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Soon, the gate to the Guardian Corps observation center was roughly kicked opened, and Guardian Corps members wearing excitement on their faces rushed in with high spirits.

“Come on, let us see who has the courage to invade Planet Hongshan!”

Shouting while stretching their necks, the dense mass of hundreds of people poured into the spacious observation hall.

Except for some Saiyans who had left Planet Hongshan to carry out missions, the rest of the Guardian Corps members had all crowded over.

Immediately, the observation center was full of people.

With the shout just now, the other Saiyans also began to shout, and for a moment, the inside of the hall turned clamorous, like a busy street.

“Melos, Keep quiet! And others too, why are you making such a ruckus” An icy voice suddenly reproached, and all the Saiyans present looked at each other.

At that time, a female Saiyan who has beautiful and charming figure walked over, her body was wearing a uniform which brought out her womanly feminine and graceful beauty.

“Ah, Charlene, you are also here…” That Saiyan called Melos, looked at the person who had appeared, and shrunk his neck, saying with an awkward smile.

That Saiyan woman named Charlene coldly snorted and fiercely looked towards the other Saiyans in the hall.

Everyone quietened down at once.

This Charlene is not simple.

She is the right-hand man of Sir Xiaya and Mr.

Adri and cannot be easily offended.

“Everyone was convened together because, just now, the observation center has detected that there are five foreign energy sources which have entered Planet Hongshan.

It can be tentatively judged that they are intruders.”

Charlene said while holding a report.

“There is still someone who dares to invade Planet Hongshan.

Do they want to die” That man who spoke flexed his muscles, his face revealing an ominous glint while his energy surged.

Charlene nodded and signaled the Feidaya person on the side to transfer the parameters onto the large screen.

Soon, the large screen showed Dudunjiya and others.

“According to the current information at hand, the five people’s Battle Power who had invaded Planet Hongshan range from 12,000 to 17,000, and they should have an employment relationship with Galactic Patrol seeing the symbol on their spaceship.”

“Hehe, so they are nobodies with just a little over 10,000 Battle Power…”

After knowing the intruder’s data, some Saiyan suddenly revealed a “regretful” expression.

The number of Guardian Corps members present was more than 600.

Except for the few who had gone to carry out missions, there were almost 100 Elite Warriors with more than 10,000 Battle Power.

It would not be easy to split up!

“But these people are somewhat related with the Galactic Patrol Organization after all.

You don’t have to go too far.

You must be polite and capture them all alive!” Observing everyone’s expression, Charlene warned.

Because they had cooperation with Galactic Patrol, they can’t go too far and be polite.

At that time, when Dudunjiya told his teammate, he also spoke the same words that Charlene had just spoken.

Don’t know what kind of expression Dudunjiya would have after knowing this.

“Got it, not injure them!”

Guardian Corps members casually agreed and then began to split up.

Still, it was very difficult for more than 600 people to split up five people.

Shortly afterward, the five teams rushed towards Dudunjiya and others position.

Watching everyone leave while jumping with an eager to fight expression, Charlene knew that her words were ignored.

Well, forget it! Those five people are only out of luck, why had they come to Planet Hongshan, I hope in future they can remember to inform in advance, Charlene inwardly thought.


On the other side, Dudunjiya’s figure was quickly flying through the sky, leaving behind forests and oasis.

But, he could only see primitive desolate sights with no traces of civilization in his eyes.

Looking at such scenery, he couldn’t help but turn ill-tempered.

“Damn, where are these Saiyans!” Dudunjiya cursed, and couldn’t help but wish to throw a wave of energy waves and blast all the mountain peaks in front of him, to attract Saiyans over.

But, as the hired warrior of Galactic Patrol, how can he do such a vicious thing Must keep calm! Dudunjiya calmly warned himself.

There are not many people like him who follow rules.

At this time, he discovered that there were more than hundred black dots appearing ahead in his line of sight.

“Hahaha, Saiyans, you have finally appeared before this daddy!”

Suddenly, his eyes suddenly brightened as he shouted in surprise.

After which, he sped up toward those Saiyans.

Hehe, these Saiyan have bad luck, I will use them to vent my anger!

“Look, that alien is actually flying towards us.” Opposite, those Saiyans saw that Dudunjiya took the initiative to come towards them, and everyone revealed a funny expression.

“Everyone pay attention, the other party’s Battle Power is around 17,000.

Later, pay attention to your safety!”

The Saiyan leader shouted, although there were many people on their side, even 20 Elite Warriors, after all, the other party’s Battle Power is also very high, being cautious is always good.

“Gentleman, why did you enter into Planet Hongshan without any reason!” The Saiyan leader spoke very politely ‘try peaceful means before resorting to violence’.

Dudunjiya stared blankly as he heard them, and shouted in a gong like voice: “Ha ha ha, I heard that Saiyans have reached cooperation with Galactic Patrol Organization.

So, this daddy has come to see what qualifications do you have to cooperate with Galactic Patrol!”


“This daddy has come to pick a fight with you!” Dudunjiya said in a high and mighty manner.

“He he he!” Every Saiyan breathed a sigh of relief.

The Saiyan leader laughed heartily, then he looked back and yelled in a loud voice: “Everyone, you have heard it.

He has come to pick a fight with us! Then, what should we do!”

Sir Xiaya has told us that we must first try peaceful means before resorting to force and they have already fulfilled this courtesy.

Then, we should resort to violence next!

“Brothers, you have heard it, it’s time to start!”

Following the shout, the numerous Saiyans deliberately made a circle and surrounded Dudunjiya in the middle.

More than 100 people bullying one person, moreover there were more than 20 Elite Warriors and 80 Ordinary near Elite Warrior’s level Saiyans bullying one person.

It should not be excessive, right

Who told him to ask for it!

Seeing this, Dudunjiya’s eyebrows slightly creased.

There is something wrong with this situation!

Dudunjiya’s well-built body appeared somewhat disadvantageous in the middle of the crowd.

He curled his lips and sighed, saying: “Saiyan really have fallen, they even dared to presumptuously say that they are some Fighting Race.

This kind of conduct and bearing is even inferior to local bullies! What qualifications do they have to cooperate with Galactic Patrol Organization…”

But then Dudunjiya couldn’t speak.

He saw the more than one hundred Saiyans surrounding him shout in unison, and immediately surging energy which could topple the mountains and overturn the seas swept out.

The abundant energy gathered into a sea, and spread out in all directions causing Dudunjiya’s expression to froze.


“What’s going on, how could there be so many powerful warriors among Saiyans” Dudunjiya drew in a cold breath, and his eyes were filled with disbelief.

Although he couldn’t feel the specific strength from Ki, he still has the experience from expeditions outside all these years.

This frightening oppressive feeling that caused the heaven and earth to change colors continuously stirred up his nerves.

Dudunjiya’s expression became depressed.

Gulping, Dudunjiya awkwardly laughed and said: “Hey, this is a misunderstanding.

Don’t you believe me”

The Saiyan leader laughed before his face turned cold and indifferent.

“You said it!” Then the group of Saiyans licked their lips and excitedly shouted.

The hundreds of people suddenly drowned Dudunjiya in a sea of people.


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