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On this side, after Xiaya let Dudunjiya leave, he couldn’t help but inwardly shake his head, and then after explaining some things to Charlene and others, he directly headed towards the training field, intending to look at how the training of special battle squadron was going on.

At this moment, only twenty or thirty special battle squadron members were still training in the training field, as others had gone out to perform missions.

Since these people were all underaged Saiyan which Xiaya had carefully selected, who were all near-adult Saiyans like Shaque, Anastasia, Angeline and others, and there were very few like them within the special battle squadron.

Therefore, establishment process of the special battle squadron was equivalent to painting on a blank sheet of paper.

After their training is on the right track, even if Xiaya does not go and supervise, these children’s strength would still steadily increase.

Of course, as the future primary force of Planet Hongshan, it is not an exaggeration to say that it will also be the most elite force among Saiyans.

How can ordinary training be scarcely enough and how could they improve themselves without losing some blood

How to groom them and give them the most-correct space for growth, this is not just a concern for Xiaya.

The other Saiyan leaders were also very concerned and were looking forward to their growth.

The missions assigned to the special battle squadron’s members by the Administration Office were all meticulously selected, and their difficulty level was controlled to medium level.

The purpose of doing so is to increase the difficulty level of missions as far as possible while ensuring to protect their life and use it to show the most thorough tempering result.

Saiyans can only develop their potential in extremely difficult situations!

Of course, in order to ensure their safety, there will always be another Saiyan’s Guardian Corp team who would closely follow them when they go out to perform missions.

Unless they run into something unexpected during the mission or an unpredictable problem appears, Guardian Corps will not easily reveal themselves.

Quietly concealing his aura, Xiaya observed them silently.

After seeing that the special battle squadron members were seriously training, he nodded satisfactorily and left without disturbing anyone.

After arriving at Adri’s home, Xiaya found that there were two more familiar auras in the room.

Xiling and Myers are back He froze before a smile climbed up on his face.

Opening the door, sure enough, he saw Xiling casually leaning against the sofa.

Long, silky hair fluttered slightly.

At the back, a ponytail was tied using a ribbon, showing a valiant and heroic bearing.

At this moment, her slender little hands were throwing snacks into her mouth.

After not seeing her for some time, Xiling’s body had again grown a lot taller.

On the other side, that little devil Myers was surrounding a training cabin in the corner, observing a baby who was emitting “gulu gulu” bubbles inside.

Naturally, it was Adri’s second child, Xiling’s younger brother, Laret!

“Oh, Xiling, Myers, you’re back!” Xiaya walked over while smiling, and sat beside Xiling in a natural manner before picking up snacks from the bowl.

Moving the bowl away, Xiling gave him a white eye and said: “It has almost been a month since we had come back.

You have been gone to earth for quite a long time.

If you hadn’t come back, we would have gone their to look for you.”

“You have finished learning Instant Transmission”

“Then how do you think we came back” Xiling’s beautiful starry eyes stared at him as she rhetorically asked.

Then she ebulliently said: “Although, we took more than a year to learn Instant Transmission, did you think we would only learn Instant Transmission while staying on Planet Yardrat for so long”

Xiaya was surprised and immediately recalled that Xiling and others had stayed on Planet Yardrat for a really long time.

It had been almost two years since he had gone to earth.

How time flies, unknowingly it has almost been fifteen years since he had come to Dragon Ball World.

“What did you learn then” Xiaya asked somewhat surprised.

Yardratian had stated that they can at most learn two kinds of secret skills, Xiaya was sure that Xiling, besides learning Instant Transmission, must have learned something else.

Xiling mischievously laughed and extended her slender like green onion and delicate finger, shaking it in front of Xiaya.

Suddenly, an illusory scene appeared before him, and space seems to have slightly distorted by some kind of traction, followed by the vortex turning.

Suddenly, light rays appeared from nowhere and converged together to form a beam of light, after which the beam of light burst open, before a Xiling look- alike gradually appeared.

Xiling raised her hand and ‘the other’ Xiling did the identical action.

The two Xiling were lifelike and similar.

Illusion, no, Xiaya quickly denied it because he could feel that the aura from ‘the other’ Xiling’s body was similar to Xiling! The “Spirit Eye” secret skill was quietly launched.

Colorful lights rays covered his eyeballs.

Xiaya used the secret skill to observe it.

Xiling: 14 years old, Battle Power 163000!

Xiling: years old, Battle Power 130000!

“What’s going on here, how could there be two Xiling’s”

Xiaya frowned; Spirit Eye secret skill could easily determine which one was the real Xiling, but what’s going on with the other Same aura, and vigorous Battle Power; it is simply Xiling’s replica, a weakened version of her.

Is that a doppelganger skill

Seeing that Xiaya looked puzzled and surprised, Xiling giggled cheerfully and waved her hand to disperse ‘the other’ Xiling.

Leaning her face close to Xiaya, the warm breathing caused Xiaya to feel itchiness on his neck.

She said quite proudly: “This is a special secret skill that I learned.

After training in it, I can create a clone of myself.

It’s a pity that it only has 80 percent of the power of the original one, and its movements have to be controlled by me personally.

Xiling pretended to be regretful but, in fact, she was happily laughing in her heart.

Seeing that, Xiaya immediately fiercely knocked on her head, and jokingly said: “You’ve gotten such a profit but still showing off.

With this skill, its like you have a helper of similar strength to you when fighting!”

“What about Myers, did she also learned this”

Myers walked over and after hearing Xiaya’s inquiry, her mouth curled up as she shook her head.

“Where can I have such good luck like her I could only found this secret skill, I learned Deflection Secret Skill, it can deflect a portion of opponent’s attack through space.

It can increase defensive ability!”

In the two years time on Planet Yardrat, the relationship between her and Xiling had improved a lot.

As there were only few Saiyans on Planet Yardrat and Xiaya had also left halfway.

And as they were both girls, their relationship naturally got closer.

After listening to her, Xiaya gaped.

This ability is also practical ah!

The important factors that determine the outcome of a battle are five things; situational awareness, attack speed, attack strength, resistance capability, as well as the ability to recover.

To some extent, the secret skill which can increase the defensive capability could surely reverse the situation of a battle; it is a very useful ability.

However, whether it is Xiling’s “Cloning Secret Skill” or Myers’ “Deflection Secret Skill”, they should have a time limit and would not last for long since energy consumption will multiply.

And whether it is “Cloning Secret Skill” or “Deflection Secret Skill”, there should also be a limit on the upper limit to its strength.

Xiling can’t have ‘unlimited’ doppelgangers with 80% of her fighting power.

And Myers also can’t possibly deflect people’s attacks endlessly.

It’s just that how much upper limit their is, they would have to explore it themselves.

“Uncle Bardock’s ‘True Spiritual Art’ is the hardest to learn.

It took him two whole years, and he is completely different after learning it.

There is a feeling of inexplicableness around him!”

Myers’ words made Xiaya’s eyes brighten.

Bardock had unexpectedly already trained in the secret skill, then the side effects of Planet Kanassa’s curse should have disappeared.

That Yardratian had said that True Spiritual Art can enhance Bardock’s prediction ability, don’t know how concrete it has become, I will go ask when I have time.

“Right, Xiaya, didn’t you go to earth to return dragon balls Why were you gone for such a long time You wouldn’t have secretly gone over to eat something delicious, right” Xiling asked curiously.

The food on earth has always been on Xiling’s mind.

Remembering of her experience on Earth when she was young, Xiling was somewhat missing it.

This time Xiaya went to Earth for such a long time, it’s no wonder that Xiling’s imagination was running wildly.

“What’s the matter”

Xiaya gave a forced laugh, he has prepared a lot of food.

However, he went to earth for a proper business.

Therefore, he told them about the exchange between Feidaya people and Dr.

Brief, Dr.

Tokunoshin Omori, and then told them how he took the little girl to Korin Tower, and finally, Xiaya also brought out the Hoi-Poi Capsule invented by Dr.


“Oh, it’s so interesting on earth.

I’ll also go to earth next time!” Loudly shouting, Myers rolled her eyes, and snatched the Hoi-Poi Capsule away from Xiaya, before curiously asking, “Right, why did you take that person called Launch under your care, is she cute”

Xiaya doesn’t know whether to laugh or cry.

He rubbed her head.

What is this brat thinking in her head

“I let Launch live at Korin Tower as I found it quite pitiful to see her wandering alone outside, and I let her follow Immortal Korin so as to learn the method to grow Senzu Beans.”

“Hey, Xiling, we have to go to earth and look when we have time.

Didn’t you say that the food their is delicious I’m going to go and gorge myself with food, and will also look at that Korin Tower!” Myers tidied up her messed up hair and then ran to Xiling’s side before raising this suggestion.

Xiling looked straight at her for a moment before gently nodding.

“You can go to earth, but before that, first go and eliminate your sins!” Xiaya jokingly said.

“Speaking of dragon balls, I remembered that there is still a place we have not gone to yet, after you have eliminated your sins, I’ll take you their.

Maybe, you can even upgrade your Battle Power by a large amount.”

“Ah, we can even upgrade our Battle Power”

Xiling and Myers seem to have heard something enticing and both of them looked towards him in surprise.

The place that Xiaya was talking about is precisely Planet Namek.

Planet Namek is the birthplace of Earth’s Kami, has even more formidable dragon balls, and their Great Elder even has the ability to unlock potential.

Xiaya thinks it is necessary to make a trip there.


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