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Boku and Bolton moved, and countless lights intertwined together to form a large impenetrable net.

Both of them advanced, pressing attacks towards Xiaya.

Huala, dazzling rays of light burst out of nowhere, and the sparkling flashes immediately illuminated the whole audience, stinging everyone’s eyes.

Everyone was briefly blinded.


They glanced at one another, face flashing with happiness.

Right now they were serious and were finally treating Xiaya as a tough opponent! Their palms covered with thin scales pressed against each other, and two crystal clear energy balls appeared out of thin air before they began to shrink.

Then, a bright white ray of light burst out!

“Go to hell!” Yelling crazily, Boku and Bolton’s expression was incredibly sinister, and the bright white energy balls trembled.

With a xiu sound, the two energy balls pierced through space one after another and directly attacked towards Xiaya.

There were many shortcomings regarding human eyes, such as being sensitive towards bright lights.

It was something that human beings gained through evolution and could be considered an advantage in some areas, yet in battle it could potentially be a huge burden.

The reason why Tien Shinhan’s Solar Flare was so effective every time, and why it was able to achieve unexpected results, was because it made use of the eye’s overreaction to the stimulation of a strong light.

This was a natural defect in the visual image-forming system.

Therefore, one of the requirements for Ki training was to not depend on the naked eye to observe the opponent’s movements.

“However this time you have miscalculated!”

Xiaya’s mouth revealed a wisp of a sneer, they probably had not thought he didn’t need to use his eyes when sensing for Ki responses.

As the saying went, it is impolite not to reciprocate.

He suddenly stepped forward in a flash of light, shrinking the distance between them by half!

Pointing at the incoming energy ball, he assumed a counter-attacking posture and joined his thumb and forefinger together.

Huo, a flickering speck of light the size of a peanut was suddenly formed.

“Energy Blast!”

Xiaya shouted loudly and pushed both his hands forward.

The peanut-sized Energy Blast suddenly enlarged, with its diameters reaching up to 100 meters.

Its color changing from red to dark, and then with a overpowering frightening might it rushed forward.

Instantly, one large and two small energy balls met in space.


The smaller white energy balls collided with the dark Energy Blast.

Similar to when a small ball would collide with an titanium-alloy ball, it immediately produced a violent explosion.

A huge fireball appeared in space, and waves of energy surged ceaselessly spewing crimson flames everywhere.

In the dark universe, it looked like another star was born.

It was like a solar corona which extended out hundreds of kilometers spewing flames.

The energy balls fired by the brothers were instantly devoured by the Energy Blast, while as if having not encountered any obstruction, its frightening might continued to sweep towards them.

“My energy ball was actually broken!” Boku stared blankly, his heart turning cold and his forehead broke out into cold sweat.

Such a powerful Energy Blast caught him unprepared!

The same was true on Bolton’s end.

He never expected that his super energy ball couldn’t even withstand a single attack.

“Dangerous!” A sense of crisis arose in Bolton’s heart!

Facing the Energy Blast which had not decreased in might by even a little, Boku also felt danger approaching.

Hence he subconsciously shifted his body intending to break away from the engagement.

It was at this moment however, Xiaya’s second round of attacks rushed over, with an even more powerful force.

Boku’s heart trembled, and after dodging several times he discovered he had suddenly lost sight of Xiaya.

In the next second, Xiaya’s enlarged face suddenly appeared in front of his eyes!

“Ah!” Boku was frightened, and immediately after which he felt severe pain in his abdomen.

In less than a second, he suffered from an innumerable number of punches in succession.

The force from every punch penetrated through his back.

Boku’s eyes were full of stars as his body shot out like a artillery shell.


Seeing Boku being sent flying in a head-on collision, his condition incredibly miserable, Bolton eyes flashed with a frightened expression as he looked at Xiaya.

However, aware that his father was not too far away watching him, he had no choice but summon up his courage and pounce forward in a roar.

“Good, come!” Xiaya laughed heartily and immediately pulled away.

While confronting these two brothers, Xiaya had completely dominated the two with his strength! Rumble, large number of explosions appeared in the space, and the fight turned one-sided! The shocking scene awed everyone present.

“Heavens, is that person really a human Even after cooperating, Sir Boku and Sir Bolton could not capture him!” From afar, the aliens stared with eyes wide open, not daring to believe the scene before them.

It was especially traumatic to those who thought they were powerful fighters in their own right.

After they witnessed the fight between Xiaya and the two brothers, fear couldn’t help but rise in their hearts, and their backs became drenched in sweat.

“Awesome! Even though we are so far away, we can still feel the power of that heaven destroying and earth exterminating energy wave!”

“There are actually such powerful humans in the universe!”

Everyone present sucked in cold breaths, staring dumbstruck.

It must be known that Boku and Bolton’s battle power was more than 200,000.

This was incredibly high! However that human could actually compete with the two brothers and even subdue them.

What kind of strength is that

As the fighting continued, they discovered that the human did not seemed to have exhausted his strength, and in fact the battlefield was actually expanding.

“Everyone, quickly retreat!” Nobody knows who shouted it out in the communication channel, but the merchants all quickly reversed their spacecrafts and retreated at top speed.


Suddenly, the space shook.

In the middle of the battlefield, Xiaya produced an energy ball with an indifferent expression.

Then he turned it into countless tiny drops of rain, scattering it out.

The raindrops flashed with glittering splendor, like a beautiful crystal.

However, they suddenly converged together and turned into sharp swords, only to explode out with a loud bang.

The frightening energy rolled towards the brothers with lightning speed, while its remaining might swept outwards in all directions.

“Ah! Quickly run away! The explosing is going to swept towards us!”

Some of the sharp-eyed aliens noticed that the situation was not good, and hurriedly escaped backwards.

However, many more were not aware of the situation, so by the time they reacted it was too late to escape.

“Oh no! We can’t escape!”

In the face of such pure destructive energy coming in continuous streams, all the defense they had were of no use.

Very quickly the nearest group of ships and aliens were engulfed.

Under such highly concentrated energy and pressure, they had no time to react before they were burned to ashes.


close call.

That was too dangerous just now.

If we had reacted even a little bit slower, we would have died.”

Some of the aliens who had escaped the fastest felt the explosion behind their backs and dared not stop.

They were frightened beyond their wits, gasping for breath.

It was seriously too scary.

Even just the shockwaves of the explosion was so powerful.

It couldn’t be that Boku and Bolton who were at the center of the explosion were also killed, right

Everyone shuddered, and out of the corner of their eyes they cautiously looked to where Sir Bofei was.

They saw his face trembling, with blue veins twitching, and had a terrifyingly sombre countenance.

Not good! If something bad did happen to Boku and Bolton, then Sir Bofei would surely be enraged.

When that happens, the human would no doubt be dead, but they wouldn’t be much better off.

The furious Sir Bofei would pay them no heed, killing them all together!

At this time, they were neck deep in regret.

Why did they came here to  look at the fighting without any reason ah! Everyone looked expectantly at the center where explosion had occurred, hoping that the two sirs would be safe and sound…

The heavy smoke was quickly dispersed away by the vacuum, and two blurry figures could be made out.

Naturally, they were the two brothers who were still alive! Yet they cut quite a sorry figure, with arms hanging down, torn skin and gaping flesh, shining scales peeling off, their four eyes half opened, and blood flowing out of every inch of their body.

They were gasping heavily, no longer having their previous confident and leisurely appearance.

They were really lucky to be able to survive the explosion.

“Ah, damn it!”

Both brothers were riddled with wounds as they stared at the person not far away, who had inflicted all this onto them.

They shouted angrily.

Just now, they had brushed upon death’s door.

This was a feeling that they never felt before.

From childhood to now, they grew up under the protection of their father.

By the time they grew to be strong experts in these hundreds of years, not many people in the Milky Way Galaxy were their opponents.

This time however, they unexpectedly lost to the hands of a supposedly weak human.

A humiliating fury rushed out of their hearts.

They want to go and fight it out with Xiaya once again, but when they noticed his calm expression as if he hadn’t used even a little bit of strength, they hesitated.

Such formidable strength, could a human really possess it Is that person really even human

Had he already reached their father’s level

Both Boku and Bolton found it hard to believe, but since he had easily defeated them, his strength was certainly not inferior.

Boku, Bolton, both of you back off!”

Just as when they were hesitating, an icy voice from behind and they saw Bofei flying over, his countenance dark and cold.



“Both of you.


Off.” Bofei’s face hardened as he once again ordered.


Boku and Bolton responded loudly.

They understood that they were not the human’s match.

Now that their father was going to take action, they could only unwillingly back off.

“Human, you are the most powerful of your kind that I have seen in the past hundreds of years, and even those Saiyans are far from comparable to you.” Bofei’s voice was gloomy, as it was directly transmitted to Xiaya’s ear using a who knows what method.


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