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“Don’t…father! Do we really have to auction it off” Bolton was unwilling.

If this crystal planet was given to him, it would absolutely be one of a kind.

Bofei replied, “What Boku said is correct.

This thing is definitely not naturally formed.

It’s not easy to create such an enormous bead.

Do you think that it could be casually created by just anyone This means that whoever created this is definitely an extraordinary person.

Moreover, we don’t even understand what it is at all.

Keeping it in our hands would only bring trouble!”

“This… fine!”

Bolton was a little hesitant, but in the end he knew clearly what was important since he was more than a hundred years old and had survived in the universe for a long time.

He just simply felt that it was a pity.

What a beautiful planet it is, and it will have to be auctioned away.

Even he never had such a planet in his hands before!

However, what his father said was also correct.

Sometimes, the more beautiful something was, the more dangerous it was.

He could only reluctantly part with such a treasure.

Afterwards, the news about the postponement of the auction spread like wind in the Trading Center.

The merchants who had been preparing to trade planets and sell slaves were naturally dissatisfied.

If goods were to pile up in their hands for a long time, their loss would certainly be huge.

Thus, they made some inquiries through all sides and found out that the mysterious crystal planet would be auctioned off as the final item, hence the delay.

Although the merchants were somewhat surprised, the dissatisfaction within their hearts disappeared.

As for the merchants who arrived to the Trading Center late, although they discovered that a orange planet had appeared in the space like many others, they thought that the new orange planet was merely a building that was built by the Trading Center, and didn’t think too deeply about it.

After all, a planet size crystal ball gave the impression that it was an ornament of the Trading Center.

For this reason, they admired Sir Bofei for spending money so extravagantly.

Until when, they found out that it was actually an auction item that Sir Bofei had obtained.

Tut tut…..

This auction’s item size was seriously too big.

Never had a whole planet be moved over in the past when it was being auctioned off.

The merchants couldn’t help but exclaim in their hearts: Sir Bofei is really resourceful, he could even get a hold of such a large crystal planet.

As a result, the news that a rare crystal planet was going to be auctioned off at the Bofei Trading Center quickly spread out.

The universe merchants were not clear about the value of the dragon ball, nor did they understand the reason for its sudden appearance.

If they knew what the Super Dragon Ball could do, even if they had to stake it all and lose their family fortune, they would take the Super Dragon ball for their own.

Time flew by, and in a flash one month passed by.

All the aliens who heard about the news gathered over in the Trading Center.

The three stars of Bofei Trading Center was suddenly overcrowded.

Aliens, who rushed over from the nearby starfields could be seen everywhere.

Some of the aliens who were much farther away were rushing over without stopping to rest after receiving the news.

Who knows how many people will be present when the auction actually begins!

Many aliens who had already arrived were engaging in private transactions before the auction began.

Others flew in small spacecrafts to see the dragon ball with their own eyes.

They had never seen such a massive crystal ball before in their life.

They were absolutely stunned by the beautiful, smooth, and round appearance of the dragon ball.


On the other side, deep in the vast universe, extremely far away from the Milky Way Galaxy, a silvery-gray spaceship could be seen speeding through the starry sky like a small,bright meteor.

It’s bright light flashed through the curtain of darkness, leaving behind a trail of dazzling and colourful brilliance.

It has been nearly a whole month since Vados had sealed Xiaya’s space-time ability, and it was soon about to be released.

During this month, Xiaya who had at first been interested in observing and admiring the resplendent scenery of space eventually got bored after seeing the same scenery day after day.

After which, Xiaya used the majority of the time to train.

Although the ship’s body was small, since the small spacecraft was a ship the Feidayas developed for Xiaya’s personal use, it had all the training facilities inside.

However, it was certainly not as good as the complete facilities on Planet Hongshan.

Huo! An afterimage appeared, followed by a flash.

A glittering and translucent energy wave flew over from the side.

Xiaya, who was jumping around inside the ship abruptly stopped in front of the energy wave, and send an attack at the energy wave.

His hands were clasped tightly together, his palms slowly separated, and he brought about a strong light which quickly unleashed a frightening energy.

It roared out through his fingers, welcoming the coming energy wave like a legendary flood dragon.


With a burst of muffled noises, the two clumps of energy collided and immediately blew up into a huge cloud of blurry smoke like a budding flower that accidentally met a spring breeze.

It blossomed into a beautiful and delicate flower.

The violent explosion caused the ship to shake, which was very dangerous considering it was traveling at a very high speed.

Fortunately, the ship’s training cabin was built with special materials that could absorb a certain amount of energy.

If not, the explosion would likely have been enough to destroy the spaceship and killed people.

So, he had to be very careful when training on the ship.

He picked up a wet towel and wiped the sweat from his forehead.

Xiaya’s handsome face faintly smiled as he walked out of the training cabin and entered the bathroom.

After a workout, it was really a pleasure to soak in a hot bath.

After his bath, Xiaya wrapped in a bath towel walked out and picked up the dragon ball radar to take a look.

The signal still showed that the dragon ball was still in its original location and had not moved.

“It seems that the dragon ball is still there.

However, with Vados’ personality, she certainly won’t make it easy for me to get the Super Dragon Ball.

That place may even be a lion’s den!” Xiaya quietly pondered.

It wasn’t that he was afraid of a challenge.

Saiyans actually liked challenges.

The more difficult it is, the more they would face it head on!

When one defeats their enemy or breaks through a limit, the kind of carefree and uninhibited feeling that comes along with it was not only physically satisfying, but also spiritually nourishing.

“Except, there is still that other Super Dragon Ball that is unaccounted for.

I don’t know where it was hidden by Vados…” His eyebrows furrowed slightly.

The boundless universe was so large that wanting to find the other dragon ball whose signal was blocked would be really too difficult!

Could it be that Vados does not plan to let him obtain the Super Dragon Balls after all

Xiaya had this thought and almost immediately shook his head.

Vados stood at such a high level, so what she said should definitely be true.

Moreover, she certainly did not care much about the super dragon balls.

She wouldn’t do so!

A few days later, Vados’ seal on his body was as expected removed on time.

When the familiar space-time ability again returned to his body once again, he knew that Vados did not lie to him.

The next thing that Xiaya did however was not to directly use Instant Transmission to travel to the location of the dragon ball.

This was because he knew that there was bound to be a fierce battle when he arrived, so he had to adjust his mental state first.

Another month passed by in a blink of an eye.

After this period of adjustment, everything was ready.

Xiaya opened the cabin door and flew out of the spacecraft.

As the smoke arose, the ship changed back into the Hoi-Poi Capsule.

Putting the capsule into his dimensional space, Xiaya closed his eyes and meditated for a bit before teleporting to the position of the Super Dragon Ball, which was the Milky Way Galaxy.

Bofei Trading Center, main star.

On a green and boundless plain, a soft breeze blew, causing the leaves to gently rustle and the tender grass to bend down, forming exquisite ripples.

Warm sunshine radiated down making people feel lukewarm, and a refreshing faint fragrance floated through the air.

At this time, a quick beam of light flashed in the plains and Xiaya’s figure appeared out of nowhere.

Raising his head, he could see two giant celestial bodies suspended in the dark blue sky like a disc.

Indeed, it was the Bofei Trading Center’s three solid planets, with two additional round objects suspended beside the main planet.

Upon taking a closer look, there was one more huge dark-orange planet flickering with bright orange rays of light like a sun.

It was even bigger than the two planets next to it!

Super Dragon Ball!

Seeing the familiar thing before him, Xiaya shouted inwardly.

This ‘star’ was precisely the dragon ball that he had been looking for.

However Xiaya immediately curbed his smile and turned serious.

There was a serious problem.

How was he supposed to take away the Super Dragon Ball under the eyes of the masses! Vados put the dragon ball here, so she certainly wouldn’t let him take it away so easily.


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