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After gathering three of the Super Dragon Balls, Xiaya paused briefly before beginning to look for the last dragon ball in Universe 7.

According to the description in original work, the last Super Dragon Ball in Universe 7 was a four-star ball.

It was located in a hyperspace within a higher dimension, and was covered in a thick layer of universe dust.

It looked like a solid wandering planet.

Relying on both his memory and detection from the dragon ball radar in his hand as well as combined with Porunga’s universe star chart, it took Xiaya quite a lot of time to search for it.

He finally found the last Super Dragon Ball in a strange and remote space.

Because of age, the surface of the dragon ball was covered with a thick layer of dust, and its surface was dotted with uneven and regularly scattered impact craters, both large and small.

If it wasn’t for the dragon ball radar, which clearly showed that it was a dragon ball, he would have thought it was an ordinary planet!

“This is the last dragon ball in Universe 7.

It was really easy to find!”

Xiaya’s face revealed a faint smile, as he floated in space while carrying a oxygen equipment with him.

Immediately, he flipped his palm and a light blue colored energy wave was condensed.

The energy wave bounced around within his hand, before it rumbled in the direction of the Super Dragon Ball, dragging a light blue light trail.

“Kacha! Kacha!”

Sounds in space could naturally not be transmitted, so it was impossible to hear the sound of the energy waves rumbling towards the surface of the ‘planet’.

However, to could be seen with the naked eye that the surface of the rock-covered planet suddenly collapsed at the moment of contact, with the dust and rocks beginning to fiercely disperse.

The whole rocky planet seemed to tremble.

Soon a fissure suddenly split open on the surface of the planet.

Gradually, more and more fissures appeared, until they were literally everywhere on the planet’s surface.

“Boom!!” Finally, the planet could no longer withstand the bombardment of such immense energy.

The planet exploded, and revealed a orange-red colored glass ball.

Four gilded scarlet stars could also be seen.

No matter from what angle, they looked colorful and shiny.

“Sure enough, just like in the original work, it is the four-star ball.

After moving this one, all the Super Dragon Balls from Universe 7 would be gathered!”

Looking at the dragon ball that was emitting a glorious sheen, Xiaya smiled with happiness.

Repeating what he did with the others with the help of Instant Transmission, the enormous dragon ball was moved, costing tremendous efforts.

The fourth Super Dragon Ball was assembled together along with the other dragon balls.

Clapping his hands, he moved back to a certain distance.

In the vast darkness of the universe, the four enormous dragon balls looked spectacular when placed together! Next, Xiaya had to consider how to travel to Universe 6 to collect the remaining three dragon balls.

After thinking about it, Xiaya heaved a sigh: “There’s no other way, it seems to in order to travel to Universe 6, I have to set out from the Sacred World of the Kai!”

Although powerful, Instant Transmission could not take him across the barrier between the two universes.

Xiaya clearly knew that if he wanted to go to Universe 6, he had to find a way from the Sacred World of the Kai.

Because Sacred World of the Kai was practically at the center of Universe 7.

From there, which was at a higher place, it was possible to observe the entire Universe 7.

Perhaps he could find clues on how to travel to Universe 6 from there.

Of course, the God of Destruction’s planet also had the same function! It was just that Beerus slumbered there, and Xiaya really didn’t want to come in contact with the God of Destruction again!

In comparison, he’d much rather go to Sacred World of the Kai.

As a fleeting beam of light flashed, Xiaya’s figure suddenly blurred and soon disappeared from space.

The moment he appeared, he was in Universe 7’s higher dimension.

Sacred World of the Kai.

Numerous stars rotated around a divine planet.

In front of him was the prairie just like before, endless, distant, divine.

An elegant verdant aura assaulted him, and a tranquil fragrance permeated in the air…..

This was Xiaya’s second time on the Sacred World of the Kai.

Once he landed, he immediately converged all his aura.

He was sneaking in illegally, after all.

He absolutely could not provoke Kibito and the East Supreme Kai, or else it would truly be a hassle.

On the slope of a mountain, surrounded by small randomly scattered saplings, Xiaya was leaning against a not-so-large pine tree while Universe 7’s star chart floated in his mind.

Faintly using his space-time ability, he slowly searched for the breach to Universe 6.

Sacred World of the Kai was at the highest point in the entire universe, and thereby also the closest place between the two different universes.

Here, it was easier to detect the neighboring universe’s crystal wall!

Slowly, time passed.

It seemed like there would be success.

Suddenly, he caught an abnormal aura.

A bright light flashed in his mind, and Xiaya suddenly opened his eyes in surprise and continued to search for that same aura.

As his consciousness continued to deeply probe around, the star chart of Universe 6 in his mind began to grow clearer and clearer.

Xiaya’s black eyes sparkled with bright colors, and his lips rose slightly, finally revealing a faint smile.

“Let me find the breach!”

Xiaya heaved a sigh of relief, and reached up to wipe the sweat dripping from his forehead.

His mood good, he released his energy once again.

Then, following the star chart of Universe 7 with Sacred World of the Kai as a raised shutter, his consciousness broke through the crystal wall between universes and entered Universe 6.

Finally, he discovered the location of Universe 6!

“Huo!” After a brief flash of light, Xiaya suddenly disappeared again from the Sacred World of the Kai, leaving Universe 7.


Universe 6, Xianyu galaxy.

This was a large-scale galaxy similar in many ways to the Milky Way Galaxy.

It was made up of an innumerable amount of large and small stars, and even more planets and comets.

For a long time, it has produced numerous resplendent and glorious universe civilizations.

In a binary star system formed of two stars, more than a dozen medium-sized planets emitted a colorful luster.

Xiaya quietly stood in the space and looked in surprise.

The sight in front of him was a little familiar.

In the universe, there were not many galaxies that looks so similar and there were also many binary star systems.

Planet Selma, where he executed his first mission in his childhood, was in a binary star system.

Planet Namek was located in a triple-star system.

This was Universe 6, it didn’t seem to look much different from Universe 7! Of course, Universe 6 and Universe 7 that Xiaya lives in are both classified as twin universes, so all of the planet’s were basically located at more or less the same position.

At this time, he also saw an icy blue planet, similar in size to Planet Hongshan companions star ———- Planet Meishan.

There possibly could be living beings residing there.

Upon thinking of this, Xiaya couldn’t help but want to take a look.

A beam of light flashed and he flew directly towards the icy blue planet.

Upon entering its atmosphere, he quickly discovered signs of a town on the land.

This was a town with simple and unsophisticated style, resembling somewhat to the European medieval architectural style of Earth.

Xiaya’s heart was invigorated.

It seemed like this was a life planet.

Moreover, after observing the building’s characteristics and the actual size of the towns, he knew that it was a planet with a primitive civilization.

However, to his disappointment, the towns he saw although we’re not small, they were deserted.

It was a desolate sight, and the rare few “pedestrians” were running around in a hurry.

The atmosphere didn’t look too good.

The inhabitants of the planet were a demi-human race, physically similar to humans.

However their skin was purple, and they didn’t have any ear flaps.


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