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Just as Xiaya was in a drunken stupor from the powerful strength, space-time ability within his body again activated.

Xiaya’s consciousness begins to fly away from his body.

He saw the emerald green Planet Namek as well as the three small stars revolving around it before he keeps flying far away.

Next, the silver-disk shaped spiral milky way galaxy entered his eyes.

At this moment, he once again saw that huge network covering the entire universe, as well as that grand Sacred World of Kai at the center of the network.

Within a moment, everything in the entire universe seemed to have appeared in his mind.

Of course, he only lasted in this situation for an extremely short period of time and then his consciousness again quickly returned to his body.

But in that short moment until he had returned, he seemed to have seen a grander world from a higher position.

It was a huge world formed from twelve enormous transparent water spheres.

The water spheres were bright-colored and were supporting each other in pairs of two.

They were floating in the middle of an azure blue space, forming six mysterious balanced groups.

Hiss, Xiaya shook his head and again converged his aura.

As his strength had increased so suddenly and sharply, it caused him to have a feeling of floating in air.

Then, he used “Spirit Eye” secret skill, and observed himself.

This is incredible! He was surprised to discover that his Battle Power has reached a frightening number, 720000.

It had suddenly tripled!

Xiaya couldn’t believe that his Battle Power would increase simply by so much It was even higher than Frieza’s Battle Power in Normal State! Furthermore, how long has it been since he had broken through after he fought with Cooler Even if he had strengthened his foundation and had fully mastered his power, this time’s increase was really somewhat unexpected.

In his opinion, with Great Elder’s help, it would have already been quite good if he has been able to double his strength, but he never thought that it would triple! However, the surging strength flowing throughout his body was telling him that everything was true.

“Great Elder, thank you so much!” Xiaya said excitedly.

“Hehe, it was nothing, just a slight effort.

But, it’s a pity that the power you have in your body is too mysterious and powerful.

I could trigger only a little bit of it.

For the rest, you still have to depend on yourself to explore it.”

Great Elder’s voice was weak, but a joyful expression was on his face: “King of Saiyans, I don’t know why but from the moment I saw you, a change has occurred to the visions of future in my mind.

I feel that in the near future, there will apparently be an even greater crisis descending upon Planet Namek, at that time hopefully you can help!”

“Great Elder, please rest assured, if Planet Namek experiences any calamity in future, I will definitely try my best to help!”

Xiaya nodded his head, understanding.

He realized that what Great Elder said might be Frieza’s invasion of Planet Namek in the future.

It was still twenty-one years away from till that incident would happen, and Xiaya has absolute confidence in himself that, at that time, he wouldn’t lose to Frieza.

As for the future vision that Great Elder was saying had changed, Xiaya thinks it may be because of his arrival.

Receiving his promise, a smile emerged on Great Elder’s face: “Thank you so much.”

“Two little girls, you also come over.

Let me boost your strength!”

Xiling and Myers were pleasantly surprised.

After seeing Xiaya’s successful example, they no longer doubted Great Elder’s ability.

When they heard Great Elder, the two people scrambled to rush forward.

Great Elder’s large palms covered the heads of two people, and under his magical ability, their Battle Power began to quickly soar.

After Great Elder removed both of his hands, Xiling’s Battle Power had reached 320,000 while Myers’ had shockingly reached 100,000!

Xiling’s Battle Power, which has increased from 160,000 to 320,000, only doubling, naturally couldn’t be compared with Krillin and Son Gohan’s tenfold increase in the original work.

The reason for this is that Xiling still doesn’t have a solid foundation.

Part of Xiling’s strength was built up from the accumulated potential released after an injury.

Compared with the latter’s arduous training, she has still not sufficiently tempered her strength.

While Myers Battle Power rose from around 10,000 to 100,000, it was because Great Elder had fully unlocked her potential.

Regarding strength, Myers is naturally inferior to Xiling, but regarding the magnitude of growth, Myers’ was, however, much higher than Xiling! This might be the advantage of her talent!

After their strength increased by such a large amount, Xiaya group’s trip to Planet Namek was naturally satisfactory, but when Xiaya saw the huge dragon ball placed behind Great Elder, his eyes turned and an outrageous plan formed in his mind.

Hence, Xiaya spoke, “Great Elder, that crystal ball placed behind you must be the dragon ball, right Can you lend me Planet Namek’s dragon balls to use”

“Oh! How did you know about dragon balls”

Surprised, Great Elder’s half-closed eyes opened, and a bright light of surprise flashed in his eyes.

Xiaya explained: “Great Elder, its like this.

I’d been to a planet called Earth, as Earth’s Kami is also a Namekian who had fled from Planet Namek when it suffered from the great climate change, there also have dragon balls on earth, but their power is not as strong as that of Planet Namek’s!”

“I had also used their power to rescue a part of my people from Planet Vegeta when it was destroyed.”

“So, there are also dragon balls on earth.

No wonder, according to the prophecy, Saiyans should have been completely destroyed.

But so many of them have survived.

It was because of the dragon balls!” Great Elder had an expression of understanding.

He extended his hand, took the huge dragon ball from behind his chair, and gave it to Xiaya.

” I will give this dragon ball to you.

Nail, accompany them to collect the dragon balls from the villages.

I believe that you will appropriately make use of them.”

As Great Elder has the ability to predict to a certain extent, he can see that Xiaya does not want dragon balls to do anything evil, so he simply handed them over.

Since there was a huge restriction on using dragon balls; their capability cannot exceed their creator.

Using dragon ball to build up a good relationship with the new King of Saiyans, Great Elder believe it is worth it.

He held the huge basketball-sized orange ball in both hands.

It has stars inside which appears very bright from every angle.

Xiaya smiled towards the Great Elder, and followed Nail out of the Great Elder’s residence.

Xiling and Myers were eager to give their brand-new strength a try.

“Saiyan, no matter what purpose you have, I hope you will leave Planet Namek immediately after using the dragon balls and not disturb the Great Elder, after all, he is very old!”

Nail was flying ahead wearing a stern expression on his face.

Only, it was not so indifferent as it was as at the beginning.

Xiaya nodded with a chuckle.

“Rest assured, after this, we wouldn’t trouble Great Elder anymore.” This Nail is very conscientious, however as he was one of the rare battle-type Namekian on Planet Namek, why didn’t Great Elder unlock Nail’s potential Does he think that it is not necessary

Xiaya shook his head and stopped thinking about it.

Turning around his head, he called out to Xiling and Myers to hurry up.

Since Nail’s Battle Power was also extremely high, he could closely follow Xiaya and others, and it didn’t take much time to visit the several large villages which were scattered all over the Planet Namek.

Really, the living conditions of these Namekian’s was quite hard.

There are only a hundred people, old and young combined and in a village, there are only thousand Namekians living.

With Nail, the Great Elder’s bodyguard, personally showing up, Xiaya got the seven dragon balls very smoothly.

When the seven huge dragon balls gathered together, the surface of the dragon ball immediately flickered brightly with golden lights.

“Buzz buzz buzz” the low buzzing sound lingered in the air, and with every flicker, they issued low roar sounds of Shenron.

“Well, now that you have gathered the seven dragon balls, I’ll go back to the Great Elder first, I hope you will immediately leave Planet Namek after you are done summoning Shenron.”

Finished speaking, Nail gave a glance to Xiaya, and then “shua” soared to the sky before flying toward Great Elder’s residence, and instantly disappeared in the horizon.

“Hehe! Really a cold-hearted guy, this guy didn’t mention to me that summoning Shenron needs to use the Namekian language!” Xiaya shook his head.

It seems that this Nail deliberately doesn’t want them to summon Shenron ah!


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