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As Xiaya was observing the spaceship, the cabin door suddenly opened and a tall man flew out before Xiaya and arrogantly shouted, without waiting for him to speak.

“Who are you, and why are you standing in front of my spaceship Haven’t you heard of my name, Universe King Ornn”

“Universe King” Xiaya asked in surprise.

“That’s right, I am the Universe King, Ornn.

You don’t look like someone from this planet.

You better be sensible, and immediately leave this place.”

Ornn, seeing that the other could fly freely in the sky, was somewhat apprehensive in his heart and wanted to drive him away to prevent any unnecessary troubles.

But after many years of living like a king, however, made him unconsciously speak in an arrogant and bossy tone.


In his mind, he didn’t think much of the little brat before him.

“Universe King How ignorant of this person to give himself such a nickname!” Xiaya shook his head and sternly said to Ornn, “I have to say, you are really lucky to have been able to live up to this point.”

How many strong experts were there in the universe It was really a miracle that he could live so arrogantly up until now.

“Boy, are you courting death”

Ornn was livid.

As he spoke, he began to gather his technique and prepared to send this small brat on his way.

Upon seeing this, Xiaya once again shook his head.

This Ornn didn’t even know how to grasp an opportunity.

Even when he is attacking, he needs to take so much time to execute his technique.

Sure enough, after being so used to acting high and mighty he no longer understood the importance of opportunities.

This kind of fighting method was really too primitive and quite unoriginal.

Ai, what uncivilized region have I come to!

Immediately, he lost interest in tangling with him.

He intended to quickly dispose of this annoyance named “Universe King”.

Naturally, destroying Ornn and his spaceship could be taken care of in seconds.

Such a minor matter would naturally not be taken seriously.

Once the decision was made, Ornn’s fate was determined.

Therefore, he casually threw out an energy wave strong enough to destroy a continent.

Without giving it another glance, Xiaya directly left.

Shortly after Xiaya left, the energy wave hit the ship and an explosion like extremely dazzling fireworks decorated the sky.

This was the end of ‘Universe King’ Ornn, Planet Ice’s numerous living beings menace.

Even till the end, he never even knew who killed him.

Not long afterwards, General Darius and his subordinates who received the news quickly rushed over and witnessed the ship’s wreckage crashed onto the ground.

They were beside themselves from excitement.

The Universe King Ornn’s sudden death caused the aliens to panic, while the Lumirens became greatly motivated.

In an instant, the resistance against the invading aliens began to progress triumphantly.


In the most distant part of Universe 6.

In a bizarre space where dark purple lightning flashed and thunder rolled.

Several large celestial bodies were moving slowly along their course amidst the deep clouds and mist.

At the center, atop a rhombus-shaped celestial body was an enormous and withered tree.

The tree was quite large and the rhombus celestial body looked like its bonsai pot.

However, there were innumerable lakes and mountains scattered above it.

On the side of a lake was a grass field in which a green figure was sitting on the ground.

The person had long silver-grey hair and around its neck was a floating ring of light.

From her curvaceous body, it was clearly a woman.

At this moment, the woman was holding a scepter in her hand whilst staring at the crystal ball above with a wisp of a smile on her calm face.

The crystal ball was showing her everything Xiaya had done from the moment he arrived on Universe 6 and till he left Planet Ice.

Xiaya’s each and every move was being monitored by the woman.

“Ai yaya, who would have thought that someone could come over from Universe 7.

Something like this hasn’t happened in many years.

But based on his conduct, he doesn’t seem like an evil person.

So, I will let him be!”

The woman softly smiled as if everything was under control.

She had no other reaction towards Xiaya, this intruder.

Henceforth, like watching a movie she continued to observe, full of interest.

At this time, a purple figure came running over from far away along the shore of the lake.

It was a fat person with long ears, who looked naive and innocent yet also somewhat comical.

Holding a plump bird egg in his hands, he hopped over to the woman’s side.

“Vados, look, just now I found the egg of a Barron Bird! Hey, quickly cook it for me!” The fat person pleaded while holding onto a large egg in his hands, face full of longing.

“Champa-sama, you again secretly ran over to the mortal world.

Didn’t I tell you last time that you could only eat one Barron Bird egg per year If you keep doing this so often, the Barron Birds will quickly become extinct.

If that happens, it would be a problem if I couldn’t eat it anymore!”

While holding her head, Vados looked at the unruly Champa-sama in front of her and said.

This fat purple being was precisely Universe 6’s God of Destruction, the twin brother of Universe 7’s God of Destruction, Beerus.

Similar to Beerus, Champa’s nature was also capricious.

It could be said that they were worthy to be called twin brothers.

They were both unruly, haughty, aloof, and extremely arrogant.

However compared to Beerus, Champa’s temperament was much more simple.

As long as someone did not ruffle his feathers, he was basically a dumb child, incredibly gullible.

As the God of Destruction, besides doing his job, his biggest hobby was to try delicious foods.

But compared to Beerus who was picky about his food, Champa’s standards were much lower.

Just a Barron bird’s egg was sufficient to satisfy him.

“Vados, just this once, please cook it for me.

The Barron Bird’s egg is really delicious…” The God of Destruction, Champa licked his lips and gazed at her expectantly.

“Ai, Champa-sama, I really don’t know what to do with you!”

Vados shook her head and stood up to satisfy Champa’s demands.

After all, she had to listen to the God of Destruction’s words.

Hence, she extended her slender finger and pointed it in the void.

The Barron Bird’s huge egg in Champa’s hand immediately floated up and fell into her hands.

The Barron Bird was a prehistoric bird from some planet in the mortal world.

When it becomes an adult, it would have extraordinary energy attacks.

Its egg was very big like an ostrich’s, with its surface wrapped in a layer of thick eggshell.

Actually, the taste of the egg after being thoroughly boiled could only be said to be so-so.

It was just so-so among the food in the mortal world.

However, Vados would naturally never tell this to Champa.

So long as Champa-sama eat these, it would be enough.

Otherwise, he would put on weight again!

“Such a big Barron Bird’s egg is very rare!” Vados shook the heavy bird egg and raised her head at Champa, asking, “Would Champa-sama like to eat it boiled or fried”

“Is there a difference” Champa tilted his head.

He wasn’t very bright and besides eating, he doesn’t even have any cooking skills, so he was unable to differentiate between the two options.

Without much thinking, Champa bit his finger and urged, “Whatever, just make it tasty.”

“Then, as usual, I will boil the egg.

Champa-sama, please wait a while!”

Boiling the egg was the simplest method for make it.

A smile appeared at the corners of Vados’ mouth.

Then, she gracefully waved her scepter and began her task.

The crystal ball above the scepter suddenly flickered and a full cooking set appeared in front of her, as if a dimensional space door had opened up.

Vados lifted a cauldron, filled it with water, lit the firewood, and waited for the water to boil.

Without any seasoning, she directly threw the bird egg inside.

Soon, the egg was thoroughly boiled.

Champa hurriedly scooped out the egg, peeled it’s eggshell and quickly took a big mouthful out of it.

While chewing, he exclaimed in a loud voice, “Hey Vados, this is the most delicious food I’ve ever eaten.

That guy Beerus surely has no chance to eat something like this.

Hehe, shall we go over and annoy him”

Hearing what he said, Vados held her forehead and slightly raised the corner of her eyes.

She thought inwardly in her heart, “I’m afraid when the time comes, it would you Champa-sama who will be annoyed!”


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