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Bofei floated towards Xiaya and stopped less than 500 meters away.

This small amount of distance was pretty much nothing to experts, for they only need a split second to cross it.

Bofei himself hadn’t taken action for almost a hundred years.

He thought he would never have the opportunity to fight again.

Especially after his two sons grew up, he fought less and less.

Regarding his two sons, he was very satisfied.

Both had become very powerful, so many of the trifling matters could be efficiently resolved by just sending them.

He felt relieved for both his sons.

Even when someone tried to snatch the crystal planet, he was not intending to take action.

However what he did not expect was that his sons were not the opponent of the other at all.

This was something that had not happened in many years.

He was livid in anger, his countenance extremely gloomy.

“Human, you are the most powerful human I have seen in these past hundreds of years.

Even those Saiyans are far from your match.” His voice was steeped with gloom, as his voice was directly transmitted using an unknown method to Xiaya’s ear.

Hearing Bofei’s words, Xiaya’s complexion changed slightly and his expression suddenly became serious.

He noticed that as Bofei stepped forward, an icy tyrannical Ki wall pushed out from his body.

It was extremely powerful and overbearing, not at all comparable to Boku and Bolton’s.

Facing such a powerful enemy, Xiaya did not dare be careless, immediately maneuvering his Ki to be on guard and resist Bofei’s imposing aura.

For a while, the two Ki’s opposed and clashed with one another in the outer space, causing a fiercely rotating vortex of energy to swirl out.

The vortex continuously swirled as if two transparent spheres were colliding with one another, creating muffled rumbling sounds.

Both Xiaya and Bofei’s bodies shook, their pupils dilating, and immediately looked at each other full of shock.

“This Bofei is truly worthy to be a person who has ruled the Trading Center for several centuries.

He is far more powerful than his two sons.” After experiencing Bofei’s strength for the first time, Xiaya knew just how powerful the tall and sturdy giant before him was, and he could not help but sigh with emotion in his heart.

The heavy feeling and faint excitement in his heart was telling him that Bofei’s body also contain an unimaginable power.

This was probably the most powerful enemy that he had encountered besides Cooler.

This time however, Bofei wasn’t like Cooler who was merely playing around with him.

Right now, Bofei was completely serious.

This gave him no choice but to be cautious!

Secretly using his “Spirit Eye” Secret Skill, a multicolored light covered his eyes and Bofei’s battle power was quickly turned into a series of data and vividly appeared in his mind.


This was Bofei’s battle power!

Xiaya was surprised, however it wasn’t really beyond his expectations.

Bofei was, as expected, a powerful expert.

760,000 battle power… he was almost on par with him!

As expected, he is worthy to be the manager of the Bofei Trading Center!

Such a strong opponent was already extremely rarely seen and is considered to be a super-expert in the universe.

If he was in a situation where he could not use his space-time ability, he would not have a 100% assurance of winning.

Additionally, he didn’t know if that was all the strength the other party had.

If Bofei was concealing something, the fight would become much more difficult.

But then, a smile appeared on Xiaya’s face.

Not only did he not shrink back, but instead he stepped forward, his whole body boiling.

At this moment, the blood in his entire body was boiling!

This was good too!

It was difficult to run into an evenly matched opponent who can be helpful to his carefree and extreme fighting style!

This was an excellent opportunity that was difficult to produce in any regular training!

“Let’s begin!” Xiaya expectantly shouted in his heart.

Huala, Xiaya and Bofei stared at each other for a moment, and then they attacked at the same time.

The speed of the two was faster than a meteor, and in a blink of an eye the originally less than 500 meter distance between them quickly disappeared.

It became tens of thousands of meters before they would collide into each other again and again.

For powerful experts like them, the range of tens of kilometers was nothing much at all.

It only took a few seconds for them to engage several hundred times, and the range of fighting between them rapidly expanded to nearly 100 kilometers.

At this moment…

Electric rays radiated all over, causing even the void to tremble!

Everytime they clashed, gravity would collapse before it became dense in the void, and then a powerful might would erupt out.

Vacuum environment was easier to move in than the atmosphere of a planet.

Because there was no air resistance, every force from an attack would be even more effective.

There was no loss in power whatsoever.

Boom! The vacuum suddenly trembled.

In flashes of light, Xiaya’s fists struck Bofei’s hard and shiny dark-red scales.

But the force of each strike was effectively blocked by the scales.

Like a shining hammer striking a gong, it would tremble producing solemn sounds.

Each strike would send out ripples of energy visible to the naked eye.

The ripples that seemed like ocean spray instantly turned into monstrous waves, seemingly wanting to swallow everything.

“Snort, are you tickling me” Bofei suddenly snorted coldly.

His eyes chilled and he silently took a step forward, leaving behind an afterimage in the void.

His entire person was like a ferocious beast, as quick as lightning he drew up close and launched an attack, punching out one after another.

Peng peng peng, the void began to shake again.

His strength was too great, every time his punch connected, it would cause great ripples in space.

Xiaya neither dodged or fled, instead chose to receive the fists head on.

As he felt the steady stream of fist’s might penetrating through his palms, he also began to gain a clearer grasp of Bofei’s strength.

Both sides continued to attack each other.

Xiaya laughed loudly and took on the other’s hits as he also counterattacked in rapid succession.

But it was just like before, every time his attack hit Bofei’s body, it was like knocking on an iron plate, blocked by thick layers of scales.

Xiu, after the first round of attacks, the two quickly put distance between each other.

Like two beams of light rapidly flying in space, another round of attacks was launched again!

Their speed already exceeded the limit of what naked eyes could observe.

Within a second, both sides had already fought against each other dozens of times.

Each time they fought, a world-shaking scene would burst out.

“Heavens… so fast.

I can’t see their movements at all.”

As the fight between Xiaya and Bofei continued, the aliens watching in the space were not able to keep up with the speed of their fight.

They all stared dumbfoundedly with wide eyes and as if they were seeing an illusion they could only get a rough idea of what was going on.

At this time, the remnant shockwaves swept out from the fighting area and caused everyone to be blown away.

“Hurry, everyone quickly move back, the remnant shockwaves of the fight are getting stronger…” Noticing that the range of battle kept expanding, a few urgent shouts sounded out.

It was probably a lesson learned from before, but the aliens have become particularly sensitive to battle.

After all, their personal safety was still above all.

When they saw something going wrong, they quickly dispersed in all directions.

The speed of escaping was just like a mouse seeing a cat.

It was not an exaggeration to say they were trembling with fear, and ran away without any gracefulness.

Soon the surroundings of the battlefield was empty, and only the two brothers were staying behind at their original place, looking at the fight with ugly expressions.

“Bunch of cowards!” Boku and Bolton saw them fleeing in panic and could not help but inwardly despise them.

But despite this, their hearts couldn’t help but sink as they turned to watch the scene before them.

“Too fast…”

They could only see flashes of lightning light up the battlefield, and afterimages after afterimages.

Both brothers had to put up an immense effort just to keep up with Bofei and Xiaya’s movements.

“Who the hell is this human and how is it possible for him to fight with father to such an extent” Boku stared in disbelief.

They understood deeply in their bone marrow Bofei’s strength, but now suddenly a supposedly human had appeared who could fight on par with their father.

They could not differentiate who was who in the battle, making them feel like the world was becoming illusory.

But they quickly calmed down.

“Hmph! Father still hasn’t gone all out yet, or that human would never be his opponent!”

Bolton was full of confidence in Bofei.

His expression distorted, face turning sinister.

When he thought of how his father would unveil his true strength in a while, turning that human into a bloody painting.

He was delighted!

Although Boku clearly do not have a fierce-looking appearance, his thinking was similar and along the lines of that of Bolton’s.

Xiaya continued to contend with Bofei.

Fist strength and energy waves blasting out all around.

The space within the 100-kilometer radius was becoming sticky, filled with scattered energy everywhere.

But even after all this time, he still failed to cause any substantial injury to Bofei.

Gradually, Xiaya puckered his eyebrows and inwardly thought, “The scales outside Bofei’s body is like a layer of armor.

If I can’t find a way to break through the scales, I can’t wound him at all.”

“Hahaha boy, with just this miniscule amount of strength, you are no match for this uncle.”

After a bout of fighting, Bofei had a light sneer on his face.

The horns on his head flashed with dark luster, and the dark red scales on his body made him look like a demon who came out of hell.

Xiaya did not respond and looked at him with an indifferent expression.

At this time his breathing was unusually calm.

He was not tired at all after the fight, and clearly hadn’t used his full strength yet.

He knew that the previous fight was only the two sides probing and figuring out each other’s strength.

No matter whether it was him or Bofei, either had yet to use their real strength.

Now that the warm up was over, the real fight was about to begin!

However, he must first find a way to leave the space environment.

This was because Saiyan’s could not survive in space like some aliens, and thus were not good at fighting in a vacuum environment.

The space environment they were in was a major factor that restricted him from displaying his true strength.

His breathing equipment was also restricting his movements.

If he wanted to exhibit his full strength, he must first leave the vacuum and return to a planet as soon as possible.

Xiaya glanced sideways at the distant pale main star, murmuring in his heart, I could surely exerty my full strength on that planet.


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