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Chapter 114 Third Floor (Unedited)

“So what are you doing here at Korin Tower Don’t tell me that you have come to see an old friend.

Because I don’t think you’re that kind of person!” Holding the staff in his hands, Korin took two-steps forward and stared fiercely at Xiaya.

Every time this Xiaya looks for him, his purpose doesn’t seem to be pure ah!

“You can’t say that!”

He laughed embarrassedly as if his cover was blown.

Xiaya’s expression was somewhat stiff as he swayed his finger in the air, and a dimensional door appeared in the air, before a large amount of packed fresh seafood fell down from inside.

Immediately, seafood’s fishy smell pervaded the Korin Tower.

“Immortal Korin, look I have brought you all these seafood as a gift.” Xiaya pointed at the ground full of seafood.

Korin dropped his staff and moved closer to the fish seafood in front of him.

His nose sniffed as he repeatedly praised: “Hahaha, I haven’t smelled fresh fish for a long time.”

Korin had not left Korin Tower for hundreds of years and had almost forgotten the taste of fish.

At this time, as he suddenly saw all kinds of big fishes, he was extremely excited.

With a cough, Korin said in a solemn tone: “Cough, cough, good.

I have seen your sincerity, there are seldom any people who still think about this old man…”

“Well, can Immortal Korin let me have a look at the senzu beans plant Of course, I’m not trying to take away senzu beans, I just want to take a look.”

Korin shoot a glance at Xiaya, but he had already collected so many fresh fishes from Xiaya, so he couldn’t be unhelpful.

As they say, if you receive something from someone, then you would naturally have to give back something*.

Anyway, senzu beans plant was not some secret, so he nodded.

[TL: *After dinner comes the reckoning.]

“Come with me!”

Then, Korin led the way as he headed to the second floor of the Korin Tower, by passing through winding passageway hanging outside the tower.

Xiaya and Korin came to the oblate spheroid building on second floor of the Korin Tower.

This is where Korin lives and train martial artists, so the area here compared to the first floor was bigger.

An exquisitely shaped water pot was placed at the center of a stone block.

“This is where Korin had trained Son Goku in the original work.”

Observing this, Xiaya quickly reacted.

Korin Tower’s second floor was quite spacious compared to the first floor, but based on Korin Tower’s oblate spheroid shape, Xiaya speculates that Korin Tower should still have a hidden third floor.

At this time, Xiaya noticed three big water jars lined up in a corner.

He had also noticed these three water jars when he first came to Korin Tower several years ago.

His thoughts couldn’t help but fly around, he remembered that Korin uses water jars to observe the lower realms, could it be this three Legend has it that they can be used to observe past, present, and future; three different scenes.

“What are those three water jars” Xiaya asked.

“Oh, the two, left and right, are just filled with ordinary drinking water.

While I use the middle jar to observe the lower realm.”

Korin stroked his whiskers while grabbing a fish with his hand.

Devouring it in two to three bites, he answered without caring at all.

So, it turns out they do not have the capability to look at past and future!

After hearing him, Xiaya nodded, indeed, predicting future is a very mysterious thing, how can it be easily revealed Ceasing his thinking, Xiaya looked at Korin with shining eyes and asked him where senzu beans were planted.

At that time, Korin’s body agilely jumped up, and the staff in his hand struck a dark gold stone pillar in the tower, and then his body flips over, his staff slightly touching the roof.

A 1m square passageway suddenly opened on the smooth ceiling.

Sure enough, there really is some secret inside! Xiaya’s eyes flashed with a slight gleam, and then unperturbedly followed behind Korin.

“Follow me up there, senzu beans are planted above!”

Korin’s obese body entered the third floor of Korin Tower, and Xiaya immediately followed next and entered the hidden third floor.

Upon entering, Xiaya discovered that the third floor was much more spacious than he imagined.

Somehow, bright sunshine was shining down from the roof of the opaque tower.

At the center of the tower’s roof, there was a sacred blue stone cone hanging down while small glittering and translucent liquid drops dripped down from above, falling into the glass pot underneath.

“The glass pot contains Ultra Divine Water.

It is not easy to condensate Ultra Divine Water.

In one year, I can only get about a small pot’s worth.

Therefore, the output of Senzu Beans has never increased.”

Korin explained.

That small pot contains Ultra Divine Water Hearing him, Xiaya couldn’t help but become somewhat curious.

He stepped forward wanting to see what Ultra Divine Water looked like.

He saw that Ultra Divine Water was clear and glistening with a purple speck.

Smelling, he understood that it was no different from ordinary drinking water.

However, this Ultra Divine Water was produced by condensing the Ki of gods over many years, and it can draw out potential, but for ordinary people, it was a highly toxic substance.

Senzu Beans are planted using Ultra Divine Water to irrigate.

No wonder, Senzu Bean has such a magical effects.

So, Senzu Bean’s planting is also a knowledge.

It is indeed not an easy task to transform the highly toxic Ultra Divine Water into healing medicine.

“Be careful, this Ultra Divine Water is highly toxic, ordinary people can not recklessly touch it.” Korin glanced at Xiaya and kindly reminded.

Hearing him, Xiaya put back the Ultra Divine Water to its original place and turned around to look for the place where Senzu Beans were planted.

However, he looked around everywhere but did not find the whereabouts of Senzu Beans.

“So, Immortal Korin, where are your Senzu Beans planted”

“Come with me.

Senzu Beans are planted in a place where the sunshine is most abundant.”

Korin responded and then went behind a screen where Xiaya saw a small piece of land that had been plowed.

It was only a one or two square meters in size, and around it, few flower pots which had Senzu Beans growing on it were placed.

Senzu Beans beanpole was much shorter than a legumes plant.

A few dewdrops were attached to the emerald green leaves, seemingly looking lifelike under the sunshine, emitting sparkling green and fresh luster.

On the branches, there were blooming purple flowers, and some already have formed pods.

However, the amount was very little!

“The output of Senzu Beans is indeed too little.

In addition to irrigating with Ultra Divine Water, I need to continuously moisten them with fresh water.

Planting process is very tedious.

In one year, the output is only 100!”

Whenever he thinks of the more than 70,000 Senzu Beans that Xiaya took away, Korin can’t help but feel regret.

It was the accumulated stockpile of more than 800 years, which was taken away by Xiaya all at once.

In these recent few years, he had only been able to harvest a few hundred Senzu Beans.

However, he had personally given them all away, so regretting now was useless.

Feeling the helplessness in Korin’s tone, Xiaya brightly smiled.

He had really gotten a big advantage in getting so many Senzu Beans.

However, since he had already obtained this advantage in his hand, how can he still give it back.

“More than one hundred in a year is already a lot, so long as Immortal Korin can grow for a few years, the output will quickly accumulate.” Xiaya comforted with a smile on his face.

“It’s easy for you to say that!” Korin unhappily retorted.

Xiaya spoke with a smirk: “Recently, in the human world, there is something getting popular called Hoi-Poi Capsule which can be used to preserve food.

Next time, I will bring you some.”

“Oh, I have also heard of that thing.

You’d better fill it with fish next time you come.”

Korin’s eyes suddenly lit up and quickly said.

After he finished speaking, he felt that he had lost his expert’s demeanor, so he immediately closed his mouth.

Regardless of whether it is Korin or something else, as long as it is a cat, it would like to eat fish.

Xiaya snickered in his heart.

However he ignored the fact that Korin has already not gone down the Korin Tower for hundreds of years, so he naturally cannot imagine Korin’s yearning for fish.


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