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“We’ll move separately for the next couple of hours.

You can go wherever you want, buy anything you like, and just make sure to meet back here again.”

After strolling around for a while, Xiaya looked at the time and realized that there was only an hour or two before the sun sets.

Planet Bakuf’s daytime was much longer than Earth’s.

“Go have fun, I will be sitting in the park nearby.”

“All right, there are so many kinds of aliens here, and I like their foods even more.

I want to sample all their foods at least.” Myers extended her tongue and licked her lips.

The young girl seemed to have no other hobbies besides eating.

“You only know how to eat.

I still want to keep shopping.” Xiling said before heading towards the other shops while carrying her bags of purchased clothes.

After entering puberty, Xiling began to pay more attention to how she dressed herself.

“These two brats…” Seeing them go towards the respective places they were interested in, Xiaya shook his head with a smile.

Then he walked towards the nearby park.

After a little while, he arrived at a relatively beautiful park.

It was a small park located at the foot of Qingfeng Mountain.

It had a low and flat mountaintop, with bluestone paved path snaking up and down the mountain; the streams between the mountain roads all converging into a crystal clear river.

The whole park rested against the mountains and rivers, built in the style of classical architecture.

The place held a rustic elegance, presenting an atmosphere of simple solitude.

Xiaya casually found a place next to the mountain’s steep hill and cupped his chin as he leisurely watched passerbys come and go under the mountain, an unbidden relaxing and happy feeling sprang up in his heart.

Taking out a tea set from his dimensional space and lighting a small fire to boil the water, he picked up the cup of tea with both hands and took a deep whiff of the faint aroma of the tea.

He took a sip, and leisurely continued to observe the pedestrians under the foot of the mountain.

All of the sudden, his heart became clear and comfortable.

The sun shone beautiful rays of light that illuminated the earth.

As time went by, these rays began to change from directly projecting to obliquely projecting, and the dazzling sun revealed a bright red sunset.

“Oh! The two hours passed so quickly and the sun is already down.

Well, it’s time to head back and meet up with them.” Stretching his body, Xiaya stood up, and put away his tea set, getting ready to meet with Xiling and Myers.

“Eh” At this time, Xiaya suddenly raised his head as he felt a very powerful aura approach in his direction!

“Wow, interesting! The strength of this Ki is at least above 100,000 battle power.

Planet Bakuf still has such an expert” Xiaya was surprised and sat down once again to await the arrival of this unexpected guest.

According to what he sensed, this Ki was gentle and calm, so it didn’t seem as if the other party was someone evil.

After a while, a handsome man with yellow skin came over.

Xiaya discovered that the man had restrained his aura, as if he was an ordinary traveler slowly walking in his direction.

If Xiaya had not grasped the “Spirit Eye” skill, perhaps he would have really been deceived.

With everything about the other party was revealed before him in his eyes, Xiaya’s lips couldn’t help but rise in a faint smile.

He observed the man approaching him.

“He actually has 170,000 battle power, which is much stronger than Cooler’s Armoured Squadron!”

“Your Excellency, are you Mr.

Xiaya of Planet Hongshan” The man’s attitude was neither servile or overbearing, and he had a strong leader’s aura around him.

“En!” Xiaya nodded lightly and asked,” I am the leader of Planet Hongshan, and you are…”

“Hahaha, my name is Raiga, the guardian of Planet Bakuf.

I heard that Mr.

Xiaya had come to Planet Bakuf, so I have specially come over to visit you.

I just didn’t realize that Mr.

Xiaya would be such a promising young man!”

Raiga spoke modestly, not even a little pride or aloofness of a expert could be seen.

Xiaya also nodded with a smile.

The other person gave him a good feeling.

It seems that the Saiyan’s reputation in Planet Bakuf was quite good.

No one would have thought that the originally infamous Saiyans would suddenly become peacekeeping warriors of the galaxy.

Since Raiga was in contact with the Galactic Patrol, he was naturally aware of the Saiyan’s current level of power.

Therefore, it was extremely important to visit the leader of the Saiyans, Xiaya.

From the beginning, he could not sense any energy fluctuations from Xiaya’s body.

This was an incredible shock to him, and he couldn’t help but be even more courteous to Xiaya.

“This is nothing.

Compared to Mr.

Raiga who is the guardian of a starfield, I am much more inferior.” Nobody dislikes flattery, so Xiaya responded cordially while information regarding Raiga appeared in his mind.

Raiga, a native of a low-level planet.

But because he accidentally ate a strange fruit he experienced a huge increase in strength, causing a sensation within the surrounding starfield.

Almost immediately, large numbers of aliens enthusiastically rushed to his homeworld to investigate.

However when the aliens reached his homeworld, the planet had turned into a desert, and no one obtained anything useful.

From then on, Raiga began to wander the universe before he settled down on Planet Bakuf, guarding it to this day,

These were past events from hundreds and hundreds of years ago.

Because he came from a race with a long lifespan, Raiga’s appearance never changed.

Due to his existence, Planet Bakuf became a rare paradise in the southeastern region of the East Area.

Although his mouth was spewing out flattering words, Xiaya had also specially researching Raiga.

He knew that Raiga was a person who could tolerate loneliness.

To be honest, it was quite admirable that such a strong person like him would guard Planet Bakuf for several hundred years without stepping a foot out.

Xiaya and Raiga continued to chat, both at the first step of creating friendly relations.

More friendly relations means more connections, and this would only serve to increase the development of Saiyans in the East Area.

Not to mention that this person was the powerful guardian of Planet Bakuf.

When Raiga discovered Xiaya’s true strength, his yellow face could not help but reveal a dumbstruck expression, his eyes wide with shock and awe.

He had never met such a strong person before.

After a few minutes, Raiga said his goodbyes and left.

Afterwards, when the leader of Planet Bakuf asked how strong the leader of Planet Hongshan was, Raiga looked back on his meeting with Xiaya and shook his head, sighing.

“He was simply unfathomable!”

Planet Bakuf’s leader was silent.

It seems that Planet Hongshan was destined to be their most important cooperation partner.

Not only do they possess advanced technology, but their leader’s strength along was enough to show disdain to most other planets.

He wondered if they should try to deepen their cooperation.

Meanwhile, Xiaya went over to meet with Xiling and Myers.

When he arrived at the meeting place, he found that he was early, and neither Xiling nor Myers had come back yet.

“These two brats have not even a little notion of time!” Muttering to himself, Xiaya folded his arms across his chest and quietly waited while leaning against a marble pillar in front of a shop.

Soon he saw Xiling flying towards him while carrying a small and large bags in her hands.

“Hey Xiaya, you’re here early!” While putting the items into a Hoi-Poi Capsule, Xiaya raised his eyebrows and said.

“It’s you who is late, okay Didn’t I buy a lot of these things for you on Earth”

“Hehe, it’s rare that I can go shopping, so naturally I had to buy some more! And the things that you gave me, I already put them in my collection…”

Xiling cutely stuck out her tongue.

At age fifteen, she had grown to be very radiant and vivacious.

Her beautiful cloudlike hair were tied with a ribbon, and a few strands of short hair half-covered her eyes.

Her elegant pair of eyebrows were shaped like a curved moon and both eyes were bright and sparkling, with jade-like skin that was tender and supple like honey.

She had a slender figure which was like a bunch of orchids that were quiet and natural.

In particular, the curved lines of her chest made her look even more youthful and beautiful.

“Right, about Myers, has she come back yet” Xiling looked around.

“Not yet.”

“I also don’t know where she ran off to.”

“Haha, isn’t that her coming over”

Xiaya caught a glimpse of someone out of the corner of his eyes and pointed to the side.

He could see a delicate little girl energetically running over, the little bells on her wrist jingling.She held a large plate of steaming hot food and was stuffing her face.

She looked really stupid! Xiaya raised his eyebrows and couldn’t help but hold his forehead.


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