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At this time, at the center of the milky way galaxy, Galactic Patrol’s headquarters.

In the gigantic spinning top-shaped building, Galactic King who have many jellyfish-like tentacles, was pensively standing on a honeycomb floor.

Beside him, several aliens wearing Galactic Patrol’s uniform, were giving a report about the major events that had recently occurred in the milky way galaxy.

“North Area’s frost demon race’s Force has once again undergone expansion, enslaving another 130 planets.

However, the Cooler Force and the King Cold Force seems to be secretly in a deadlock regarding something.

While the Frieza Force has pulled back in their Force’s area, and lately have calmed down somewhat…..”

A commander who has long antennas on his head was giving a report.

Galactic King extended his tentacles and said: “Frost Demons are simply a malignant tumor of the entire galaxy.

And there is also that Slug.

How can such a demon appear among the kindhearted Namekians, it’s really regretful!”

That patrolman commander nodded, and continued his report: “Galactic King, although North Area is in disorder, overall it is still peaceful, but recently that King Davidow in the West Area seems to be getting more and more out of hand.

It seems he wants to expand outward!”

Listening to his subordinate mentioning King Davidow, Galactic King’s expression couldn’t help but stiffen, and his tone became dignified: “Since, 400 years ago, King Davidow was defeated by King Cold in a battle.

Thereupon, he had escaped from the pursuit of the North Area Force, I thought that it would be calm for some time.

But, I didn’t expect that his strength would have recovered by now and he would once begin to stir up trouble in the West Area…”

“West Area is going to be in disorder again!” The patrolman commander’s heart was like a mirror as he felt the pressure on his shoulders become heavier and heavier.

“In that case, arrange for people to keep a close watch on King Davidow’s movements.

Immediately report, once there is any movement!” Galactic King ordered, if King Davidow or King Cold really moves, then Galactic Patrol Organization’s strength was not enough to stop them, so they can only have their people evacuate some of the life planets beforehand.

It’s really not good, they would have to ask the several Kais for help.

I hope they can send some experts from Underworld! But, it can only be done as a last resort and cannot be easily used.

Because Underworld has its own rules.

A different dimension can’t easily intervene in this world’s affairs.

Seeking help from the few Kai’s is already his last resort, and also only Galactic King has the ability to contact a Kai and Grand Kai.

“Oh, by the way, how are things going on with those Saiyan’s, did they cause any damage”

Galactic King changed the topic and asked.

He is usually occupied with various things and hadn’t paid much attention to Saiyan’s affairs.

Galactic Patrol’s commander flipped through the data and said, “No, not only did those Saiyans cause any damage, but on the contrary, they have done great.

In these few months, the number of missions they had finished has reached in thousands, moreover, their completion rate is close to 100%.

It is really unprecedented!”

“Hm” Hearing what he said, Galactic King was astonished, saying: “So to say… these Saiyans have really become the peacekeepers of Milky Way”

It was not surprising that Galactic King was astonished since those Saiyans were notorious in the past.

Who would have thought that one day they would even become a peacekeeping force

“Yeah, it’s really impressive!” Speaking till here, that patrolman’s commander expression became a little weird, “Galactic King, perhaps we should consider deepening our cooperation with Saiyan!”

“Hm, what you said makes sense!”

Galactic King’s tentacles supported his chin, as he begins to ponder.

Nowadays, the entire galaxy can be said to be beset with difficulties.

As its administrator, Galactic King is by himself in the whirlpool of huge disturbances and do his utmost to keep the interests of all parties in harmony.

It is not an exaggeration to say that it is a matter of fact as they still lack a peacekeeping force, after all.

If Saiyans can join in, maybe it would be able to solve this urgent situation.

At this moment, a patrolman messenger ran in from outside the gate and stood up straight after arriving in front of Galactic King.

“Galactic King, according to a message received from Planet Hongshan’s Saiyan… Sir Dudunjiya and his team had trespassed on Planet Hongshan, and have been captured by Saiyans.”

“Saiyan sent a signal for confirmation of Mr.

Dudunjiya and his team’s identity!”

“What Are you saying that Mr.

Dudunjiya was captured by the Saiyans” After hearing the report, the commander patrolman on the side couldn’t help but cry out, disbelief written on his face.

Each of the five members of Dudunjiya’s Squad has Battle Power above 10,000.

They are among the most elite battle squad in Galactic Patrol.

Even Galactic Patrol Organization has to always treat them with due respect and does not dare to be the slightest bit negligent.

Such a powerful squad, how could it get captured by Saiyans Saiyans are so powerful

Galactic King was surprised when he heard this news, but he quickly calmed down and thought: “It seems that we don’t know enough about Saiyans, but this is also fine.

Now the more powerful Saiyans are, the better it would be for the entire Galactic Patrol Organization!”

He knew that Saiyan has taken the initiative to send this news over and must surely be aware that Dudunjiya and others identity is false.

Most likely, Saiyans want to show their dissatisfaction with him ‘the Galactic King’ and want an explanation!

“Commander, I will let you handle this matter.

Request Saiyans to release Mr.

Dudunjiya and others.

In addition, strengthen the cooperation between Galactic Patrol Organization and Saiyan while also do a serious screening of missions provided to Saiyans….

Oh, by the way, about Mr.

Dudunjiya and others matter, I will trouble you to personally make a trip to Planet Hongshan!”

Galactic King ordered.

“Yes, Galactic King!”

That Galactic Patrol commander’s expression was stern as he loudly responded.

He completely understands Galactic King’s meaning.

Since Saiyan has shown that they are so powerful, Galactic King intends to fully cooperate with Saiyan and has commanded him to personally go to show Galactic Patrol Organization’s sincerity, making clear their attitude.


Planet Hongshan.

One day, Xiaya returned from Earth.

As soon as he returned, he felt five powerful and unfamiliar auras on the planet.

When he rushed over, he saw five strange people wearing prisoner clothes.

While wearing shackles and carrying a hoe on their shoulders, they were tilling the wasteland using the hoe.

The five people were tall and sturdy and were seriously working.

Good candidates for doing labor work.

“Who are these people Why are they doing labor work” Xiaya casually found some people to ask.

“Sir Xiaya!”

After those Saiyans saw Xiaya, they excitedly responded in a loud voice and then explained the identity of Dudunjiya and everyone while also explaining what had happened.

After listening, Xiaya nodded.

He didn’t expected that such a thing had happened in the time he had left Planet Hongshan.

Thus, he looked at Dudunjiya and others with eyes full of pity.

It seems these people do not know how to use their brain properly! And only know how to work hard!

“Since their identity has already been ascertained, let them go.

What should be expressed has already been expressed.

There is no use in letting them stay here…” Xiaya shook his head.

Since they have been punished, let them go.


The several Saiyans, who were watching over Dudunjiya and others immediately stands up and loudly answered.

Then, they walked over, and untied the shackles on Dudunjiya and others feet, and brought them to retrieve their spaceship.

After getting back their spaceship and piloting it to leave Planet Hongshan, Dudunjiya and others were all in tears.

Their hands trembled while stroking the familiar operating platform.

They vowed…..to never come again to Planet Hongshan.

These Saiyans were just like demons.

Want to fight, cannot defeat; want to flee, cannot flee.

They, the dignified and powerful universe warriors were actually reduced to plowing wasteland in a wilderness.

If it leaks out, where would they still have the face to boast of their strength in front of their former comrades

Leaving Planet Hongshan, they fled far away.

They would take a detour whenever they encounter a Saiyan in future!

This was the common opinion of Dudunjiya and others.

They really don’t want to see Saiyans ever again.


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