaven destroying and earth exterminating energy from just now had him realize the fact that even someone strong like their father absolutely wouldn’t be able to survive that explosion.

“Finally killed him.

That Bofei was indeed really formidable.” Xiaya deeply gasped for breath.

The attack just now had depleted pretty much all of his energy.

Even moving now was a struggle.

“First I need to use a senzu bean to restore my physical strength!”

Saying this, he took out a senzu bean from his dimensional space and was preparing to eat it.

This would be the third time he is going to eat a senzu bean.

He ate two during the fight, and now a third after the fight.

To eat three senzu beans in one battle, only Xiaya who have plenty of senzu beans dare to do it.

In the original work, which Dragon Ball Fighter didn’t regarded senzu beans as treasure They had even wanted to break it into two for eating.

If they knew that Xiaya was squandering senzu beans by treating them like fried beans, they would probably wish to strangle him to death.

But at this time, something unexpected happened——

A beautiful poppy-like beam of light abruptly shot out like lightning and before Xiaya had time to react, the dark-red and beautiful yet extremely cold-blooded energy beam entered in from his chest and came out from behind.

“Ahhh!” Xiaya gave a heart-rending cry of pain, and immediately fell to the ground, the senzu bean dropping out of his hand.

Surprisingly, a battered and bloodied figure unsteadily floated up from the bottomless crater, and collapsed on the ground, gasping heavily for breath.



Boku and Bolton shouted out in surprise.

Their voices were filled with surprise and disbelief.

They were like people who had been drifting out at sea for countless days, starving and soon to die, but they saw a land in the last moments of their life.

The suddenly appearing feeling of surprise almost caused them to faint.

But, Bofei cut a sorry figure at this time.

His scales were in disorder, horrible wounds were across his entire body, and the agate eyes on his head were dim and discolored.

It was hard to find any sort of intact skin on his body.

Even Bofei himself did not believe that he could survive just before he was attacked by Xiaya’s energy wave, but it turned out that his life was quite tenacious.

“Jiejie, human, you didn’t think I would survive, did you” With support from Boku and Bolton, Bofei staggered towards Xiaya as a dark red mist squirmed around his body, releasing an extremely heavy sinister aura.

Huuu! Another beam of light flashed.

He extended his fingers out and a sharp laser-like electric ray shot out, hitting the soil around Xiaya, and immediately drilling a dark and bottomless small hole.

“Tell me, how should I torture you!” Bofei said as if success was already within his grasp.

Although he sounded exhausted, he still stood tenaciously.

He would personally take his time and torture the human who caused him to lose face.

“Father, let me do it.

I will surely make it so that he would wish to die.” Boku said hatefully.

“Right, torment him well.

Letting him die quickly would be letting him off too lightly!” Bolton clenched his hands and said with an ominous glint.

On the distant Kai’s Planet, King Kai anxiously paced around like an ant on a hot pan.

“Oh no, oh no! I didn’t expect Bofei to have actually survived such a powerful attack.

It’s over now!” Missing this golden opportunity, it would be very difficult to wish to have Bofei killed.

Bofei’s strength after his body transformation after all was one the best in the starfields under King Kai’s administration.

“Don’t be in a hurry, I want to kill this human personally.” Bofei’s voice was icy and cold, exuding intense hatred.

“Yes, yes, father you do it.”


The brothers nodded and relented the right to kill the human to their father.

“I really messed up this time.

I didn’t expect that Bofei could still survive under such an attack!” Xiaya’s eyes were half-closed in exhaustion, as the soul-penetrating pain and blood loss caused him to feel unusually tired, making it difficult for him to focus.

This time, he had really underestimated the enemy.

He thought it was enough to kill Bofei, but in the end, he was counter attacked by Bofei.

If the enemy’s death is not confirmed, one must not lower their guard.

This incident had given him a profound lesson.

“However, do they really think they can kill me just like this” Xiaya gasped as his dark eyes stared at Bofei and his two sons.

He suddenly revealed a sneer and loudly shouted, “Instant Transmission!”

Before the trio’s surprised and doubtful eyes, he suddenly turned into a beam of light and vanished from their sight.’

“What happened How did he disappeared!”

When he saw the prey which was already in his grasp had suddenly vanished, Bofei roared angrily.

But this only served to affect his wounds, causing him to bare his teeth and burst into a fit of violent coughing.

Hundreds of kilometers away, Xiaya’s figure suddenly appeared on a mountain top.

After landing, he immediately took out a Senzu bean with difficulty and ate it.

Kacha, the senzu bean broke apart and a rich vitality spread in his mouth and all his injuries were quickly repaired.

The horrifying hole in his chest disappeared and was replaced by a new, white and tender skin.

“One only learns from one’s mistake.

But it was really too dangerous this time.” Xiaya stood up and sighed with a grave and stern countenance.

He sneered and spoke, “It’s your bad luck that you weren’t able to kill me the first time!”

Then, he once again returned to where Bofei and his sons were.


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