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“What happened here”

Xiaya walked over and pulled a person aside, using a language translation device developed by the Feidayas to communicate.

This device could project his thoughts into the brains of other people via brain waves, thus achieving his goal of “communication”.

The aboriginal was incredibly terrified.

After being pulled aside by Xiaya, it became really agitated and wildly flailed its limbs.

It took a good deal of time before Xiaya learned that this plane was called Planet Ice, and the people who lived here were called Lumiren.

They were rather ordinary and a fairly peaceful race.

If you wanted to describe their living habits, it was a bit like the earthlings from his past life.

They were the type of people who exploited the environment for the sake of development.

However, once they realized they were destroying the ecological system, they began to reign themselves in; In order to survive, wage war against different countries, and promote for peace when war spreads everywhere.

In short, in the Lumiren’s, Xiaya saw a resemblance of the earthlings from his past life.

The only difference was that there was the existence of martial arts on the planet.

And right now, the pitiful Lumiren were under attack by a Universe King known as Ornn.

Currently, everyone on the entire planet was fleeing as far as they could to avoid this calamity.

Xiaya was speechless after finding out about the situation on the planet.

He could clearly see that this planet was only inhabited by a low-level civilization, which meant that it was impossible for them to have spaceship technology, which also meant that these people could only flee to somewhere on the planet.

Could it be that the being called Ornn was planning to destroy them all one by one How come then people weren’t resisting

Just like as he had seen in the movies of his previous life.

Every time a worldwide disaster struck, cities would be turned upside down, extremlely congested from escaping crowd; who would be running from the big cities into villages, and from villages into mountains.

In fact, most don’t even know where to escape to, they simply just follow the crowd to flee.

Soon afterward, Xiaya found that the highest energy level on the planet was less than 500 battle power.

While the alien attacking the planet had….

close to 5,000 battle power.

“With such a great disparity in strength, it’s no wonder these people here lost their morale.” Xiaya shook his head helplessly.

“But the Lumirens sure have a good luck as they have met me.

Seeing how you all look similar to earthlings, I will take action and help you.”

Xiaya smiled faintly as he prepared to take action.

This could be regarded as his first battle upon arriving in Universe 6.

In the meantime, in the center of the city, the frontlines were in complete ruins, with smoke and gunfire never ceasing.

The resistance army of Planet Ice was fighting against Ornn’s subordinate aliens.

The gunfire rumbled and smoke filled the sky.

However, the situation was deteriorating in a one-sided manner.

Their weapons did nothing against the energy attacks, and so the resistance army was not a match for the aliens at all.

The alien’s battle power was not high, only a little over several hundred, but it was enough to deal with these Planet Ice’s ordinary demi-humans.

The aliens only had to casually fire a few energy blasts, and they could blow up their fortifications, killing masses of people.

The disparity was so large, they practically couldn’t retaliate at all.

“General Darius, our gunfire is ineffective against the aliens!” An officer shouted towards their general at the side with an expression of grief and indignation.

“Mhm!” General Darius grunted, nodding his face with a grave expression while the cold light from his face could even produce ice and frost.

He suddenly asked, “How is the situation on Master Kurle’s side”

Master Kurle was the most powerful martial arts master on Planet Ice.

His disciples were all over the planet, and he was the sole hope of the Lumirens, who would decide their victory or defeat.

The officer’s expression froze before he hurriedly replied, “Master Kurle attacked the alien’s stronghold with his disciples not long ago.

He successfully killed several hundred of the aliens, but in the end, the aliens chose to die in mutual destruction.

Many of his disciples were seriously injured.”

“Hu, as long as Master Kurle is ok, it’s fine.”

General Darius’ expression tightened as he heaved a sigh, “Sigh, who could have thought that their strength would reach such a level.

These aliens are seriously much too powerful…”

If their civilization wanted to survive on Planet Ice, then they must destroy the invading aliens.

But they were too powerful, and the legendary Universe King, Ornn, had not even attacked yet.

Who knew how powerful it actually was

Thinking of the dark and hazy future of Planet Ice and it’s people, General Darius’ face was covered in dark clouds.

“General Darius, quickly look at the screen! A mysterious person seems to be attacking the alien’s stronghold!”

The officer beside him suddenly shouted loudly, while excitedly pointing at the scene shown on the screen.

What appeared on the screen was a human who looked 80-90% like the Lumirens.

Taken by surprise, General Darius noticed that the man did not rely on external force and was floating directly in the sky.

He was moving gracefully across the air as if he was merely taking a stroll in a courtyard.

His arms lightly danced, and countless tiny earth-shattering energy sprinkled out in a dense drizzle.

Du du du, the drizzles fell from the sky, and sparkling lusters suddenly glittered down from the sky.

A natural drizzle would normally silently moisten any objects it touches, but this energy drizzle killed without spilling any blood.

Silently, all the aliens within the fortress were riddled like a sieve!

Frightening, this was seriously too frightening! General Darius and the other soldiers on the side looked on in horror.

Immediately afterwards, a scene was projected from the display screen.

It was a dark and profound gaze, like a sharp sword, it passed through the display screen and pierced into General Darius’ heart.

All the people in the resistance army were immediately frightened by the sword-like gaze, their complexion becoming deathly pale and their lungs heaved heavily for air.

Then, they witnessed the person in the screen smile faintly before vanishing.

“Quickly, find out who that man is, and send someone to the scene to investigate the situation of alien fortification immediately!” General Darius’ voice reverberated throughout the underground.

He had a feeling that this man who resembled the Lumirens was the hope of Planet Ice and it’s people!

“Yes, Sir!”

The officer next to him answered loudly and hurriedly went out to arrange the personnel.

After his assistant left, General Darius turned his attention to the screen once again, staring at it with a gleaming and penetrating gaze.

Even though the screen was empty, General Darius was filled with endless daydreams.

A mysterious expert had suddenly appeared right when Planet Ice was going through a matter of life and death.

Perhaps it was a favor from the gods.

They could only place their beautiful hopes on this.

On the other side of Planet Ice.

Before General Darius’ subordinates could arrive, Xiaya teleported away, heading straight for the flying space fortress of the so-called Universe King, Ornn.

The flying space fortress stayed within the stratosphere, and was a disk-shaped medium-sized ship.

Upon seeing it, Xiaya lost all interest.

So, it turned out that this so-called Universe King Ornn, was an alien whose battle power did not even exceed 5,000.

He wasn’t an expert who Xiaya thought had deliberately restrained his aura.

In the end, he was only a small bandit who along with his subordinates was acting like a tyrant in this remote galaxy.

Such a person could only be a squad leader in the Frieza Corps, nothing more.

He actually dared to call himself the Universe King!

Seeing this, Xiaya couldn’t help but found their ignorance a bit ridiculous, while raging for having to make such a fruitless trip! Frieza’s Universe Emperor was a much more convincing name.

These monkeys actually had the guts to proclaim themselves to be king of the mountain while the tiger was away.

This minuscule amount of Battle Power could only be flaunted in this remote region.

If they went to the central area, they wouldn’t even know when they would be slapped to death by someone!


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