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When the thick smoke gradually dispersed, a huge crater that had a diameter of more than a kilometer revealed itself before everyone’s eyes.

Gazing at the boundless land that had been destroyed beyond recognition, everyone present shivered and felt a chill shrouding the very depths of their soul.

Their throats dried up and they could not even speak a word for some time.

At this moment, both brothers and the aliens, and lone travellers who were previously boasting about their strength were silent.

Such an outcome was brought about by Sir Bofei’s frightening punch.

This was a power at universe-level destruction! So powerful that it could cause the very depths of the soul to tremble! For a while, everyone’s eyes became fervent.

“That human should have been annihilated by Sir Bofei, right

Suddenly, questions began to break out among the spectators in the distance, and people began to talk in groups of two or three as soon as the silence was broken.

“He has to be dead.

After taking such a frightening attack, even if he had a tough body he still wouldn’t be able to withstand it!” Someone replied with certainty.

“Sir Bofei’s attack was so powerful, there is no way he can survive!”

By placing themselves in the human’s shoes, the shocking display of power still lingered in the depths of their heart, not dispersing for a long time.

No one believes that under such a powerful attack, there would still be someone who could survive.

Even the brothers believed without a doubt that the human was dead.


At the center of the burnt yellow crater, the solid gravel had been heated so much due to the high temperature that it turned into a molten sticky substance.

Everything was quiet as black smoke arose, blazing and barren.

It looked incredibly barren and was filled with a deathly aura which was left after a volcano that had been accumulating for a long period of time had erupted.

At this moment, Bofei was floating above the ring-shaped crater while frowning.

His two blue and two red eyes were fixedly staring below at the huge crater which was pitch-dark like an abyss.

Is that human really dead

Unlike the spectator’s certainty, Bofei himself felt rather uncertain.

After all, that human was a super expert that was on a similar level as him.

Such an attack should not be deadly enough to kill him!

One can never be too careful!

He cautiously gazed at the crater while on guard.

“What is going on Why is Sir Bofei still on guard” Someone noticed Bofei’s change and asked doubtfully.

“Could it be that the human is still not dead after taking on such an attack” A trembling voice asked.

Suddenly, Bofei trembled as he felt an aura from the depths of the ground.

Sure enough, he could feel that human’s aura still majestically burning and raging.

The aura was like a bright light flashing in the darkness, stinging his eyes.

That human was indeed not yet dead.

His complexion changed, and his expression turned grave.

This human’s life force was really tenacious!

On the outskirts of the battlefield, seeing that Bofei was still in a fighting stance as if facing a great enemy, Boku and Bolton were extremely confused.

However almost immediately, they seemed to have discovered something, their countenance suddenly changing.

How is this possible The human’s aura had not disappeared yet!

Their lips trembled slightly in disbelief as they turned their heads and stared at one another.

Both saw shock in the other’s eyes.

At this time, the gravel-filled ground suddenly buzzed and began to shake fiercely, as if something was trying to break out from the ground.

Afterwards, flickering pale golden beams of light burst out from the ground, shooting up to thousands of meters in height.

Simultaneously, a small black dot suddenly soared to the sky along with a beam of light!

Like a black sword, it shot righteously towards Bofei in midair.

“Come!” Bofei’s pupils suddenly contracted.

He crossed his arms and made a defensive posture, and burning hot aura erupted out of his body.

It looked like a second sun had appeared in the sky.

With a loud bang, the pale golden aura collided with the red aura.

Instantly the entire sky was filled with color along with loud sounds.

After the collision, both sides quickly separated, each occupying one half of the sky while staring at each other with apprehension.

At the moment, Xiaya’s whole body was bruised and cut a rather sorry figure.

High in the sky, after passing through the thin atmosphere, little drops of bright red liquid could be seen trickling down; he painted quite a miserable appearance.

Knowing his body’s condition, Xiaya heaved a big sigh.

He had no choice but to take out a Senzu Bean and swallow it down.

Without it, it was unlikely for him to continue fighting.

Immediately after eating the senzu bean, under its healing effect his flesh moved and his injuries stabilized.

Then, he slowly descended to arrive at Bofei’s height.

“This… this human even has a regeneration ability!”

Seeing that Xiaya was unscathed as he descended, the crowd burst into exclamation.

Because no one noticed Xiaya swallowing the senzu bean, it’s effect was therefore mistaken to be the fabled regeneration ability.

Bofei also did not saw it and thus was very shocked!

Regeneration ability.

This was something which countless aliens yearned for, and was unattainable even in their dreams.

It was also publicly recognized as the most difficult ability to counter.

Unexpectedly, this human had even master such a magical ability.

At this moment, Bofei was extremely envious, and his scarlet eyes began to release even more killing intent.

However deep in his heart, he was no longer confident in being able to defeat Xiaya.

“It is quite unexpected that you, a mere human, even has a regeneration ability.

I’m becoming more and more curious about you, yet that only makes me more motivated to defeat you.”

Bofei’s gloomy voice echoed out as his two pairs of blue and crimson eyes spewed out terrifying murderous intent.

He took a step forward, and instantly crossed the distance between the two, arriving before Xiaya.

He grinned evilly and said, “I hope you can continue to be just as lucky after a while!”

Xiaya was silent as his dark eyes closely observed Bofei’s movements.

He knew that Bofei was actually a little nervous, which was simply perfect.

The more nervous he was, the more likely he was to expose flaws in the fight.

Whether the other party was bluffing or not, or if he had a card up his sleeves, Xiaya was totally unconcerned!

Though to be honest, Bofei’s overwhelming violent attack just now had actually startled him, even causing him to fall into a crisis.

If it weren’t for the fact that he resolutely chose to evade by going underground at the critical juncture, he may not have died but he would have surely lost his ability to move.

So when confronting Bofei, Xiaya maintained an unprecedented vigilance.

Huo huo, the pale golden aura began to burn once again.

Because of his earlier injuries, the Saiyan’s unique characteristic had been stimulated.

Xiaya’s Ki compared to before he had ignited his Ki was much stronger.

This was obviously not good news for Bofei.

Seeing Xiaya’s aura increasingly getting stronger as they fought, his cruel eyes protruded out.

Full of disbelief, his whole face became distorted as he snarled.

“In the entire universe, there is no one who can defeat this uncle!”

After he spoke, an even more wild energy erupted out.

This eruption was already a type of overdrafting.

In an instant, a somber and desolate aura shrouded the entire planet, and everyone clearly felt that the surrounding temperature had dropped by several degrees, becoming icy and bone-piercing.

The scene was especially solemn.


Far away, on a higher plane.

A dimension that was connected with the Underworld, where golden clouds floated in the blue sky like a golden ocean, carefreely floating amidst the waves.

The entire dimension was filled with a serene and unconstrained aura.

In this place filled with auspicious clouds, there was a small planet.

It wasn’t too big, it’s entire diameter not being more than five kilometers.

It was covered in lush green grass and blue-green flagstones were arranged in a disorderly manner to form a stone path.

Both sides of which had rows of lush bushes.

It was the place where the great Kai lives… Kai’s Planet.

At this moment, a light green-skinned petite figure wearing Kai’s uniform was lying down on a hammock between two trees, leisurely sleeping.

Suddenly, the two slender antennas on its forehead shook and caused its body to sway before its body fell down from the hammock.

The green-skinned Kai quickly got up, and jogged towards the direction pointed by its antennas.

Soon, it arrived at the place which represented the location of the Bofei Trading Center.

The antennas shook once again, and a few tiny rays flashed out, and the antenna immediately received information on what was happening at the trading center.

Upon going through the information of what was happening at Bofei Trading Center, King Kai was shocked and exclaimed.

“Ah! Who is that human He can actually fight someone of Bofei’s level!”

“Unbelievable, it’s simply unbelievable!”

Kai continued to investigate and quickly learned the know-how of the entire situation.

He could not help but feel elated.

Although Bofei was not as evil as the Frost Demons, he was still one of the most evil person in all the starfields under his jurisdiction.

As he was in charge of one-quarter of the Milky Way galaxy, he had to attend to numerous affairs, and had too many things to deal with.

Cancerous areas like the Bofei Trading Center which were sprouting everywhere, he had long since wanted to get rid of them.

But he was under-staffed, which slowly lead him to be unable to do what he wanted.

If that human could help him destroy the Bofei Trading Center, it couldn’t be much better.

Hence, King Kai could not help but expectantly observe.


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