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Chapter 115 The little girl in the mountain village (Unedited)

Xiaya looks at Korin, regarding his request he naturally promised as it was only a trivial matter for him.

After seeing senzu bean’s plant, Xiaya even more pines for mass planting senzu beans.

After all, there are many Saiyans on Planet Hongshan and senzu beans may be needed at any time.

If the method of planting senzu beans can be popularized, then Planet Hongshan can also mass produce senzu beans.

Then, they can use senzu beans as a strategic reserve or would also be good as a reward, but the premise is that Senzu Beans can be mass produced.

This is a tricky problem.

Korin’s senzu beans are grown as if it was a small workshop, meticulous and yet cannot increase output.

The key point is still the problem of growing environment of Senzu Beans.

Ultra Divine Water is condensed from the supernatural power, which I am afraid cannot be replaced by using ordinary scientific and technological means.

Without Ultra Divine Water, there is no need to talk about growing senzu beans.

Thinking of this, Xiaya’s eyebrows furrowed.

It seems that the mass planting of senzu beans has a long way to go and would not be realized for a while.

Then, Xiaya tossed these worries to the back of his head and again followed Korin back to the second floor.

After seeing Korin carefully storing away all the seafood on the ground, Xiaya then chatted with him about training.

Xiaya’s current skills have already exceeded Korin’s imagination, and his martial arts concept has also formulated its own set of theories.

However, as an eminent teacher, Xiaya believes that Korin’s several hundred years experienced insights must be unique.

Perhaps, Korin can see some problems that he had overlooked.

The so-called a leaf before the eye shuts out Mount Tai*, it is often easy to overlook some details which are a common-sense.

Sometimes, one needs to accept others opinions.

[TL: * Have one’s view of the important overshadowed by the trival]

Korin’s personal strength may not be strong, but it is precisely because of that he has been deeply working hard on his foundation for many years.

Therefore, the accumulated theoretical knowledge cannot be ignored and Xiaya had looked for Korin.

Then, as expected, under Korin’s sorting out, Xiaya found some things which he had overlooked, then he focused on these problems and one by one corrected them, making his martial arts more smooth and perfect.

After saying goodbye to Korin, Xiaya jumped off the Korin Tower and flew in the direction of West City.

Looking at Xiaya’s receding back, Korin stood beside the fence of Korin Tower and looked at the vast clear sky with narrowed eyes, “Xiaya, this guy is getting more and more unfathomable like a sea, except for the waves in the sea, its boundary cannot be seen at all.”


In a remote village, a rugged trail snaked up and down around a mountain.

This is a simple village that is far away from the hustle and bustle of the city.

At this time, a series of smashing sounds broke the tranquility of the mountain village.

A group of bandits was swinging broadswords everywhere, burning, robbing and pillaging.

The innocent villagers were dying under the bandit’s cruel broadswords.

“Old man, where are you running away Quickly hand over the thing you are holding!” A muscular man with a sinister face attacked at a hunched old man, cutting down several times with the sword before snatching the bundle which that old man firmly held in his arms with the other hand.

“Grandpa, Grandpa!” A mournful cry appeared, and a blue-haired little girl rushed towards the old man who had fallen to the ground while bitterly crying.

When the bandits saw this, they cruelly laughed “ha ha ha”, and opened the bundle they had snatched to check it out.

Inside was a wooden can, shaking it, they could hear the sound of coins rattling from inside.

“Hahaha, there is a lot of money! Hey, little girl don’t cry, and let us see if you have any such cans!” Several bandits glanced at each other, and while licking their lips, picked up the bloody swords and walked forward.

Under the sunshine shining down, the chilly knife glimmered with a frigid dazzling gleam.

“You bastards!”

With tears in her eyes, the blue-haired girl hatefully looked at the bandits, somehow her silky blue hair suddenly turned into gold, and a fierce expression appeared in her eyes.

Those bandits were startled by the sudden changes in the little girl.

The bandit leader took a step back and then spat out feeling embarrassed.

He then stormed towards the little girl, turning angry from embarrassment.

At that time a bang sound appeared.

Unexpectedly, that little girl abruptly agilely hit that bandit leader, knocking him to the ground, and then she dashed into a small wooden house.

“What are you looking at Hurry up and catch that little girl for me, pei!” The bandit leader fiercely berated.

Those subordinates complexions were icy as they revealed a cruel glint and then rushed towards the small wooden house while yelling and screaming.

At this time, the door of the wooden house was opened, and the bandits rushed forward, fearing that their prey would be robbed by others.

But suddenly the bandits revealed a terrified expression and every one of them retreated backward.

They saw the little girl walk out holding a long submachine gun that was same as her height.

“What are you afraid of She is just a little girl, she wouldn’t know how to shoot!”

The bandit leader continued berating, but his subordinates were hesitant after seeing the submachine gun and didn’t dare to rashly step forward.


A furious expression flashed through his eyes, the bandit leader was very displeased.

His cruel eyes stared at his subordinates, and then he himself stepped forward.

“Little girl, obediently put down the thing in your hand, maybe I can still leave you with an intact corpse, otherwise……”

His obscene eyes perversely swept over the girl’s body.

What a pity, this little girl is still a bit small, her body hasn’t grown enough.

Otherwise,… hehe, that bandit leader let his imagination run wild.

“Pei! Calling me a little girl, but still, dare to look at me with such eyes!” Suddenly, the little girl whose hair had turned blond exploded out with words completely unsuitable for her age, she then spat out, raised the machine gun with both hands and began to fire!

Du du du, a intense gunfire sounds appeared and a half-inch fire snake was ejected from the barrel, the bandit leader had no time to react before he was turned into a sieve by the crackling bullets, miserably falling to the ground.

“Not good, that little girl has really fired, leader has been shot dead!”

Suddenly, the crowd became agitated.

The bandits were completely frightened, how can a broadsword fight against a machine gun.

So, with a mournful cry, everyone died under the blond girl’s gun.

After shooting the whole group of bandits dead, the blonde girl walked over in front of her grandpa’s corpse.

There was a sad look in her eyes.

“Old man, you weren’t willing to prepare more pistols.

If I hadn’t hid a machine gun before, I would also have to follow you to Underworld.”

“Humph, these bandits have all been finished off by me, it could be considered to be revenge for you, achoo…” The girl sneezed and her hair turned blue again.

The girl was full of fear as she looked at the bloody machine gun in her hand and corpses everywhere.

Clang! Throwing the machine gun on the ground, the blue-haired girl fell to the ground and burst into tears.

At night, the blue-haired girl dug up a grave for her family members and then dealing with the stuff, prepared to leave the mountain village.

A cold wind blew, the girl shrank her neck, her thin body couldn’t resist the cold of the night.


West City, one of the most prosperous cities on earth.

The headquarters of Capsule Corporation which was a worldwide corporation is located here.

Under the warm sunshine and clear breeze, Xiaya’s figure landed on a street of the city.

The people on both sides of the street were continuously coming and going, while floating cars were moving at high speed.

Everyone turned a blind eye to the sudden appearance of Xiaya.

They do not seem to know that there was suddenly one more person in their midst.

Xiaya was walking on the asphalt paved road, he smelled the air permeating the city, but does not find the smell of industrial waste’s pollution.

“It seems that this West City has development pretty good, it is free from the environmental pollution from city construction!” Xiaya deduced, clear in his heart.

Generally speaking, a city’s development is often accompanied by damage to the environment.

This is a relatively low-level development model, and West City was clearly free from this stage.

From seeing the greenery on both sides of the road, humans here were conscious and avoids environmental damage.

West City was even more prosperous than it was three years ago.

Easily finding Bulma’s home, Xiaya sneaked into the small warehouse in the backyard, and quietly returned the 2-star ball to its original spot before preparing to leave.


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