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Senzu Bean was indeed worthy to be called a healing panacea.

In the blink of an eye, the injuries on Xiaya’s body disappeared once more.

Seeing that the human before him once more became vigorous and lively, Bofei’s expression turned livid and the fury in his heart reached the max.

“Bastard!” Bofei could only helplessly curse in rage.

Fighting this sort of enemy who could fully recover almost immediately, and who gets stronger the more they fight really causes his scalp to feel numb.

He didn’t know what to do.

Bofei’s battle power after his transformation was actually far above Xiaya.

Even after exhausting all his cards, Xiaya’s combat power had been worse than Bofei’s.

However as time passes, the side effects of his body transformation will gradually began to appear.

His physical strength, speed, and energy were all gradually weakening, while Xiaya remained in his peak state all along with the help of senzu beans and even his battle power was steadily increasing.

It was as if he was treating Bofei as a sharpening stone for honing his skills.

If this continued, Bofei might not be defeated, but would get forcibly dragged down by Xiaya.

“What a shameless and despicable human!”

Clenching his hands, Bofei’s eyes were cruel like a ferocious beast.

The eye on his forehead glimmered with a cold light as he fixedly stared at Xiaya.

Sensing Bofei’s anger, Xiaya smirked and voluntarily retreated backwards, thousands of meters away from Bofei.

This small amount of distance for them who can cross hundreds of thousands of meters in a second was not much, and could be crossed in a flash.

A breeze brushed past the land, raising a curtain of dust.

“You damn brat, you ca be cocky for now, but I will soon make it so that you wished that you were dead!” Bofei’s eyes were malevolent like a ravenous wolf.

His icy and bloody eyes were without any emotion.

Like a beast staring at his prey, he closely watched Xiaya.

“Ha!” Bofei suddenly let out a loud shout before his body vanished.

His silhouette could not be found anywhere on land or in the sky.

His guard up, Xiaya’s eyes kept following Bofei’s movements.

Suddenly, a bright light flashed through his eyes as he raised his arms and punched in a certain direction.


Punches which were filled with violence created an whirlwind which astonishingly erupted out into invisible Ki ripples.

Seeing that his strategy did not yield any result, Bofei whizzed towards the sky immediately turning into a sharp ray of light, and quickly got out of counterattacking Xiaya’s range.

He then began to launch attacks at a more tricky angle.

This time was Bofei was truly furious.

Like an arrow, he rapidly shuttled back and forth.

Each of his attacks contained exhilarating and suffocating power.

Because he knew that the longer this dragged on, the more unfavorable it would be for him!

“Go to hell! Dragon Roar!”

A dazzling bright red energy beam shot out of Bofei’s mouth.

Like a fierce demon crawling out from the depths of the abyss, it headed towards Xiaya.

Xiaya’s expression was stern as a maniacal look flashed in his eyes, he also used energy wave to attack.

“Energy Shock Wave!”


Momentum of the roar which was surging forward was extremely powerful.

A huge mushroom cloud immediately rose thousands of meters high into the sky.

The thick and turbid energy immediately penetrated the atmosphere, sending large amounts of energy into the depths of the universe’s starry sky.

Within the atmosphere, debris filled the sky, and the blast whirled around gravels, sending them out in all directions.

“Ahhh!” A wave of energy swept over Boku and the others head, scaring them to hurriedly lie on ground to dodge it.

“This is too dangerous.

Their fight is getting increasingly out of control.

I can’t stay here for another second.”

“Quickly, lets leave.

This planet is no longer safe, we have to leave as soon as possible!”

Several daring aliens that had stayed to watch the battle were blown far away.

They wiped the sweat from their foreheads, and hurriedly called out to leave, no longer caring about the supposed awe-inspiring fight.

At this point, both Bofei and Xiaya paid no heed to anything, and were hell bent on killing one another.

Big and fierce moves were sent out repeatedly, with no concern for the life and death of the people on the planet.

Soon all the spectators had left, and besides the two fighting on the battlefield, only the anxious Boku and Bolton were still left.

On the other side of the planet, the main venue, the huge colosseum, and even the entire capital city was in utter chaos.

Everyone was frightened out of their minds by the far-away fighting auras.

Every few seconds, the land would fiercely tremble as if the planet was going to shatter at any moment.

“Quick, prepare the spaceship.

I must leave this planet immediately!”

“What is going on Is it the end of the world” Some ignorant universe merchants who were frightened out of their wits, grabbed some aliens along the way and asked.

But at this time everyone didn’t even have enought time to escape, so how could they still have the time to care about anyone else

Some aliens or lone travelers who were near spaceships immediately jumped in and escaped as fast as they could.

No one knew how long the planet could last for.

“Hey hey, that’s my spaceship, you can’t leave…” At this time, all sorts of bad things were being performed.

Bofei Trading Center was a place that shelters evil people and allows vile practices.

So when their own life and safety is involved, every alien showed their worst side.

The action of robbing spaceships, creating uproar to fighting as well as fight between factions can be seen everywhere.

Soon, the auction venue was completely destroyed.

Some aliens whose strength was not bad also took action to gain an opportunity to flee for their lives…..

“Alas, so much chaos.

Bofei Trading Center is doomed this time.”

On his planet, the emaciated King Kai had both his hands behind his back as he shook his head and sighed.

The vast majority of the aliens in the Bofei Trading Center were incredibly evil.

So, he naturally wasn’t feeling regretful about their deaths, but he pitied the slaves who were captured.

“But who is that human So many years have passed but I have yet to see such a powerful human.

Looking at how the more he fights, the stronger he gets.

Could he be a Saiyan instead” King Kai began to speculate Xiaya’s identity but then immediately shook his head.

Saiyan’s may be strong but no so outrageously.

How could Saiyans have battle power over one million But with too little information, he could not guess Xiaya’s identity.


“This Bofei’s strength has begun to deteriorate His attacking power is getter weaker and weaker!” Xiaya coughed out a mouthful of blood, dragging his scarred body as he gasped for air while his eyes were filled with exhaustion.

The battle armor on his body had long since been torn apart.

He could tell that Bofei’s body could no longer bear the heavy burden.

Both his strength and speed were rapidly declining.

If the fight continues, then it would certainly end in his victory.

He broke away, stopping the fight.

When Xiaya’s voice transmitted to his ears, Bofei’s body shook and his eyes widened.

He saw the human floating in front of him shook his head at him, his expression was as if victory was already within his grasp.

Bofei knew his weakness, so his countenance turned malevolent as he clenched his teeth and roared like a wild animal.

“What does a human like you understand I, Bofei, have been in charge of the Trading Center for hundreds of years, and has never lost!”

He roared angrily, the veins on his head squirming.

He sent a ferocious glare at Xiaya as he wildly attacked in all directions as if he had lost his rationality.

Rumbling explosions continued to resound, and the land violently shook up and down.

The ensuing storm rolled up dust and sand before prevading them in all directions.

The sky and earth was blurry.

The scene of sky shaking and earth moving was enormous as if it was the end of the world.


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