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Chapter 112 Returning the Dragon Balls


After the new classification system was implemented, nearly all the mid and high-level warriors were immediately demoted to Ordinary Warriors.

The number of Elite Warriors was very sparse, only around several hundred.

Once again, the atmosphere within the training areas was heightented to its peak.

Saiyans everywhere were smashing their heads in order to get into the training areas.

There were plenty of people whose battle power was on the verge of breaking through, people who were only one step away from becoming an Elite Warrior.

They were attempting to cross that gap in a final sprint in order to promote their “rank”; as well as to prepare themselves for the upcoming missions.

People are naturally social creatures, and thus retain a herd-like mentality.

Saiyans were not an exception.

Surrounded in a fiery training atmosphere, nearly every single Saiyan fervently immersed themselves in bouts of insane training.

This state of mind and atmosphere continued until it gradually cooled down after a few months.

During these few months of fervent training, a Saiyan would have a breakthrough almost every single day.

As a result the overall strength of Planet Hongshan skyrocketed.

By the time Feidayas managed to set up the Galactic Patrol’s database on the planet, the number of Elite Warriors miraculously exceeded 150 people.

This was five times the number of powerhouses that had been present during King Vegeta’s era.

The consequence of this however, was that between power levels of 8,000 and 10,000, there was a strange void of Saiyans.

This should not come as a surprise.

After all, the second group of Saiyans that had been transferred to Planet Hongshan had a very deep foundation.

With proper training methods and along with the assistance of the Gravity Machine, their battle power easily improved.

However for most Saiyans whose battle initial battle power was at the lower end of the ladder, they could not improve as fast.

Although they did make significant progress, they never got the chance to build their foundation during the early stages of training.

Thus their improvement speed was slower than those who had a strong foundation.

As a result, the former high-level warriors whose initial battle power was between 8,000 and 9,000 all became Elite Warriors, while the weaker warriors did not get promoted.

Not only did this cause a gap to appear between 8,000 and 10,000, but there were also many warriors were piling in a heap between 5,000 and 8,000.

In regards to the Saiyan’s achievements in these past two years and more, Xiaya was very satisfied.

Just like that, the time passed day by day, with the occasional great waves in between.

But generally things went along according to people’s expectations.

Three months after Xiaya had returned from the Galactic Patrol’s headquarters, the long list of missions, numbering in the thousands, from headquarters finally appeared in Planet Hongshan’s database.

In compliance to Xiaya’s request, the missions issued by Galactic Patrol were all screened, so all the missions were situated within the East Area.

There was a huge number of missions, as many as tens of thousands.

From the looks of it, they had been piling up for quite some time.

Of course, after these missions were received by Planet Hongshang, a secondary screening had to be carried out by their own organization responsible for mission management.

This way they could remove potentially unsuitable or “high-risk” missions for Saiyans at their current level of power.

This was an absolute necessity.

Although Planet Hongshan and the Galactic Patrol were working with one another, Xiaya did not wish for his Saiyans to be reduced to an armed force that would be recklessly used and ordered about by the Galactic Patrol.

Cooperation is true for both sides, and each should have the authority to choose.

Deep down in his heart, Xiaya never dropped his guard against the Galactic Patrol.

He asked Adri and the Feidayas to pick out several staff members to form a review group.

Their task would be to go over the missions sent out by the Galactic Patrol, and ensure that they would not become other’s tool.

As the saying goes, the first step is always difficult.

The newly established Mission Administration Office was overwhelmed by such a large number of missions, leaving the members of the review group exhausted.

It was only after a whole month did the Mission Administration Office begin to officially issue missions.

Naturally, the mission screening was something that only the leaders of Planet Hongshan needed to be concerned about.

For all the other Saiyans, they couldn’t care less.

After receiving news that the Mission Administration Office had begun announcing missions, anxious Saiyans who were eagerly waiting for a long time all immediately rushed to the Mission Administration Office.

They verified their eligibility, checked their requirements, and quickly established their own mission squad.

After spiritedly receiving their mission, they took off on their spaceships into the universe.

For a moment, every Saiyan was satisfied that they got to receive missions, and so Planet Hongshan suddenly grew quiet due to their departure.

During this period of time however, Xiaya didn’t have the time to pay attention to these matters because he already left for a journey to Earth.

The four dragon balls that he borrowed still had to be returned.


It was a warm and sunny day.

Above the endless blue ocean, the seagulls released “Ow, Ow” sounds while a light breeze blew.

The air was moist and light, with a tang of fishiness.

In flashes of flickering lights, Xiaya appeared above a stormy ocean, then idly strolled along the towering sea, and his silhouette suddenly disappeared.

“Just up ahead is my first objective, the Kame House.”

The icy sea breeze blew against his face as he stared at the black dot appearing in his line of sight.

Xiaya’s eyes were slightly narrowed as he leisurely strolled along the surface of the beach, taking long strides forward.

His body suddenly turned into a beam of light and he soon appeared on the distant horizon.

Kame House, under the coconut tree.

Master Roshi was lying carefreely on the beach as per usual, basking in the sunlight.

His thin and dried body was emaciated like an old man who had set one foot in the grave.

Xiaya could not see the elegant demeanor of Earth’s God of Martial Arts in Master Roshi anywhere.

“Tut tut, he does nothing but bask in the sun and sleep, Master Roshi’s life is really passing by so comfortably…” Looking at Master Roshi’s carefree manner, Xiaya snickered in his heart.

There was still about ten years left before the main storyline to begin, and at that time you wouldn’t be able to have such carefree days.

Snickering wickedly, Xiaya’s body flashed into the Kame House.

If he didn’t want to be discovered, Master Roshi would never be able to discover him.

The Kame House was not large, so Xiaya casually found a room, took out the 3-star ball from his dimensional space, and threw it in a corner.

Whether Master Roshi would find it in time or not Xiaya didn’t care; he clapped his hands and turned around to leave the Kame House.

It was not until a few weeks later that Master Roshi discovered the dragon ball lying in that corner when he was cleaning.

“Hm, this bead was actually here” The orange glass bead that he lost for almost three years was actually in his room.

Without suspecting anything, Master Roshi cheerfully tied it to a rope and hung it around his neck once more.


Leaving the Kame House, Xiaya quickly went to the Fire Mountain to look for the Ox King’s castle on top of the hill in order to put the 7-star ball back into the Ox King’s treasury.

He initially found the 7-star ball in the desert, and although he didn’t know how this dragon ball ended up in the Ox King’s treasury in the original work, he tossed it directly in the treasury to avoid any complications later on.

Next, there were two dragon balls left.

Looking at the 4-star ball and the 2-star ball in his hands, Xiaya decided to make a trip to Mount Paozu first, while conveniently also meet Son Goku.

Mount Paozu.

The entire mountaintop was surrounded by a towering range of mountains, leaving only a long but small and narrow road leading into the valley, painting an exquisite and picturesque scene.

Familiar with Mount Paozu after visiting it again, he quickly located Son Gohan’s secluded residence.

At the foot of the mountain, a bluestone brick and tile cabin stood erect in the shade of a large tree.

Unfortunately the door was locked, which meant that Son Gohan was not at home, probably out to buy food.

With the sudden appearance of a Saiyan in his home who had such a huge appetite, it wouldn’t matter how much food there is, there still wouldn’t be enough to eat!

Xiaya felt regret that he wouldn’t be able to see Son Goku and Son Gohan and was preparing to head back before he sensed an aura approaching from the distance.

A smile crept up to his face, he knew that Son Gohan had returned.

Sure enough, shortly after he saw the gray-bearded Son Gohan dressed in traditional Chinese clothing make his way over with a long-tailed child.

“Eh Have I met you somewhere before” Seeing the man standing at the doorway, Son Gohan asked, feeling a sense of familiarity from him.

Xiaya laughed and stared at the child beside Son Gohan.

It was Son Goku, who had lost his Saiyan memories because he fell into the valley and hit his head.

Nodding, he said, “Senior, don’t you remember me It was only three years ago when I borrowed the dragon ball from you!” Whilst he spoke, he took out the 4-star ball and handed it over.

Son Gohan patted his head and remember that someone indeed had borrowed the dragon ball from him three years ago.

He just never bothered to keep it in his mind, he didn’t think that the other person would still come back and return it.

Son Gohan took the dragon ball with a smile and said, “Ah, it’s you.

Look at me, I’m clearly getting old, I can’t remember things as I used to.

If you want this bead, just keep it, you didn’t have to come back here and return it.”

He took the key and opened the door.

He then invited Xiaya to come in and sit down.

Since Xiaya wasn’t busy, he readily agreed.

At this time, Son Goku curiously ran over and circled around Xiaya, full of surprise.

However soon after, his stomach made a “rumbling” noise, so he turned towards Son Gohan and shouted, “Grandpa, I want to eat!”

Son Goku’s innocent appearance caused Xiaya to smile.

He thought, indeed it was good for Son Goku to come live on Earth! If he was on Planet Hongshan, he might never be able to attain his future accomplishments.

“Goku, wait just a moment, you’ll be able to eat soon.” Son Gohan smiled and stroked Son Goku’s head.

Then he turned towards Xiaya and said, “This child wants to eat.

Let me prepare some food for him.”

The next moment, he took a box out of his bosom.

Inside the box was a row of small capsules, which he threw on the ground.

A white cloud diffused out, and suddenly half of the room was filled with food!

“Hoi-Poi Capsules!”

Xiaya’s eyes shone, his face revealing a look of understanding.

The Hoi-Poi Capsules were invented by Dr.

Brief, Bulma’s father.

After developing this technology for years, it quickly became popularized around the world and became a must-have object for all households and especially for traveling.


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