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Due to the sudden rise in Bofei’s power, a heavy pressure swept out.

Xiaya’s expression turned grave, he did not expect that Bofei was also able to ignite his Ki.

Although his method was very crude, it was indeed a method to use Ki.

Ki ignition and Ki accumulation were all methods often used by the dragon ball fighters when they fought against their enemies in the original work.

This helped the fighters who had low battle power to exhibit formidable strength, far surpassing their normal power.

This resulted in them to stand out from the masses, and in key moments allow them to defeat powerful enemies and turn defeat into victory, achieving unexpected results.

For example, when Saiyans invaded Earth in the original work, Son Goku and Piccolo’s battle power was only around 300.

However facing against the threat of the Saiyan Raditz, they ignited their Ki and increased Battle Power to more than one thousand, and by firing a powerful Kamehameha and a Special Beam Cannon, they finally defeated Raditz who had 1500 battle power.

The Ki ignition method was a unique skill that was gradually developed by martial artists of earth because they faced natural threats all year round.

In short, it was to rapidly ignite the Ki that had been accumulated inside the body and use it to defeat enemies!

Of course, the disadvantage to such a skill was that there would be a period of weakness after its usage.

Xiaya did not expect to find an alien who could also use a similar skill on such a remote planet.

Yet compared with Dragon Ball fighters masterful use of Ki, Bofei’s ability was still rather crude.

He only had a surface understanding of the Ki, but it was enough to vastly increase his fighting power and exhibit extraordinary strength.

This was what Bofei had been working on for over several hundred year, drawing on the fighting experience of the many civilizations from all over the universe.

If he had not accumulated this experiences for many years, Bofei would never have been able to do even this much.

It also shows that Bofei is not a simple person!

“Hahaha! What a refreshing feeling! I have not used my full strength in so many years, so today I will use your blood as a momento to this moment!” Bofei floated in the air, an arrogant expression adorning his face.

At this moment, his whole body was covered in a layer of blood-colored aura, and the two blood red agate eyes on his forehead were turning around, flashing with an icy cold light.

Through this bout of fight, Bofei had already figured out the strength of this small human before him.

Although he was not willing to admit it, this human was really a troublesome opponent.

At the very least, his battle power was on par with him!

So it was not surprising to him that his two sons were not his match.

However, even if his strength was on par with him, so what A mere 700,000 Battle Power guy was no longer his match after he had opened his two eyes, which had increased his strength to 940,000.

Apart from being confident, Bofei was also somewhat pleased with himself.

Fortunately he had created this ingenious skill.

Otherwise, it is unlikely that he would have been able to deal with this opponent!

Bofei had fought numerous life and death battles throughout his life.

He knew that he could not allow the tiger to return to the mountains, so today is destined to be the day this human dies!

(TN: Letting an enemy go and risk causing him trouble later on.)

In the face of Bofei’s provocative words, Xiaya’s complexion sank and fury rushed out from his chest.

He more or less knows why Bofei is so arrogant, so he inwardly sneered: “Really an arrogant guy, but it’s not only you who can ignite his Ki!”

Naturally, Xiaya could also ignite his Ki.

But similar to amassing Ki, it would take some to prepare.

In addition, if he did so, he would be igniting his Ki in normal state.

So he did not want to use this technique unless it was a last resort.

But now that the situation had reached this point.

If he did not ignite his Ki, he wouldn’t be Bofei’s opponent.

If he want to take the Super Dragon Ball away, he must defeat Bofei!

After thinking about it, he reached a decision in his mind.

Taking a deep breath he shook his arms, releasing a loud shout.

Like suddenly turning on some sort of switch, his whole body began to burn with a pale golden aura.

Suddenly, a strong and frightening aura like that of a gigantic primeval beast exploded out.


This surging aura, like a silver bottle bursting open, suddenly spread out in all directions.

A pale gold radiance as if they are distorted streaks extended out to thousands of miles.

The might radiating off of Bofei’s body who had a smug expression on his face was suddenly suppressed.

“Xi xi xi…” the pale golden aura raged as the high amounts of energy condensed to form into bright white spots.

These bright white spots represented Xiaya’s strength after igniting his Ki.

Just like in the original work when Son Goku and Piccolo fought with Raditz, Xiaya’s strength at the moment was far beyond his normal self, it has been magically enhanced to 910,000.

“This… how is this possible! This human was still holding back!”

Bofei’s smug expression instantly became stiff, his complexion turning black as carbon dye, as he coldly looked at Xiaya.

Xiaya’s strength was far beyond his expectations.

He originally thought that only he had a Ki ignition skill, but he did not expect this human to have it too.

Other than the shock in his heart, Bofei only had one thought.

To kill his opponent.

He must wipe his existence from the face of the world, at any cost.

After coming to this conclusion, Bofei no longer showed any hesitation.

Releasing a loud roar, he swiftly dashed towards Xiaya, releasing powerful energy attacks from his palms along the way.

“Boom boom boom” The sounds of non-stop explosions echoed out in the desolate plain.

In the observer’s eyes, only two gold and red streaks could be vaguely seen flashing across the quiet plain like two slender ribbons.

Facing Bofei’s strong and powerful attacks, Xiaya was naturally very careful, not daring to be careless.

He sped up his body’s movement speed, and once it reached it’s limit he utilized his ability.

In any case, he was going all out to increase his speed as much as possible.

Using his time ability, Xiaya’s body lightly moved around as if he was dancing, quickly shifting from one spacious place to another.

After several probing rounds of fight, Xiaya discovered that Bofei’s attacking power after Ki Ignition had become significantly more swift and violent.

Each attack brought forth enough power to seize the heavens.

It felt like he wanted to punch him to death in a single, powerful strike.

His Ki aura was not only crude, but also very overbearing.

However, no matter how strong he is, it was useless! Xiaya sneered in his heart.

At this time, a quiet and icy yet never-ending dark red light attacked.

Boom, Bofei swung his fist in a mighty blow.

To which, Xiaya quickly responded by making a defensive gesture.

Bang! Both of them were sent flying backwards hundreds of meters away from the impact.

The force penetrated through Xiaya’s chest.

Utilizing his space-time skill, he was able to reflect energy equivalent to 30% of his strength, but the remaining energy still ran wildly through his body.

Pu! Xiaya spurted out a mouthful of blood from his mouth as his body did dozens of backflips in the air, and landed on the ground.

An incomparable force was immediately channeled into the ground causing it to sink as if it had suffered from a heavy and tremendous force.

In that instant his body’s aura and the ground came in contact with each other, it caused an explosion of an unprecedented scale.

After a loud rumbling, the large expanse of dust dispersed away and cracks began to spread out onto the ground.

The ground suddenly split open.

On the other side, Bofei flew backwards several hundred meters after colliding with Xiaya.

He quickly stopped himself in the air and watched the huge deep crater on the ground, his heart giving birth to a strong feeling of fear.

His blood-red agate eyes on his forehead spun around before he emitted killing intent as he swooped down from the sky.

“Good, once more!”

Xiaya spat out another mouthful of blood, the stabbing pain coming from his chest caused his movements to slightly slow down.

However at this moment Bofei’s tall and sturdy figure suddenly shot down from the sky…

“Boy, recieve my fist!

Bofei’s icy voice sounded in his ear, and his iron fist smashed down with a unparalleled formidable might.

So fast! This was Xiaya’s first reaction.

Immediately, loud rumbling sounds echoed throughout the heaven and the earth, and the ground sunk down by hundreds of meters.

Yellow sand splashed everywhere and small rocks flew about.

Various kinds of sands and rocks flew out in all directions like an artillery shell shooting out.

With booming muffled sounds, the hard rocks were like tofu as they were shot through with deep holes,

The entire planet shook violently.

All the aliens watching from thousands of meters away were scared out of their wits.

A slight chill rushed from their toes to the top of their heads, and their whole body was dominated by one emotion.



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