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Naturally, he ruled out the first option of obtaining Dragon God Zamala’s permission because that was basically impossible.

First, Not to mention whether he could find that Dragon God from legends or not.

And even if he is found, he might not necessarily agree.

To be honest, Xiaya was somewhat afraid of the higher gods like Dragon God Zalama.

So, he turned his attention to the Super Dragon Balls.

According to his knowledge of the original work, he knew that the Super Dragon Balls were especially big.

They were gigantic dragon balls the size of planets that were floating in space.

After the Dragon God Zalama created them, he scattered them throughout both Universe 6 and 7.

It was not mentioned in the former sagas in which Goku defeated Majin Buu, but it was mentioned in the latter saga of the original work.

In the latter part of the story, it stated that Son Goku’s universe was the 7th Universe out of 12 other universes.

This meant that besides his universe, there existed 11 other universes of the same scale!

In fact, the moment he saw the God of Destruction Beerus on Planet Vegeta, he knew that the Dragon Ball World he was in was a bigger place compared to the one in the original dragon ball manga.

This only served as a motivation for him to become stronger!

Because the Super Dragon Balls were personally created and polished by the Dragon God, they were fundamentally different from the Namekian’s “mini” dragon balls.

And naturally, the Super Dragon Ball’s power was much more powerful with a clear contrast:

First is that Earth’s dragon balls which had been created by Kami were less powerful.

In the beginning, when Saiyan’s had invaded earth, they weren’t able to deal with Vegeta who had come to earth.

In contrast, Planet Namek’s dragon balls were little stronger, but when a wish was made to transfer Goku back to earth, they still required permission from Goku himself.

In comparison, the Super Dragon Balls were so domineering that it didn’t need anyone’s permission.

It actually directly switched Son Goku’s body who had reached the realm of Super Saiyan God, indirectly causing Goku’s death.

The disparity between the three was evident!

So when Porunga said that the Super Dragon Ball could fulfill his wish, Xiaya believed it.

The only problem was that Super Dragon Balls were scattered throughout Universes 6 and 7.

How to obtain the dragon balls was giving him a headache.

Suddenly, he thought of those illusory twelve colorful water spheres he had seen when he was nearing the end of unlocking his potential.

That wouldn’t be the multiverse encompassing the twelve universes, right

Thinking of the universe network that he witnessed a year ago when his strength had increased greatly and as he accidentally stepped onto the Sacred World of Kai, he was certain that it was.

Last time he went to the Sacred World, he was able to see the entire Universe 7.

Now, his strength has greatly increased and space-time ability has once again activated.

So, it does not seem too improbable for him to see the entire multiverse.

However, he would have to carefully research it in the future in order to know for sure.

“Then, Shenron, my second wish is to learn the Supreme Kai’s Divine Language!” Xiaya made his second wish.

This was done because the divine language was used when making a wish on the Super Dragon Balls.

“That is very easy!”

Porunga spat out in a loud voice.

A red light shone, and suddenly Xiaya’s mind shook.

He closed his eyes to calm his thoughts and a completely new language appeared in his mind.

He was able to understand it as if it was his mother tongue, and speak it in a natural manner.

This was the divine language that was only spread among beings like Supreme Kai.

“The second wish has been granted! The third and last wish, speak!”

“Shenron Porunga, my third wish is to know the location of all the planets among the 12 universes.

When I use Instant Transmission, the coordinates should all appear automatically appear in my mind!”

With a little thought, Xiaya made his wish.

His third wish was to expand his Instant Transmission’s teleportation range.

The Yardrat’s method of Instant Transmission was to concentrate on a particular individual’s Ki, while his space-time ability needed to ascertain coordinates between the two locations.

Although the new fused skill from the two had the advantages of the two, he only has the ancient star chart of the Milky Way which has certain limitations.

“Thy wish has been granted, but the range thou hath spoken of is too large.

My ability can only tell thee of the coordinates of the planets of Universe 6 and 7!”

“That will do!”

Although it was a pity, Xiaya was perfectly satisfied.

There was essentially no difference in the location of planets between Universes 6 and 7.

Porunga’s eyes shone with a red light, and like endless grains of sand in the sea, the coordinates of the planets flooded into his brain, fusing into his consciousness.

Shortly after, they quickly disappeared without a trace.

This massive amount of information would mostly be hidden deep inside, and would not take up any of his brain’s capacity.

It was only when he needed to use Instant Transmission will this information appear.

Otherwise, all this data would be a huge burden on his brain.

“Human, thy wishes have all been granted.

Farewell!” Saying this, Porunga ascended towards the sky.

As Porunga ascended into the sky, the seven dragon balls shot up and immediately dispersed throughout Planet Namek, and the whole sky regained its brightness.

The beautiful sun shone down once again, illuminating the ground and providing a warm and auspicious aura.

After his wishes were granted, Xiaya shook his head contentedly.

Standing there, he started to test the new effects of Instant Transmission.

Sure enough, when he wanted to teleport, huge amounts of data would appear in his mind, making travel very fast and convenient.

However, he could only see the areas within Universe in his mind at this time.

The moment he tried to observe the areas beyond Universe 7, a peculiar barrier would obstruct him.

The information of Universe 6 would appear very blurry.

“This barrier should be the crystalline wall between the universes! There are still eleven other universes outside this barrier that alongside universe 7 exists within this multiverse.”

There were a total of twelve universes in this multiverse, and according to the legends in an even more ancient era, there were actually 18 universes.

These all Xiaya knows.

Hence, he smiled faintly and no longer cared about it.

As for how to break through this universe’ crystal wall to enter Universe 6, that was a matter of the future.

However, he feels that his focus should be on the Sacred World of Kai!

Because the Sacred World of the Kai was the center of the entire multiverse, it surely plays a role in managing the development of the multiverse to a certain extent.

Moreover, Supreme Kai who lives on the Sacred World of Kai was born with the ability to travel to and fro among the various universes through the universe’ crystal walls.

As Xiaya stood there lost in contemplations, Xiling who had been standing to the side came over and asked in a confused voice, “Xiaya, what did you wish to Shenron just now”

Both Xiling and Myers could not understand the Namekian language, so they were not aware of what Xiaya had wished for.

“I asked Shenron for the ability to create dragon balls, but unfortunately Planet Namek’s dragon balls did not have enough power to grant my wish.

So instead I made a wish to improve my Instant Transmission skill!”

Xiaya roughly explained what he had wished.

After listening, Xiling felt that it was a pity that Shenron couldn’t grant Xiaya his wish.

Thinking of this, she couldn’t help but hold some disdain for Shenron in her heart.

It turns out that these dragon balls weren’t that amazing after all.

“Right, our strength has increased by so much all at once.

We must properly immerse ourselves in training for some time.

Otherwise, it would be extremely careless of us if we are not able to perfectly control our strength.” Xiaya said after turning around.

Their power had suddenly multiplied by a large amount.

Although unlocking their potential through the Great Elder’s ability was basically harmless, It was not a simple matter to be able to perfectly control the power which had been increased so quickly.

Listening to Xiaya, Xiling and Myers were deep in thought.

Then, under Xiaya’s directions, they used Instant transmission to travel to a suitable planet to train on.

It was an ice cold planet which was covered in snow all year round.

The temperature here was clearly very low, comparable to the desolate planet which Xiaya and the others had previously trained on.

However, in comparison, this ice cold planet had a much stronger gravity.

It was roughly between 100x and 200x gravity.

Naturally, this sort of temperature and gravity was nothing for Xiaya and Xiling whose Battle Power was in the several hundred of thousands, but for a little while, Myers was having a difficult time adapting to it.

Staggering, Myers fell down to the ground, her body shivering from the cold.


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