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Bofei Trading Center, main star.

This was a planet that managed to retain most of its original appearance after undergoing technological transformation.

Simultaneously, it was also the venue for conducting trading center’s auctions, as well as the place where the great Sir Bofei resides.

All trades on the scale, from trading planets to trading large amounts of slaves, were carried out here.

Since Sir Bofei was such a mighty existence, no one dared to be unbridled on the main star.

At this time, in Sir Bofei’s palace, magnificent rainbow-like colours illuminated the surroundings as if it was daytime.

Inside the palace hall, there was singing and dancing to extol the good times and beautiful dancers gracefully dancing along with the music.

In front of the palace hall was a long dining table with the length of ten meters.

Sumptuous food was piled on top like a small hill.

But, what was incongruous with the beautiful scenery was that a giant burly fellow taller than five meters was leaning over the table, and with total disregard to the performances in the hall, was crudely and loudly doing his own thing and devouring the food.

Grabbing the food in front of him, he stuffed it into his mouth, loudly chewed and swallowed it.

To his side, were two slightly younger men who were also gorging themselves with food.

The three people were Trading Center’s agent Bofei and his two sons.

Currently they were enjoying a banquet.

Bofei was a large burly alien with a height of more than 5 meters.

His crimson skin was covered with scales, with four eyes and three long brown long horns decorating his head.

His scalp was full of wrinkles like Captain Ginyu.

Regarding his four eyes, two were closed while two were open.

The two deep blue pupil’s in his opened eyes flickered with a cold light like a viper…

His height exceeds an ordinary person’s height, making him look extremely intimidating while his whole body was radiating with threatening vigor.

“Father, in several days, there will be another auction.

We’ll be able to make a big fortune again.” Sitting to the side, the older son Boku wiped his mouth and spoke with a smiling expression on his face.

His body was slightly smaller than his father, Bofei.

At the moment, his whole face was brimming with excitement.

“Hahaha, yes, once again there will be plenty of pitiful lambs on the dining table for us.

How many planets do you think will be traded this time around” Bofei put down the food his hand, his icy face revealing a wicked smile as he happily asked his two children.

“I think it should be around one hundred planets.

I heard that Rajeev recently attacked a lot of planets.

Shigure also seems to have gotten a bumper harvest, so this time the number of transactions will certainly not be few.” The oldest son Boku happily said.

“Yeah!” Bofei was also in a good mood.

No matter how the aliens made their deals, he would be able to collect a high agent fee from it.

Steadily making fortune from buying and selling ah! Of course, the agent fee differed from person to person.

If it was a regular customer or a person with relatively powerful strength, he would collect less.

“Father, you said before that you would give me four planets.

You haven’t fulfilled your promise yet! This time, I want to take four planets from the transaction.” While Bofei was in a good mood, his other son Bolton, discontentedly shouted.

“Take it, take it.

Quit bringing it up every time.

Look at how many planets I’ve already given to you, you always manage to destroy them after a few days.”

Bofei waved his hand and gave up some of the planets in the Trading Center to his youngest son without any care.

He then admonished loudly as if the trading goods were his own.

Anyway, as the Trading Center’s agent, Bofei was local tyrant among the nearby starfields.

Since he took over for Trading Center leader position from his predecessor, wouldn’t this trading center be considered as his family business

As long as they hand over sufficient money to the Universe Commerce Alliance, they could care less about what the agents did in their governing areas!

After all, the universe was a harsh place.

The weak are merely prey to the strong.

At this moment, a security guard hurried over and whispered in Bofei’s ear.

After he finished listening, his face suddenly revealed astonishment, and he immediately waved away all the guards and dancers in the surroundings to go away.

“You, say that one more time!” Bofei stood up, and ordered in a strong and imposing voice.

“Yes, Sir Bofei!”

The guard hurriedly nodded and said, “Just a little while ago, the space suddenly began to tremble before a giant crack split open in space.

A huge crystal planet then emerged out of that big crack…”

The guard carefully explained what he had just witnessed

Bofei and his two sons were all surprised when they heard the news.

Bofei’s deep blue eyes flickered, glimmering with greed.

“Are you sure that the entire planet is made of crystal”

“Yes, Sir Bofei, this subordinate saw it clearly.

That planet is indeed completely made of crystal.

Right, there are also a few strangely patterned stars inside the dark-orange planet!”

The guard stood upright and loudly answered.

Bofei nodded lightly and turned to look at his two sons.

He noticed that their eyes were also filled with greed, just like him.

Nodding his head, he inwardly thought.

They have really learned his core teachings, that all good things were one’s own!

“Father, that planet is definitely a treasure.

If we could auction it off, we would certainly make a huge profit! The oldest son Boku said with flashing eyes.

The youngest son Bolton however, said with dissatisfaction.

“How can such a treasure be auctioned We have plenty of other methods to make money.

As soon as we heard about this crystal planet, we knew that it was something incredibly rare.

We should leave it in our own hands!”

“There is no value in keeping it to ourselves!” Boku shook his head and rejected the idea.

“It’s better than giving it to someone else!”

Both Boku and Bolton expressed their opinions, neither giving in.

Bofei quietly observed his two quarreling sons as he stroked his chin, saying: “Quit arguing.

Everything can wait until we actually see the crystal planet.

If it’s a treasure, we will either keep it to ourselves or auction it in exchange for something even more valuable.

Bofei made the final decision!

“Yes, father.”


Seeing that their father had already arrived to a decision, Boku and Bolton’s anger dissipated and stopped quarreling.

Both of them nodded in agreement.

When it came to their father’s decisions, both were incredibly obedient.

In terms of being a father, Bofei was obviously much more successful than King Cold.

Bofei nodded in satisfaction, quite pleased with his own influence over his sons.

Then, the trio quickly departed from the main star in their own respective spacecraft, rushing towards the outskirts of the Trading Center, where the Super Dragon Ball appeared.

Soon afterwards, the three spacecrafts stopped at the outskirts and lined up near those artificial stars.

From far away, the enormous dragon ball looked like an ordinary planet floating in space, causing the three of them to all reveal an expression of shock.

“Look father, the crystal planet doesn’t seem to have been formed naturally.

It looks like it had been artificially polished!” The older son Boku couldn’t help but shudder in his heart and loudly shout.

A naturally planet would never have such a perfectly symmetrical sphere shape, and it wouldn’t have those gilded five-pointed stars in the planet that looks beautifully structured seen from whatever angle.

In addition, the gravity of the planet was extremely small.

The crystal ball was certainly not simple!

To be able to artificially polish a large planet, and also into a perfect sphere, the difficulty level was not ordinary.

“This is definitely a good treasure, we have to keep it!” After seeing the dragon ball, Bolton’s eyes practically released golden rays.

He hurriedly warned his father, afraid that his father would auction it off.

“What the hell is this thing”

Bofei was lost in thought, carefully examining it.

He beckoned the alien who had been in charge of watching over the crystal ball and asked, “Was the crystal ball seen by many people when it emerged”

“Yes Sir Bofei, when this mysterious planet appeared, there were many merchants and pedestrians going to a fro nearby.

Although we drove them away without delay, the news should have already spread out!” The alien replied and explained everything in full detail.

“Oh!” Bofei rubbed his chin, pondering.

He then said, “Pass down my order.

The auction will be postponed for two months.

At that time, the crystal planet will be auctioned as the final product!”

“Yes!” The alien on the side received his order and withdrew.

As for the adverse effects of postponing the auction, he didn’t even bother to take into consideration.

When the auction would be held, it was always entirely up to Sir Bofei to have the final say.

If he wanted to postpone it, then it would undoubtedly be postponed!

If he allows the news to fully spread out and let many people receive the news, the earnings from the auction would be incredible!


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