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Chapter 117 *Hidden* (Unedited)

On a warm and sunny afternoon, the cool breeze brings a slight chill.

As the planet was tilted in the north direction, the sunshine still felt somewhat chilly.

Xiaya checked into a hotel and was preparing to rest.

At this time, several miserable cries came from a clothing store next door, and then he saw a large group of people frantically running out of the store, screaming as they ran.

“What’s going on next door, is it a robbery or murder.” Xiaya speculates in his heart, however, he has no intention to intervene, because ordinary people’s life or death had nothing to do with him.

Although Xiaya always kept conscience of a human, as a Saiyan, his nature doesn’t allow him to place weaklings in his eyes.

“Owner, give me the best room!” A deep and strong voice appeared, he saw an emaciated figure walk into the hotel who arrived at the front desk and said in an irrefutable tone.

The man looks emaciated and had a ponytail behind him.

He was dressed in black martial arts clothes inside, while covered with pink clothes outside, and has a big “kill” word written on his left chest.

The bright red color seemed to be stained with blood.

“Number one assassin on earth, Mercenary Tao!”

The hotel owner gets a clear look at the person’s face who had come and immediately looked like as if he saw a ghost, his face’s complexion becoming deathly pale, while his body began to tremble.

His voice trembled as he said: “OK… OK, I’ll arrange it right away!”

“Hold on, also clear out all the people in the hotel.

I don’t want to live with anyone else.” Mercenary Tao coldly said.

“Yes, yes!” The hotel owner obsequiously nodded his head, afraid to make the other unhappy.

“This Mercenary Tao is quite arrogant, but he is also a highly-skilled expert on earth, how could he possibly not have a little temper.” Xiaya stood on one side, and looked on calmly.

Mercenary Tao was the number one assassin on earth.

He is one of the few highly-skilled experts whose name comes together with Master Roshi.

He is even more powerful than Master Roshi.

In the original work, Mercenary Tao was hired by the Red Ribbon Army to rob Son Goku’s dragon ball.

And was later defeated by Son Goku who had climbed Korin Tower.

“Boy, didn’t you hear what I said” Without looking towards him, Mercenary Tao indifferently said.

As the highly-skilled expert on earth, Mercenary Tao has always had an awe-inspiring presence, but he has seemingly used this awe-inspiring presence on a wrong target.

Moreover, Xiaya doesn’t like the dark bloody smell on his body.

“Number one assassin of earth, Mercenary Tao You don’t know how to behave!”

With interest, Xiaya was expressionless as he spoke.

No matter how much arrogant Mercenary Tao is on Earth, his Battle Power is only 150, he was just an ant in his eyes!

Mercenary Tao’s raised his eyebrows, he doesn’t like Xiaya looking at him with such an expression.

It was like looking at an ant.

Generally, only he looks at others like this.

Seeing that the other’s attitude towards him was so presumptuous, Mercenary Tao’s complexion darkened.

“Two guests…” The hotel’s owner wiped his sweat and then fled to hide behind the wall, afraid.

“Hehe, it has been a long time since someone dared to be so arrogant in front of me, then don’t blame this uncle for making it so that even if you wish to die, you couldn’t die!

In an instant, a dense murderous aura erupted out from Mercenary Tao’s body causing the surrounding temperature to drop several degrees, and a bloody smell spread out.

Watching Mercenary Tao’s overestimating himself, Xiaya opened his mouth and couldn’t help but roll his eyes, feeling somewhat funny.

Such low Battle Power, only in 1000’s, yet he dares to release murderous aura in front of him, just like a beggar flaunting his wealth in front of a rich man.

Simply ridiculous!

Making a fool of himself!

Seeing this, Xiaya shook his head.

Immediately, he waved his hand towards Mercenary Tao, and immediately a fierce palm wind appeared, which whistled towards Mercenary Tao with an earth-shattering momentum.

Huala, the palm wind made contact with Mercenary Tao’s body causing his complexion to change dramatically as he revealed disbelief on his face.

An enormous force acted on his body, it was just like a huge 30,000 catty’s power hitting his body.

In front of this enormous force, Mercenary Tao was unable garner any resistance.

His body fiercely slammed into the wall of the hotel and became a meteor before disappearing into the horizon.

With Xiaya’s strength, even if casually attacks, it may cause Mercenary Tao to either be heavily injured or die.

Without a few months of rest, he shouldn’t even think of getting up.

“This guest… but that person is the number one assassin of the earth…”

The owner of the hotel quivered and ran out, his forehead dripping with sweat.

What kind of person is this young man, the number one assassin of earth, Mercenary Tao, was casually thrown away by him.

“Prepare a room for me!” Xiaya’s voice was indifferent.

“Yes, yes, I will arrange it immediately!”

The owner of the hotel hurriedly called, he would grant anything Xiaya asks for.


At this time, Xiaya noticed a young girl sleeping on a slab outside the hotel.

The girl was shabbily dressed and had a dark blue hair.

She looked like she was only eight or nine years old.

From her delicate and beautiful face, it could be seen that when she grows up, she would surely become a beautiful woman, capable of causing the downfall of a city.

The weather was gradually turning cold, and the clothes on the girl were a little thin.

Looking at the delicate and charming appearance of the girl, Xiaya was slightly dazed and couldn’t help but feel compassion.

He walked over and woke up the girl, and let the hotel’s waitress prepare several sets of winter clothes for the girl.

For him, it was just a slight effort, but it caused the girl to be emotionally moved, tears accumulating at the corners of her eyes.

Next day.

Xiaya had a comfortable night.

He walked out of the room to eat his meal, and found that the girl from yesterday was shyly looking at him while hiding in a corner of the wall, wearing the clothes he had given her.

He waved towards the blue-haired girl and the little girl ran over.

“Little girl, what’s your name Why didn’t you go home” Xiaya gently asked.

Not expecting Xiaya to ask, the girl suddenly began to cry.

“My name is Launch.

My family was killed by robbers.

I didn’t dare to stay in the mountain village alone, so I have been wandering around outside.

I already have no home…”


After hearing the girl’s name, Xiaya was dumbfounded, and then carefully looked at the girl’s delicate face and dark blue curled beautiful hair; she looks eight or nine years old and the time also matches.

Is my luck so good that I have bumped into Launch from the original work

“Then…Launch, when you sneeze, does your personality changes” Xiya asked.

“Hey, how do you know that my personality changes after sneezing.” Launch stopped crying and sadly asked: “I don’t know why, every time I sneeze my personality became violent and my hair color also changes!”

She is the Launch of the original work.

Launch is one of Xiaya’s favorite character from the original work.

Launch in the blue-haired state is a gentle and good-mannered, naive and diligent weak girl; and when she sneezes, she turns into the blond-haired state and her personality becomes very violent.

She was was a wanted robber everywhere.

In the original work, Launch was heroically rescued by Son Goku and Krillin who took her to Kame House and since then she had stayed at Kame House and was in charge of housework.

Later, Blonde Launch had started liking Tien Shinhan at the World Martial Arts Tournament and left Kame House, to live together with Tien Shinhan and Chiaotzu.

Only later in Dragon Ball Z, Tien Shinhan and Chiaotzu came to Lookout to receive martial arts instruction from Kami, and since then there was no news of Launch whatsoever.

It was not until the arrival of Majin Buu that Launch appeared again when Son Goku was gathering energy from earthlings.

Only in that scene, Launch was already very old, and was working in a courier company; she had never married her whole life.

Such a girl who has a unique personality and could fight was eventually abandoned by the author.

Xiaya feels it somewhat strange and unfortunate.

Chapter 117 Launch


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