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Looking at Nail’s disappearing direction, the corners of Xiaya’s mouth slightly curled up.

This would hardly pose a problem for him because he had long ago learned Planet Namek’s language from Mr.

Popo when he was training in the Hyperbolic Time Chamber on earth.

“Let’s go, we will find a place to summon Shenron!” Saying, Xiaya turned towards Xiling and Myers, and then let them each carry two dragon balls.

They chose a spacious and uninhabited place and placed them on the ground.

This was a green overgrown grassland.

Not far away, there was a light green lake, and further away, there were several small and upright mountains.

It was a place far away from human habitation.

Such places can be seen everywhere on Planet Namek.

They don’t have to worry about being disturbed when summoning Shenron here.

“Dragon balls, don’t disappoint me.”

Saying that, he arranged the seven dragon balls, and then immediately shouted in Namekian language: “Come out, Shenron!”

As soon as his voice fell, it was as if some kind of switch had been triggered.

Suddenly, dazzling golden radiance burst of the seven dragon balls.

Their frequency of flickering gradually accelerated, and in the sky, a wide expanse of dark clouds gradually floated over, quickly covering the entire sky.

Bang! The sound of thunder suddenly resounded in the sky, and it gradually got louder.

The golden lightning kept flickering amidst the dark clouds and thunderous rumbling sounds resounded like a mighty army rushing to attack, the imposing aura was vast and magnificent.

This scene of summoning was exactly the same as of earth’s dragon balls, but its imposing aura was even more magnificent.

It was Xiaya’s second time seeing the scene of Shenron appearing.

Besides, as he was somewhat familiar with Planet Namek’s dragon balls summoning scene from his past life, he could keep his composure, but Xiling and Myers were both seeing this scene for the first time.

For a moment, their faces revealed astonishment from the majestic scene of Shenron appearing.

“This is the scene of Shenron appearing” Xiling leaned over and asked in a low voice.

This earth-shattering doomsday like scene was extremely shocking, causing her face to turn pale.

Her eyes, however, clearly contained excitement.

Myers actions were more simple, she directly hangs onto Xiaya’s leg.

Although their strength has soared by a large amount, their experiences were still not enough.

In fact, their current strength was such that if they go all-out, then it was enough to shatter stars.

They were suppressed only from Shenron’s appearing scene, it can only be said that their experiences were still not enough.

Xiaya silently thought in his heart.

Rumble! Rumble! Rumble!

The seven dragon balls made a buzzing sound.

Shenron was soon going to come out.

Bo! Suddenly, the surface of dragon balls burst out with innumerable golden rays of light, and an earth-shaking aura flew out of the dragon balls, mixing with the heaven destroying and exterminating earth power.

The golden light snaked upwards and quickly merged with the lightning in the sky.


A deep dragon roar resounded throughout the heaven and earth.

In the sky, a huge silhouette appeared.

It was the green Shenron who has a massive body of several thousands of meters.

His two arms were extremely buff and muscular while his four fingers were flexed into a fist, and a tail directly extended to the top of dragon balls.

At this time, that green Shenron’s head was raised up high and amidst clouds, and was looking down from the sky like a god despising the common people.

Planet Namek’s Shenron was called Porunga.

Its meaning in Planet Namek’s language was God of Dreams.

After the ancient Namekian had received the favor of gods to create dragon balls, they had always worshiped the gods who bestowed upon them the power of dragon balls, therefore Namekian also call themselves as dragon race!

Shenron Porunga has a huge body several thousands of meters tall, and while floating in the sky, he was giving forth a strong feeling of oppression.

Compared to earth Shenron’s slender build, Porunga’s body was much more muscular.

His muscular body has well-developed muscles and two strong arms.

There were black horns on his head and near shoulders.

His wide and tall body contained even more formidable power compared to Earth’s Shenron.

Since he has long horns on his huge shoulders and massive head, doesn’t he look like the “dragon” in legends

Porunga opened his scarlet eyes, and gazed down at the people below before his booming voice rang out in the sky: “Thou who hast gathered the seven dragon balls, now speak forth thy wish.

I shall grant thee any three wish!”

“I have been waiting for this moment!” Xiaya had a smile on his face.

He took a deep breath and looked at Porunga, saying in Namekians language: “Shenron Porunga, my first wish, please give me the ability to create dragon balls!”


Xiaya’s first wish was astonishing.

Unexpectedly, he wants to get the ability to create dragon balls same as the Namekians.

He was also trying to test the power of Planet Namek’s dragon balls.

Xiaya knows that Planet Namek’s dragon ball was more powerful than earth’s dragon ball.

It was solely not just because of body’s size.

There seems to be some kind of rule in the Dragon Ball World: the bigger the dragon balls are, the stronger Shenron’s power will be.

Planet Namek’s dragon balls were more powerful than Earth’s dragon ball.

There is no doubt about this, but in the end how strong it is, whether it can fulfill his wish, he doesn’t know.

In the sky, Shenron Porunga was silent for a while, two antennae hanging down, before his booming voice finally echoed in the sky:

“I’m sorry, your wish is beyond my ability.

Please change thy wish!”

It’s really not possible! Xiaya frowned and inwardly thought.

Although he had long guessed that Porunga might not be able to fulfill his wish, Xiaya could not help but be somewhat disappointed that even the more powerful Porunga could not fulfill this wish, then Earth Shenron, even more, would not be able to do.

To be honest, Xiaya does not much care about the two wishes from dragon balls because he believes in his own strength.

But, he still has a greater ambition in his heart and hopes to acquire the ability to create dragon balls, however now it seems that it is impossible.

If he can also create dragon balls, although he wouldn’t necessarily use it, however, if he runs into some problem that he cannot solve, it would without a doubt give himself or people by his side an alternative.

It’s a pity! It seems in the Dragon Ball World only Namekians have the ability to create dragon balls.

This kind of ability seems to be imprinted in Namekian’s bloodline.

Shenron’s power has a huge limitation.

That it cannot exceed the capabilities of its creator.

Naturally, it is impossible to change the bloodline of others.

Otherwise, if everyone wishes to receive Majin Buu’s bloodline, then wouldn’t the universe turn upside down.

“Porunga, please tell me if I want to get the ability to create dragon ball, is it possible” Xiaya once again asked, making a wish.

It was similar to the situation when Son Goku had asked Earth Shenron about Super Saiyan God in the original work.

Xiaya directly asked Porunga if there was a possibility to create dragon balls.

Suddenly a crimson light flashed in Porunga’s huge dragon eyes who was floating in the air, before his booming voice once again resounded:

“Dragon balls creation technique is a unique ability which Dragon God Zalama had bestowed upon Namekians.

If you want to obtain the ability to create dragon balls, then you have to get permission from Dragon God Zalama, or … find the more powerful Super Dragon Balls!”

Acquiring permission from Dragon God Zalama or find the Super Dragon Ball

Hearing Porunga’s reply, Xiaya’s eyes suddenly lit up, and bear this two crucial answers in his mind.

Chapter 128  Can I create dragon balls


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